Orion Desktop New Features Highlights

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Below is list of new features that highlights new and exciting changes to Orion Desktop and is appropriate to most users. If you like to review very detailed release notes and changes to Orion Desktop, you can review them here.


Bank Reconciliation Enhancements - You can now view GL Transactions from Bank Rec and create multiple line GL Transactions direction from the Bank Reconciliation screen.


Orion ePay - Take payments securely while giving clients the options they prefer.  By offering integrated payment solutions, you streamline back office workflows.


TLS 1.3 Security - For organizations requiring higher cryptography, TLS 1.3 allows for higher security with a smaller number of secure ciphers with Perfect Forward Secrecy.

Timekeeper Rate Share - The Rate Share feature allows multiple parties to each pay the full amount of Bill Time but at a rate agreed upon by each party.


Microsoft Exchange Graph API - Allows for Graph API for emails and Exchange sync. This can eliminates Outlook dependencies for remote employees.

Electronic ePrebill - Allows for full paperless Prebill processes for firm. Also allows for ePrebill app for iPads for attorneys on the go.

W-9 Vendor Management Enhancements - Allows you to comply with the IRS new rules and exercise controls and procedures for vendors.

Attorney Assignment History - Tracks Attorney Assignments at a matter level including splits for different periods of time.

Reserve Words and Billing Guidelines - Allows you to block or replace key words at fee entry level and other options to prevent rejected bills by clients.

Fee Work Location - Allows you to set the location of where fee transactions are located (generally for sales tax purposes) independent of the matter location.

Ethical Walls - Allows you to block clients and matters from specific standard users.

Conflict of Interest Enhancements - Allows for informal/formal searches and additional search locations.

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