Orion Desktop Detailed Release Notes

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Below are the detailed release notes. If you would like a high level or just new features, please click here.
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May 09, 2024 - 5.2.2405.10919 

7a4c9158d : Add of record, that uses the same OID as the last deleted record, causing invalid related grid information. This could have been the cause of "Mismatched invoices found! ..." situation in Email Bill Delivery.


May 02, 2024 - 5.2.2405.10320 

77b2821fc : AP Enhancements - Securing Bank Information in Bank Entry - Security = Accounts Payable/AP Bank MICR Check Printing Info.

bd589a327 : AP Enhancements - Report - Open Voucher Listing As Of - alpha.


April 26, 2024 - 5.2.2404.1261

862e02dbe : WebConnect - More work on health checking and restarting capabilities.

b3fc50ed7 : Changed URL for "Online Users Guide" and "Orion Knowledge Base" to use support.orionlaw.com 


April 20, 2024 - 5.2.2404.12011

353bffaf0 : Orion EPay – Modify url to use orionlaw.io
1c2916b71 : internal - For clients that moved from LawPay to ePay, the Payment URL on Invoices will still be created fore LawPay until the Stax Application is complete.
16ca155ae : internal - ePay integration logging will now display more server communication errors. Should help when troubleshooting server communication problems.
2c38c7ad6 : Orion Desktop - ePay enrollment screens - Now right-click on top of surcharge notes gives the support options pop up menu allowing you to see the log.
d68e18ecd : I47-2247, New Security Setting for Time Manager.
e8f9f655f : I47-2249, Change message returned when adding a new Matter to a Client blocking new Matters.
57f759e69 : I47-2250, AR Collections - add Reminder Statement Style as an available field.
68be111ec : I47-2246, ePrebill Manager - Highlighting of changed Fee/Exp description displays incorrectly at times.
1af6b9196 : I47-2231 - DC Atty Fin Productivity Custom - add option to include/exclude inactive Timekeepers.


April 16, 2024 - 5.2.2404.11600

c8a782b31 : WebConnectManager - Save config files in new format.
3b73bcc49 : WebConnect - Health Check support
ef9182d29 : WebConnectManager - Be able to configure log level per web connect.
01269a5fb : Orion ePay - 1) Set the "memo" field when creating Payment Links for the primary and trust accounts. 2) Fix for deleted payments showing again after selecting "Refresh" in the ePay Manager. 3) The AR Monitor was refreshing the "ePay Transactions Not Processed" value on any AR activity which was causing noticeable delays. Changed to only update the amount when the "Refresh" button is clicked.
e04826c8c : ChromeRiver Voucher Import v2024 - OLI Script
6442bc930 : Added more codesite logging to the Worldox integration code.
0a5bb42cb : Hharden security when using Azure login on the cloud.
6903e2318 : When using Azure Auth Corrected the wording of an error condition should this error be thrown.


April 04, 2024 - 5.2.2404.10419

72052a46d : WebConnect Relay Web Site Flip order of copy buttons to match order of entries in WebConnectManager
a5de42a7a : Created a new OLI ChromeRiver import template for a client.
97fd0639f : internal - CodeSite logging - If just a filename is specified the file will be in the same directory as the executable rather than the at the drive root.
d42318f4e : WebConnectManager - Add CmdParams to config for additional params. This is used for like debugging.


March 29, 2024 - 5.2.2403.12920

2e841da44 : I47-2242, Orion Allow "copy" of Orion ePay Payment Page URL to Windows "Clipboard" as with Non-Cloud Install
985b6b1b0 : I47-2245, Add Grouping Summaries to the Time Manager grid.
b14e0de9b : I47-2244, Expense Manager - Add Edit Selected.
f4747a4dd : IV47-2048, Expense Manager - Import Errors - Allow columns to filter, add summary/total at bottom for Amount & Units, Add Person & Description as column.
aefee4e91 : internal - Orion Desktop - Changed the ePay Transaction Manager to always show the Invoice/Client/Matter information entered by the payee in the Payment Page. In the past this information was not displayed if there was "meta data" (created by our integration with Stax) attached to the transaction.
8663acfc2 : Error reports will emit more info regarding Images folder when it is not available.


March 21, 2024 -.2.2403.12118

bad6b8328 : internal - Orion Desktop, changed the file import option (used multiple places in Desktop)
7464edf98 : Bank Reconciliation - Added right-click option to show GL Transactions for manually entered bank transactions.
6b04b17ad : Bank Transaction Entry - Added ability to Create/Edit GL Transactions.
33f20102b : internal - Import Bank Transactions security option no longer defaults to "none".


March 15, 2024 - 5.2.2403.11520

77c675a74 : I47-2243, Orion ePay - Changes to UI for Surcharge.


March 14, 2024 - 5.2.2403.11420

4d1514a60 : internal - Fix for "Could not convert variant of type (Null) to (Currency)" error in ePrebill Manager.
08ec9915e : internal - Changed wording of right click option in User Manager. "Populate Full Name on Selected" was changed to "Parse Full Name on Selected".


March 08, 2024 - 5.2.2403.10822

d6a9f3ccc : internal - Enhanced existing Orion ePay refund logic.
db91557e3 : internal - Add WebConnectManager.exe, a utility for managing profiles for the web-connect server.
3d1e94432 : updated EULA.


February 23, 2024 - 5.2.2402.12320

46b729f85 : internal - Add OrionApi_Console.exe and OrionAppServerConsole.exe to the build. These products are for use in web-connect.
306bc9be2 : internal - Changes in Email Bill Delivery setup in Contacts and Matters Entry. This should help with reported errors.
12366b19b : internal - Changes to how the Smart Timers grid is updated. This should help with reported errors.
9e5eee0c1 : I47-2237, Error reported in AR Invoice Email Manager.
787b341fb : I47-2239, Records Management Entry View Designer - Error when Exporting Config.
47c37bb12 : Orion Desktop and Admin - Made to disallow invalid directories in the images and email system.
1916439df : internal - Bank Import
d52113914 : Orion Matter Lookup. If the width was smaller than where the Find edit box is, a bubble with the in it would show at a weird location on the screen.


