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The Orion Fee Work Location feature is designed to be used to track where time was physically worked. It will mainly be used by Firm’s that must file local payroll or income tax returns with locations in which they have no physical office. Once this feature is on, you will need to set up your various Fee Work Location Codes. Each Timekeeper is assigned a default Fee Work Location and each Fee Transaction entered or edited must have a Fee Work Location Code attached.

Setting up Fee Work Location Codes

To set up a Fee Work Location Code, open File Maintenance Manager and access Tools, Manage Codes, Show Codes for Location Codes. Click on the NEW Button and the following screen will appear:


Enter a Code (up to 3 characters) and a Description. If this code will be used for Matters/Persons or Matters/Persons and Fees, enter a GL Location Code (this assumes you also use the General Location feature). There are 3 ways the code can be used:

  1. Matters/Persons - the Code will be available as a Location Code in Matter Entry and in User Entry, Location field. The Code will also control what GL Location account will be hit when the interface creates transactions.
  2. Fees - the Code will only be available as a Fee Work Location Code. It can be chosen as a Fee Work Location in User Entry and in Fee Entry. It will have nothing to do with GL transactions and will not be available as a Location in standard reports, Matter Entry or as the Office Location for Timekeepers.
  3. Matters/Persons and Fees - the code will be available as both a Fee Work Location Code and an Office Location Code. This means it will be available in Matter Entry, Fee Entry, User Entry (Location and Default Fee Work Location) and Standard Reports. It will also be used in creation of GL Transactions.

Once the Fee Work Location feature has been activated you will be unable to merge Location Codes. You can change Codes but you cannot merge.

Timekeeper Default Fee Work Location

After setting up your Fee Work Location Codes you will need to assign a Default Fee Work Location to all of your Timekeepers. You can do this by editing each individual record and completing the field as shown below:


You may also select multiple User records in Manage Users, right click, choose Edit Selected and change the Default Fee Work Location. The Default Fee Work Location field is a required field on any new Timekeeper entered in the system.

Time Manager/Fee Entry

As Timekeepers enter their time, the Fee Work Location field will default to the Default Fee Work Location assigned to their User record. They can change the Work Location for any entry. As long as they keep Time Manager up and running, the system will remember the last Fee Work Location Code used. Once they close Time Manager, Fee Entry will go back to their Default Fee Work Location. The following shows the Fee Entry screen with the Work Location field:


There is not a Retain Setting in Entry options for Work Location but there is a Skip option available.

Any transaction in the system PRIOR to turning on this feature will not require a Work Location Code during the validation phases of Billing/Prebilling. However, if a transaction is called up and edited, a Work Location Code must be entered before you can save your changes. By default, transactions that have been billed cannot be edited for Work Location. However, there is a Security Setting that will allow you to do this (discussed below). Users are encouraged to enter the correct Work Location as they are entering their time. If they need to change multiple transactions they can use the Global Edit feature in Time Manager. Highlight the appropriate records, right click and choose Edit Selected. Choose the proper Work Location Code and click OK. Unless the security settings allowing edit of Billed transactions is on, only unbilled transactions will be changed.

The new Fee Work Location field is available to be viewed in the Time Manager grid and the Time Manager “Set Fee Filter” queries will allow you to filter by Fee Work Location. You may also filter the Fee Listing Report by Work Location.

Bill Preparation

The Fee Work Location can be displayed in the Bill Preparation grid and can be changed through Bill Preparation using the Global Edit feature.


  1. There is a Security Setting available in each Security Group that will allow users to change the Work Location Code on Billed Fee transactions. By default, this setting is turned OFF. If you want to give users rights to change the Fee Work Location on Billed transactions, go to Orion Admin and open the appropriate Security Group. The security setting is located under the Time Manager section and is labeled “Allow Location Edit on Billed Fees” - set it to Full to grant rights. Note that the edit of the billed fees may still be subject to minimum/maximum date restrictions set in System Settings. Have users exit Orion and go back in to read the new security settings.
  2. Work Location Analysis Report - there is a new report under Billing and Revenue Reports that will report on fees worked, billed and paid by Fee Work Location. Note that this report is still in development - you are welcome to give it a try but we are still working on it.
  3. In creating your Fee Work Location Codes we recommend keeping your number of codes down to a minimum. You will typically want codes for locales that require you report to/pay them. For other locales you may physically visit/work in that do not require any reporting or taxes, designate one code.

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