February 15, 2024 - 5.2.2402.11517

c07eb7eba : OrionAdmin - Update the Port field in System Settings to take a string for the relay name.
b47813eb0 : Orion Desktop - Added, Import Bank Transactions.
0830b3786 : I47-2221, Return Gentle error on duplicate OIDs found in Matter List.


February 09, 2024 - 5.2.2402.10919

05d11f999 : I47-2238, Conflicts - add new field "IntakeCreatedOn".


February 08, 2024 - 5.2.2402.10818

9ed6eaa42 : I47-2240, Deposit Processing (AR Manager) - allowing inclusion of transactions on multiple Deposit Batches.
97745f406 : I47-2236, AR Entry Description limited to 152 characters - remove limitation.
03bd1688c : Desktop - New column grouping feature in grids enabled.
2a46d439b : OPP - will now work with the Web Connect System.
20a96387c : Orion Desktop - Added Stax surcharge feature.


January 12, 2024 - 5.2.2401.11216

28ddfe200 : internal - Orion Exchange Sync - add more protection on reading of configuration during multi-threaded execution.
a19c6c891 : Audit trail showing AppIDAsString of "vtCase" on AppID of 13 when it should be showing "ExchangeSync". This fix was for any AppId between 12 and 17.

December 30, 2023 - 5.2.2312.13001

10c4b29d4 : I47-2235, 1099 Work File Entry not displaying "Fields" in entry panel.


December 20, 2023 - 5.2.2312.12019

2ef55e246 : Desktop - Event Reminder window had an "Open" and "OK" button, both buttons were assigned the shortcut key of "O". Changed "OK" to "Dismiss".
b26c20d7a : Orion ePay - Fix for ACH payments showing amount as 0.
3c88dfeaf : Desktop - The Runtime Query Editor in Managers would show a total of 7 "Runtime" query items.


December 15, 2023 - 5.2.2312.11513

504dd1845 : internal - Update DevExpress to 23.1.7
4d849a93d : I47-2232, Orion ePay - Add Option to Access "Orion ePay Web Portal" from Desktop.
b5de54745 : I47-2233, Ethical Walls - if NO access to Billing Tabs in File Maintenance you should not be able to choose Tools, Edit Ethical Wall on Contact record.


December 07, 2024 - 5.2.2312.10717

26fb609b4 : internal - OrionAppServer - Fix fees that are not taxable being marked as taxable.


November 30, 2023 - 5.2.2311.13019

c13fee0c3 : I47-2230, Voucher Entry - Manual Check window Tab order.
c5edbef26 : internal - If the Orion Desktop was launched as second time and user clicked No when the dialog "Orion Desktop is already running..." was displayed, an error form displayed. This was fixed.
83042516f : internal - Fixed some "forms" not restoring to correct position (at times) when user has dual monitors.
675833e05 : I47-2229, Deposit Processing - remove TDP transactions for non Trust Banks.


November 10, 2023 - 5.2.2311.11022

9521018ef : I47-2228, Processes Grid - Complete Intake Button should never be available to users with no rights to File Maintenance.

0e7fe6707 : I47-2226, AR Collections Manager - add Email Bill Delivery (yes/no) as available grid field.

c07c497dc : I47-2225, ePrebill Manager - retain focus on next Prebill in list when action performed on a Prebill (now always goes back to the top).

d85dfe27c : I47-2223, Deposit Processing - Assign Bank Rec ID - showing number entered as currency.

c3650fd6f : I47-2224, ePrebill Manager - add right click option to set selected Prebills for "Ready to Bill".


November 3rd, 2023 - 5.2.2311.10320

3a1c287b7 : I47-2220, Time Manager - fees where CaseOID greater than 0 but DOES NOT exist in Casemaster are not displayed at all.

de48e8860 : Desktop - Fixed bug in LawPay/ePay integration where AR Entry wasn't clearing data after processing a LawPay/ePay payment causing errors until AR Entry was reopened.

1a7e69453 : I47-2218, New Security Option and functionality under Matter Status.

42736b514 : Desktop - Optimized deleting of IndexedWord records when rebuilding Conflict and Records Management records.

a791c268f : internal - ePay integration, misc changes to make working with a broken sandbox more manageable.

91ea47655 : I47-2216, AR Collections - surface CLIENTADDTIONAL.BlockNewCase as Grid field.

1edb08422 : I47-2219, Turn on Audit Trial for Users (manage users - change to personprofile or personadditional).


October 28, 2023 - 5.2.2310.12807

2b890f761 : OrionAppServer - Fix some error reports not being created and sent.

18ec80371 : OrionDesktop - netdocs - fixed a bug in cloud build.

a2c24ea55 : I47-2217, AR Entry - showing inactive bank codes and allowing use of inactive bank code in AR Entry.

aec1b8c80 : I47-2214, User Record - add ability to copy Ethical Wall Settings from another user.

3d05e3956 : I47-2215, Conflicts Batch Search - add access to Date Filter.

8f29c9a09 : Orion Exchange Sync - fix issues with person alerts when personprofile.emailaddress for personalert is blank.


October 23, 2023 - 5.2.2310.12108

744107ea9 : iOrion/AppServer - Creating Fees, require "person" to be a timekeeper.

f1a99c12d : I47-2141, APBANKACCOUNT and Bank Code Entry - add field to "Exclude from 1099 Processing" and modify 1099 Workfile Creation to exlcude same.

a03ac3a01 : Desktop - Various changes to options/methods for linking Stax accounts to bank accounts.

392c823dc : I47-2213 - Invoice Filter in Billing Manager should not allow end date prior to start date.

c17f8d72f : OrionAppServer - Fix an issue causing a crash with an error of "Invalid class typecast".

d12cbf78f : OrionAppServer - enhance some of the logging.


October 06, 2023 -  5.2.2310.10618

797a90fc4 : I47-2212 - Cash Receipts Analysis - DC = "Cash Receipts" - report accumulating splits etc. wrong when criteria changed on subsequent runs of report without closing the report window.

bf15d1c29 : I47-2210, Conflicts - treat words with a period (no spaces on either side) the same way we treat words with a slash or dash.

4b5419104 : Orion Exchange Sync - update version of SmartInspect.

4cb366c8f : Orion Exchange Sync - Fix error when item exists in outlook and already has sync id but due to meta data thinks it needs to be added. Error in log was "You must load or assigned this property before you can read its value." together with a log item of "Web Service Store failed on Add Item".

eeae36d84 : I47-2200, Rename field in Conflicts data file and in Conflicts Grid and UI. Rename TaxIDorSSN field to UniqueID.


September 29, 2023 - 5.2.2309.12922

7cbc63688 : I47-2206 - DC Realization with Case Assignment - syntax error when "Type of Law", "Department", "Location", and "Fee Arrangement" sort orders chosen.

5813c18ab : Orion Desktop - HTML version - Fixed major bug that would cause all Main Menus on forms to become frozen and not respond to clicks.

0e074e985 : AR Payment Entry - Notes editor that shows from the "Expand" button. Buttons were not placed well anymore. Moved them to look better.

747e211fb : I47-2209, Expense Entry - default Timekeeper ID to Current Person.

049eaa272 : I47-2208, AP Voucher Adjustment (Adjustment of an Open Voucher) is allowing you to choose an Inactive Vendor and Save the Adjustment.

9ec1b8c22 : I47-2207, Processes (Intake Forms data file) - add Created On Date (just Date, NOT Date/Time).

b11c69892 : I47-2201, Prebill records (ARPREBILL) - add CreatedBy field to data file and allow surfacing in grid.


September 22, 2023 -  5.2.2309.12220

2b7293fd9 : Matter Status - Added Filtering option to columns in WIP Drill Down.

fcb89dfb5 : I47-2192, System Option to Always Round up Fee Records When created from Smart Timer. This integrates the work done in the for Desktop into OrionAppServer. The latest versions of iOrion will be needed to use this functionality.


September 15, 2023 - 5.2.2309.11522

ff7eedbc2 : I47-2205 - Reporting - Matter Ethical Walls - Crashes if filter is set so no matters have Ethical Wall restrictions. Error: Cannot generate report. EthicalWallPersons: Could not open DataSet.

a2e805db4 : I47-2204 - Inactivating a user is removing the email address. Leave email address but don't allow save of any user if email exists on another user.

5e9bf8d42 : I47-2192, System Option to Always Round up Fee Records When created from Smart Timer.


September 08, 2023 - 5.2.2309.10820

418f8d7d3 : I47-2194, Update temporary Conflicts records created during intake with Resp Atty.

3b061f7d4 : I47-2151 - User of Netdocs trying to attach file to reimbursement from Netdocs crashes program.

f1e697917 : internal - OrionAppServer - Fixed log file may be created at the drive root if no location is explicitly specified.

124330476 : internal - Optimized object security retrieval. This was due to the change introduced in 6c2d5366.


September 05, 2023 - 5.2.2309.10119

039cf9c83 : internal - OrionAppServer - Fixed user context for EthicalWall not switched when switching users.

3e650d541 : cloud - error reporting - added code to the error reporting on the cloud build to report the Time zone offset of the users browser.

00fed051a : I47-2202 - Statement of Account by Task Code - if you choose the Concatenate option, the Task Code on transactions is ignored.


August 18, 2023 - 5.2.2308.11814

37fcf1626 : I47-2198 - AR Collections - add right click option to copy images to specified location (see IV Item 2178 for how done in Billing Manager); I47-2199 - New Copy Invoice Images (see IV Items 2178 and 2198) - defaults to saving to Documents - default to My PC New Copy Invoice Images to specified location feature (see IV Items 2178 and 2198) - defaults to saving to Documents - default to My PC and/or allow user to navigate to all drives available (they need to be able to save to network locations).


August 11, 2023 - 5.2.2308.11121

943fcdba3 : Update pdf components to fix some pdf files not showing.

ed547f0ee : I47-2196 - Create Prebills - when Prebill created and there is an existing Prebill record, we are NOT updating the Bill and Original Amount fields.

00251e4db : OLI - changed the OLI Export that creates an XML file to properly handle extended ascii characters


August 04, 2023 - 5.2.2308.10422

1d3652cd1 : I47-2187, User Setup - Edit Selected - Linked Vendor - New Default Vendor is not creating Contact Record with a FileAs (assumption should be that this function creates a "Person" where FileAs is set accordingly).

79a700310 : I47-2190, AP Security Settings - Post Vouchers.

0366763f5 : I47-2185, Add Matter Alias object to Expense Manager grid and AR Collections grid.

2eae6e0b1 : I47-2180, AR Collections - add new field Appeal Deadline (Date field).

3c9578d43 : I47-2191 - Prebill Manager - if user is Restricted, we need to read through list of "selected" to make sure have proxy.


July 20, 2023 -  5.2.2307.12021

c43578de4 : Orion Live Interface – Allows for write up and write downs when importing expenses.


July 15, 2023 - 5.2.2307.11516

aafdd6142 : I47-2179 – Resolved error "TBOCase.RetrieveByKey supports Key 1 only." on "Copy Nicknames from ..." in Matter Lookup.

b893d35e4 : I47-2174 - Fee Listing Report - add option to Filter by Department and Fee Arrangement.


June 30, 2023 - 5.2.2306.13018

93b19e05a : I47-2171, Reports - File Maintenance Reports - Sales Tax Code Reports - Expand "Tax Rate" to display FULL value (i.e. not just to three digits to the right of the decimal).

2a2c33dce : I47-2173 - Add Matter Additional Info to various reports


June 24, 2023 5.2.2306.12401

cb97dce8d : I47-2173 - Add Matter Additional Info to various reports - Daily Time Summary.

9c059b033 : I47-2173 - Add Matter Additional Info to various reports - Aged WIP.

537cb25ac : I47-2173 - Add Matter Additional Info to various reports - Fee Listing.

3bcd1f17d : Desktop - Fix an issue revealed in Error reports regarding Journal Grid. Access violation at address 0000000000000000

00ac015b3 : Orion Productivity Pack – Resloved issues reported when journals are being changed after they are saved correctly.

b8dd15810 : Fix orCreateCache not creating a log file when specified.

154370f8d : I47-2168 - Email Bill Delivery - add some validation prior to Sending Email.

bc035dc97 : I47-2169, Print/Create Prebills - add new option "Include Matters Where there is no Current Activity just Retainer/Trust".

d8737b978 : I47-2163, TB Staff Prod Real by Working - add ClientDefaultRateCode as available object.


June 16th, 2023 - 5.2.2306.11621

7987c9927 : I47-2172,Invoice Styler - Invoice Settings - Misspelled word Quanty should be Quantity.

67ef30228 : I47-2161, Client and Matter Intake Forms - add ability to attach Image (if Imaging module is on).

d3049e2c0 : I47-2159, Prebill Manager - add Quoted Price as grid field.

ece4ab5f7 : I47-2164, User Entry - Administration Tab - Practice Manager User Flag always defaults to ON.

36fa194fb : I47-2162, Check Register Report - Bank Code should default to Default Bank Code as set up in APBankAccount.

0b2a64d72 : I47-2167, Bill Preparation - change default sort order to Date, Level#, Timekeeper ID (so that it matches order of Prebill).

e5fa0bbff : I47-2154, Users - Allow Inactive Users to be saved without Email or Network Login ID.

6c772e847 : I47-2158, Add Option "Open On Startup" to the Smart Timer Manager.


June 9, 2023 - 5.2.2306.10921

d8279bf35 : I47-2165 - EDI Billing (Template Design) - add access to User Defined fields (stored in PERSONADDITIONAL).

6bf8c068c : I47-2166, Contacts – Resloved an issue where users were able to edit client name even though no rights to do so.


May 19, 2023 - 5.2.2305.11922

43a2e1d11 : Management Billing Summary – Fix Syntax


May 10, 2023 - 5.2.2305.11020

989810e4f : Matter Status - Fix for issue when clicking on WIP


May 5, 2023 - 5.2.2305.10519

c2109528c : I47-2157 - Realization with Case Assignment – Resolved Syntax error with Ethical Wall

146032c5c : I47-2155 - Payments on Invoices - add Ethical Wall Logic -


May 3, 2023 -  5.2.2305.10319

11cdecc4f : internal - Time Manager; changes to make the "Please Wait" logic


April 28, 2023 - 5.2.2304.12817

4db2d03c4 : I47-2152, FM Manager and Matter Manager.  Optimize load time of data.


April 21, 2023 - 5.2.2304.12122

0a661698c : I47-2137, AP - Post Vouchers Window/Grid - allow access to Invoice# and Invoice Date in grid.

d1432c729 : I47-2150, Adjust Position of "OK" Button on Potential Duplicate Contact Screen

fc7a88607 : I47-2152, FM Manager and Matter Manager, add (FMADDITIONALINFO) fields.

19d208149 : OrionDC - Added "Adjustment Code" logic to Fees/Cost/Expense imports.

cc9e576a7 : I47-2140, FM Manager and Matter Manager - add ability to globally edit user defined fields (FMADDITIONALINFO).


April 10, 2023 - 5.2.2304.11000

b1042e5b1 : I47-2120 - OLI - Add support for MS Graph.

82c085ddf : I47-2148 - Advance Events - Item being removed from list, when setting completed, when they should not be. They are still in the list, so if you do refresh they show up.

8e3e6b5a7 : I47-2146 - Aged WIP = LastBillDate not printing on report


April 1, 2023 - 5.2.2304.10102

5340fa83e : I47-2139 - Matter Status - WIP Tab - Add Right-Click - Export To XLSX.

004212558 : I47-2138, Matter Status - WIP Tab - Add Right-Click - Show Grouping Panel with Group Totals and Totals at Bottom for Drill-Down on Fees, Costs, Expenses, Interest, etc.


March 17, 2023 - 5.2.2303.11718

1c27ccf30 : I47-2135, Smart Timer Manager and individual timers.

740a161f3 : internal - OrionAppServer - Fixed log files not being created.

278fb5c92 : I47-2136 - Advanced Events - Crashes when query has "Status Is Not Completed" and user clicks on Completed column twice.


March 10, 2023 - 5.2.2303.11001

17623d936 : OrionDesktop 64-bit version, with Worldox installed, was raising an error on startup of Desktop.


March 8, 2023 - 5.2.2303.10818

0fde82404 : I47-2134 - General Ledger Statements - Design Mode - Access violation in 64 bit when trying to move an account by drag and drop.

555e474e5 : html system - updated our html server installer to support azure login.

c723c6644 : I47-2131, Aged WIP - Data Output - Data_LastBillingDate not coming out correctly.

6877441d4 : I47-2133, Expense Entry - saving negative transactions even though not allowed warning appearing.


March 3, 2023 - 5.2.2303.10321

27c8890d2 : I47-2128 - GL Statement Styler - spelling error "Accounts" - (styler in GL Manager - GL Detail Band Editor).

065f05dd2 : I47-2129 - Admin - System Settings - MS Graph (preview) - "Import Settings" crashes when reading in file created on older exe.

4b1527edb : Orion Email Journal Addin - removed the checkbox (Create Journal) that has been on the ribbon bar for a long time. It no longer works since the removal of Email Manager years ago.


February 24, 2023 - 5.2.2302.12419

959c73a55 : HTML - It now denies access, when using Azure Login, if your email address is used on more than 1 person.

7be5fd83b : I47-2126, Smart Timer Manager - sort on Refresh (by Client Name).

584c8ca5e : I47-2123, GL - Recalculate Account Balances - remove ability to recalc previous year.

369b3f32c : I47-2122 - Reporting - add Aged Accounts Receivable custom report that, when sorted by column with splits, value will show full amount.

7ea7434b9 : internal - OrionDesktop - Fixed system tray icon disappearing.

2ae2f7cfc : I47-2125 - Security Setting on Site-Defined/Custom Reports - set to None should disable entire TAB.


February 18, 2023 - 5.2.2302.11800

a45578b31 : Fixed an issue where AR Collections and EmailJournalAddin under 64bit was failing to talk to each other to create Email Journals.

ad56865e3 : I47-2124, ePrebill Manager – Fixed an issue if closed when minimized, next time you open comes up blank.

9f06243c3 : I47-2121, APVOUCHERDIS.BillingCode needs to be expanded to 10 characters.

7ffa5406d : ID: I47-2119 - Timekeeper Productivity and Other Atty Prod Reports - surface EmployeeID field.

34943d1a2 : Conflict Search - Changed logic that breaks the Conflict record into individual words saved in IndexedWord to be UTF8 aware. This allows proper searching of names that contain letters from other languages (such as German name Sch??fer). For existing Conflict records to be searched correctly, IndexedWord needs to be rebuilt.


February 14, 2023 - 5.2.2302.11414

d40faa617 : Orion Desktop - Fee entry. Fixed auto correct, when running with the /HFEEENTRY switch.


February 11, 2023 - 5.2.2302.11118

182b282af : I47-2117 - Event Listing Report - Add "Email to Assigned" to Export Function like Aged Accounts Receivable Report when sorted by Responsible.

af47f6367 : Internal - I47-2114 - Reporting - Styles created in 64 bit causes error when used in 32 bit. This also needed to be fixed for "SaveToFile".

11e193822 : I47-2116 - Event Listing Report - Detail Style - Change "Venue" to Venue assigned on Event, not Matter.

55b71e84b : Desktop and Appserver, OLI - Fees will not allow Carriage returns in the Notes.


February 4, 2023 - 5.2.2302.10422

e9efdb0ad : Fee Entry. Do not allow Carriage Returns in the Note Entry. We found that, historically, We would strip carriage returns when saving a fee. This somehow was removed in the transition to new tables.


January 27, 2023 - 5.2.2301.12722

87d7f9d42 : I47-2113, GL Import - add Help Language (Help Button already exists).

f3a76fd1a : I47-2115 - Create EDI Bill - Edit Batch Info - crashes with "Cannot make a visible window modal.".


January 21, 2023 - 5.2.2301.12100

c7957ff75 : internal - Update to DevExpress 22.2.3.

3ae845282 : Internal - I47-2114 - Reporting - Styles created in 64 bit causes error when used in 32 bit.


January 7, 2023 - 5.2.2301.10713

c8b412eac : HTML - fixed journal entry to download an email message when you click "View Email".

b7c2fa4aa : OrionDC - Added new FMAdditional fields to Client and Matter update.

9b2c44cce : OrionDC - Added new FMAdditional fields to Client and Matter conversion.

e50825963 : I47-2111 - Reporting - Data Output - not creating file or updating file.

908e0512f : I47-2109 - User Listing Report - add Email object and Email for Data Output.

b1d685a1f : I47-2110 - AP Vendor Status - info not changing when changing vendor. Will still show original vendor info.


December 17, 2022 - 5.2.2212.11622

b7a82c5e3 : I47-2108 - Bill Delivery Email Template editing crashing when using drag drop of Data Fields.

ad9d5611f : I47-2107 - Admin - System Settings - MS Graph - Send Test Email - enhance error message when auth fails.


December 3, 2022 - 5.2.2212.10301

1537f85d2 : I47-2106 - Calendar Manager - upper right navigation calendar window does not update correctly on initialization and when slider adjustment changes weeks viewed.


November 28, 2023 - 5.2.2211.12813

3a3d98a28 : I47-2105 - Matter Ethical Walls Report - add filter (Filter Tab) by Working Attorney be4566e4f : I47-1912, FMADDITIONALINFO - Add 6 100 Character Fields (Description9-14). The way "PopUps" are handled was changed both in code and data file (POPUPOPTION).

554fd1d34 : I47-2102, Add option to "Create Default Vendor" to Manage Users - Edit Selected.

d796457bf : I47-2104, Check Requests - Add drop-down, similar to Processes, to limit Check Requests (All Pending & My Check Requests).  Default to "My Check Requests" (where "Current User" is "Entered By" or "Assigned" similar to iOrion).

cf37d998c : I47-2103, Admin - User Setup - Configuration Management - Queries & Reports - Add "Show Timekeepers Only" Checkbox to the right of "Show Active Only" (below "Target Users" box).


November 18, 2022 - 5.2.2211.11821

1cc66a022 : Orion Exchange Sync - changes to the way settings are retrieved to see if it will fix the issue of some of the settings at times reverting to default values.


November 11, 2022 - 5.2.2211.11119

fafcb0266 : I47-2100, Since the "Ctrl+F" Search cannot be changed from "Or" to "And", add an "i" (info bubble) so that when clicked, provide list of search operators.

60a3f4563 : I47-2101, Clean-Up Notification Window.

320ab741a : Put in the new Keep Alive system for HTML.


November 4, 2023 - 5.2.2211.10421

05c91849b : Adjusted database heartbeat method

7f83a669d : Fix for Delphi 11 crash in Advanced Events Manager.


October 28, 2022 - 5.2.2210.12819

186f93fdf : I47-2098 - 1099 Processing - New Delphi build NOT reading 1099 Processing grid settings - also change default load settings from Formstate.

3363b5800 : I47-2099, Exception Error with more than two contacts listed changing from "To" to "Cc".  Error occurs when changing the second Contact listed from "To" to "Cc".

8ba6cf53c : Include updated WPViewPDF dlls to fix crashes in OrionDesktop when loading certain pdf files.


October 24, 2022 - 5.2.2210.12417

ffbd6f0c8 : internal - Fix for Delphi11 bug in ePreBill Manager.

f656c23d6 : internal - Fix OrionDesktop error '12/09/2020 12:00 on application launch.


October 21, 2022 - 5.2.2210.12120

8b5a2a2c8 : Client & Matter Intake - EDI Template List - Sort by label/name not OID in drop-down.

460bd0d5c : I47-2097, Retainer Balance on Target Matter not being updated when Retainer Transfer Done.

577a247ed : I47-2095, Audit Trail - Add Prebill table.

0d6f6cf05 : I47-2090, Advanced Event Viewer - add Alt Payer, Alt Payer Code and Alt Payer Name as available grid items.

ae9b5689a : I47-2094, Bill Prep - List Index Out of Bounds sorting errors. Removed custom sorting logic and revert back to the "default" sort each time Bill Prep is opened.

f5df0f4de : Fix orDBUpdate failing on detached table entries when dropping legacy tables (files missing or renamed).


October 10, 2022 - 5.2.2210.11016

754ecc3ee : Orion Admin - Orion's customized exception process wasn't working.

62db18075 : AR Collections - HTML - when sending emails, the application can appear to be frozen. Added the Web Based Activity Indicator to the process.

5b78f848c : Orion Desktop - HTML - If the user ID is not found. The Web activity Indicator hides the error and the user cannot see it. When this error happens now on HTML, The Web Activity Indicator will hide before showing the error.


October 8, 2022 -  5.2.2210.10722

a1c61dd5a : I47-2093, Fee Entry - Activity Code with no description attached - remove space at beginning of fee description field.

d2c3174f4 : I47-2092, Smart Timer Manager - Add two new Options.

fd1b0ea94 : I47-2091 - PDF not being encrypted in Email Bill Delivery on invoices just using setup at the client level.


October 1, 2022 - 5.2.2210.10113

88c247ba7 : Desktop - Fix for Contact Entry closing even though required custom fields where not entered. Dev note, HeartBeat logic in TUILockGUI was causing exception logic/flow to fail. An Exception will not "escape" a TForm.ShowModal without special handling.

085b2f953 : Orion Desktop - HTML - Now allows a report template to be downloaded from the designer. File Menu - Save to File.

89f283acb : Desktop - When completing a Matter Intake the new Matter Code is included in the Event record/notification that is created.

674c7c007 : Desktop - The Conflict Search grid detail report wasn't correctly underlining "fields" containing the searched for word when running a Batch search.

e132f332e : Orion Desktop - Payment entry. Trying to fix "Could not convert variant of type (UnicodeString) into type (Double)." This came in on the error report from the Apply column in the grid.

18c70202e : Orion Desktop - Fee Entry. Integer overflow error when entering too high of a value into the Time, Amount field. Now just tells the user that this happened instead of crashing.

September 23, 2022 - 5.2.2209.12319
d19807e7d : Logic changes to "User Notification Options, Disable Event Reminders" in Desktop that was causing Events in Outlook to lose their reminder setting when firms use Exchange-Sync.
3d79c486d : Task Inquiry - Enabled Group Summaries.
f3fdedfe0 : I47-2088 - Creating relationship links from managers can fail if "Lazy Load Related Data for Contacts and Matters" set to true and link to be created for non-focused tab.

September 16, 2022 - 5.2.2209.11618
67abfdb71 : OrionDesktop - at times the grids could raise the error of "List index out of bounds (-1)."
42aea6c48 : HTML - Error reporting fails to send screenshots since the HTML Server Update of

September 09, 2022 - 5.2.2209.10922
c02307ba7 : Desktop [Processes] - Changed error message when retrieving/opening a Process to show the OID.
0cc1a6381 : Desktop - Turned off the Multi Threaded Sorting in Fees Grid on Bill Prep.
de9b59384 : HTML - Orion Desktop - Fixed the Users Export Import form state utility
2c75af040 : Orion Desktop - Removed the caption on the relationship panel in Calendar Manager.
b27ab20bb : Orion Custom Data had an issue when accessing a property after a save.

August 26, 2022 - 5.2.2208.12619
7aa4b3a89 : Update pdf viewer to fix some images not displaying properly.
0304882ea : I47-2087 - Invoice Listing - Add Client Code Matter Code Summary - Summary Row Description to show Client Code - Matter Code: Matter Description.
a84aa9d11 : I47-2086 – Fix for Access violation in "PerformExitOnControls" method in both Contact Entry and Case Entry if View changed before save.

August 19, 2022 - 5.2.2208.11919
b0bc4a5d2 : I47-2083 – Fix for Matter Status security option "Reprint Invoice Image Only" NOT removing right click option for same in AR Ledger.
7615c55c6 : I47-2082 – Fix for True Net Realization (Custom Report) - error when no data found - Data Collector = TB True Net Realization.
b59703c59 : I47-2081 – DB Change - User Settings - GL Manager View - move to FORMSTATE.
489c00815 : I47-2084 – Fix for Billing Manager - Grid Report (Detail) - not correct if Client Level Billing involved.

August 07, 2022 - 5.2.2208.10700
18d665184 : I47-2080, ePrebill (More Options - Filter and Sort Option Window) - add option "Show Active Only" for Timekeeper combo.
d2469ff42 : I47-2077, Voucher Entry - distribution line grid - add Person as an available field to be added to grid.
e1f9605be : I47-2075 - AP Reports - Expense Reimbursement Request Register - Employee Filter is excluding Non-Timekeepers when it shouldn't.
86e2cb865 : HTML - Screen shots are now stamped with a JavaScript time value at the very top.
d5a29f4a2 : I47-2079 - Orion Admin – Fix for User Setup - Reports - User Listing Report - "FM Users" not a Registered Data Collector message.

July 29. 2022 - 5.2.2207.12919
f58a78690 : I47-2076, AR Collections – Fix of issue where emails of invoices create a Prebill record and they should not.
8313dc6a5 : I47-2078 - Attach Image – Fixed an issue when screenshot is from iOS/iPadOS

July 26, 2022 - 5.2.2207.12614
73c02540e : I47-2074, Reserve Word - Replace Reserved Word window - Billing Guidelines truncated.
05458f11f : IV47-2060, Restrict input of Appointment Subject characters to the limit that will fit in database.
b59e7279d : HTML - Rolled back last changes to the Image viewer editor form. The form now recreates every time it shows..
06f88164b : HTML - Orion Desktop - fixed issue of voucher entry forms not coming to the front when clicking on the browser taskbar item.
44ed7e53c : I47-2073 – Fix for Annual Client Account Summary - invalid SQL expression (cli) (result of change in tables).

July 17, 2022 - 5.2.2207.11718
20c9d4ed2 : GL Reports (Trial Balance and Budget) - Fix for changes made in: I47-2021, GL Reports (Reporting System) - add option for Cash or Accrual if GLSYSTEM settings set to Both.
598255624 : I47-2072 - Add Client Default Rate Code to Realization with Case Assignment Report.

July 08, 2022 - 5.2.2207.10819
5202e0c25 : Orion Desktop - HTML - added Azure Auth support.
ba8eaa40b : Orion Desktop - HTML - added Azure Auth support.
a26a72684 : Added the /USEAZUREOAUTH switch to the Orion Applications. This will be used when setting our cloud to use Azure Auth.
e877bea54 : Orion Desktop - Contacts View - Removed the ability to save and load a grid filter.

July 01, 2022 - 5.2.2207.10122
42125f0fc : I47-2071 - AR Collections Email Template - add object for Case Description First Four Lines.
0b64be497 : I47-2067 - Open Vouchers Report - add sort order by Invoice Date, Vendor Name, Voucher #.
9d7ccb838 : I47-2064 - Aged WIP Report - sorted by Fee Arrangement - In Group header show Fee Arragement description not number.
8330eca5a : I47-2070, Save Voucher - Adjust Voucher - do not factor in "Is Deleted" = True distribution lines.

June 18, 2022 - 5.2.2206.11723
cd068d47a : internal - Changed "wording" for LawPay Setup in Bank Account Entry.
4331e94fa : internal - Add table REPORTGRIDTEMPLATE to move grid template reports out of OBJSTATE due to OBJSTATE.Value data type causing trouble with templates.
9b10d8797 : internal - Widen APVOUCHERHDR.VendorCode to 12 to match the width of APVENDOR.Code.
0a9763893 : I47-2069, Bill Prep - 1. Rename Grid Column "Annotation Applied" to "Applied". 2. Annotations Tab - if more than one annotation record on a fee, sort annotations by ARPrebillAnnotation.OID DESCENDING (highest to lowest).

June 10, 2022 - 5.2.2206.11021
12dfed099 : internal - OLI - WIP of Chrome River Voucher Import.
d537d9fdf : I47-2068, GL End of Period - Message returned providing number of accounts updated is returning 0 accounts.

June 04, 2022 - 5.2.2206.10418
0df0a45b7 : I47-2062, User Setup - Additional User Information - If not defined, assume all fields are NOT defined in FM - System Settings.
6c2d53661 : Internal - Change to how Object-Rights are stored/accessed in Business Objects (cannot hold pointer to item in cache). This is to correct low-level errors that could occur when the Object-Rights-Cache was cleared as a result of the global "Current Person" switching to a different person/user

May 31, 2022 - 5.2.2205.13112
e6002477f : Orion Desktop - PreBill Manager not deleting selected PreBills (change in last Build caused this error).

May 28, 2022 - 5.2.2205.12802
e3b0092ce : I47-2063, Disable Worldox Integration if user is not a Practice Management User.
8342f786e : DC: Added 'BillingNotes' to Contacts import as required by common processing routine;
db6477301 : DC: Added 'BillingNotes' to Contacts import as required by common processing routine;

May 17, 2022 - 5.2.2205.11714
45a46a22d : OrionDesktop - PreBill Manager, changes to how the grid does custom painting. This is an attempt to fix the random errors some are experiencing.
066c6b622 : HTML - Rate Set entry. If user would show grid popup menu and then close the form without closing the menu. It would generate an error.
15b8c5496 : Client and Matter entry. When editing "Fee Description Character Limit", and hitting save, entry would ignore edits and go back to original value.

May 06, 2022 - 5.2.2205.10620 
b787d6a41 : internal - OrionAdmin - Fix height and width of Full Name Entry Settings form. The bottom buttons were mostly chopped off (invisible).

April 29, 2022 - 5.2.2204.12918
8691e2635 : HTML Desktop - Unable to Close a Matter as confirmation dialog is behind the "Please Wait" message.
91de63b87 : I47-2057, AP Bank Code Entry - unable to make a bank active (after made inactive).

April 27, 2022 - 5.2.2204.12720
dfe13db28 : I47-2053, Recurring Events - if Weekly is chosen, default to 1 week instead of 0 weeks.
b7468dcce : I47-2052, ePrebill - Billing Notes in Header - use same logic as on Printed Prebills.
fdd8d8eac : I47-2045, Email Bill Delivery Template - BILL LIST options - add Matter Name as an option.

April 26, 2022 - 5.2.2204.12621
8109d067f : I47-2055 - Detailed Outstanding Checks Report (custom) - add RequestedBy to DataFeed and DataOutput.
c3a498397 : I47-2044 - Realization with Case Assignment Report - - added columns - Payments(PMT+RAP+TAP), BillableFeeHr, BillableFeeAmt.

April 22, 2022 - 5.2.2204.12221
21ce75dfd : Worldox Com Server for Orion Desktop 64-bit had an issue that started multiple Worldox API processes. It would start a new one every time Desktop showed info for a Contact or a Matter.
01f0d97bd : I47-2054 - Payment Application Analysis - add sort order and filter by Fee Arrangement.
1d67fb8a1 : I47-2056 - EDI Templates - include right apostrophe (x92) in XML translation (use same translation as normal apostrophe).

April 15, 2022 - 5.2.2204.11519
d900e4784 : internal - Fix "Cannot focus a disabled or invisible window" errors.
994d35df6 : internal - Turned off the threaded loading of the spell checker since there have been reports regarding "Race Conditions" when using threaded loading.
3e57a2c86 : OrionDesktop - found an issue with the Related grid. Could crash because of a bad link. Put in a Guard Clause to try to prevent it.
270669856 : Desktop HTML - Long running Conflict updates (triggered by Saving a Client or Matter) could cause the app to close or become unresponsive.

April 08, 2022 - 5.2.2204.10821
3fbc80c37 : Orion Desktop - HTML - fixed an error that could be fixed regarding the Popup Menus.
8da3e984b : I47-2051, When deleting a Matter, in addition to checking for Financial Management "activity", include Journals, Emails, Documents, Tasks, Appointments.
e08d033f4 : Orion Desktop – fixed an error when opening a new Matter (Intake) for a client could cause an access violation.
a1aeaa1e2 : Orion Desktop - UI cleanup in FM System Settings.

April 07, 2022 - 5.2.2204.10721
5d4fd8fdc : Orion HTML - When generating/printing invoices the error dialog "Another user is generating inv..." was coming up behind the "Please Wait" message.
a99126c95 : OrionAppServer – resolved an issue in sending error reports.
cb9e5611f : expanded EXPRECOVERY Code To 10 characters to match "ARTRANSACTION"
d59f9d2ad : I47-2035, Client Record - add Charge Sales Tax and Sales Tax Code under Matter Defaults section.
961cc23f2 : I47-2036, File Maintenance Manager - System Settings - Add option to set a default "Invoice Style" for Client-Level Invoice Styles.
d07da0eea : I47-2050, Block Delete of Matter (and Client) when a Matter Number (or Client Number) is Assigned and there's NO Activity.
a65696ea1 : Orion Desktop - HTML - MSGraph email a report. If the report file for the attachment was not found on disk, it would crash desktop. Now it just tells the user that file was not found Allowing them to try again.
e3f22fc8e : Desktop - Bank Reconciliation. Error report revealed that Closing Bank Rec could cause Desktop to error and close.
8a8fd7b31 : I47-2046, Matter Ledger - AR Ledger - right click show detail does not work first time you choose it when in Matter Status.
cc2779a97 : I47-2049, Split Billing - If NONE option is used on fees, no arinvoicedetail record should be created for fees.

April 01, 2022 - 5.2.2204.10119
97a4bce1c : Orion Desktop - HTML - found an error that could be fixed regarding the Popup Menus.
f5aeb90a9 : Orion Desktop - AR Collections Manager - some firms may not be able to write to the Worldox files. It causes a critical error. This has been wrapped so as to only log in error report and should not crash the app.

March 28, 2022 - 5.2.2203.12815
346df6416 : Quick Check - Fix for "Cannot Focus" error recently introduced by fix to handle HTML issues.

March 25, 2022 - 5.2.2203.12520
977e19611 : [I47-1997] HTML Client - Add "QuickDoc" (limited to "Clipboard")
4941c196d : Desktop - Task Codes Editor - Fixed the error of "Could not convert variant of type (Null) into type (Double)"
9ee9ce207 : Event Assignments - Can generate a critical error at times when reading the "Send Notification to all Attendees?" check box. Made to recover gracefully from this error.
e9907eb81 : OrionDesktop - Phone Dialer. Error reporting shows that at times the dialing can generate a non-critical error. This was fixed to not close the application.
aa0353e35 : Check Printing - Entered Starting Check Number wasn't being used at times.
9b27376a7 : I47-2043, Manage Users - Edit Selected - Add option to link default Vendor for each user as well as a single Vendor to each selected User.
1671f642e : I47-2041, ePrebill - add ability to filter by TK or Task Code in a Prebill; add ability to change sort.
8e684cf42 : I47-2021, GL Reports (Reporting System) - add option for Cash or Accrual if GLSYSTEM settings set to Both.
108fd0a7e : I47-2040, User Settings - Disable/Enable Notification Options.
e650fd91b : Bank Rec now saves form positioning and grid sorts.
1a2da740c : Made Bank Rec screen a bit bigger. I checked gs.statcounter.com for popular screen sizes and arrived at this size by looking at their data.
ca3cd4492 : Fee List Concatenate needed an extra check in code to prevent errors.

March 18, 2022 - 5.2.2203.11822
539c64103 : Desktop HTML - Confirmation message shown after posting GL transaction could be hidden behind the "working" form/message.
f67380d5d : Desktop HTML - 1) "Working" message was still active when the DropBox file dialog was displayed. 2) Changed how often "working" data was sent to the browser. Should be more efficient and less likely to cause errors.
967475ac4 : Paid Disbursements Reportt - Changes to avoid application being restarted when run in Cloud.
a29a3f6e7 : I47-2042 - Dropbox - It is failing. The auth tokens are no longer working as Dropbox updated API’s. This has been fixed.
5ff2de9c4 : Guard against divide by 0 error in the Paid Disbursement Analysis report coming from the AmountBilled being zero.

March 14, 2022 - 5.2.2203.11419
3f636c681 : Fix for: I47-2039, Long running process in Desktop HTML causing application restarts.

March 11, 2022 - 5.2.2203.11119
c3d96c32e : Orion Live Interface - can now run a View and export it as text.
a8a872c74 : Orion Desktop - HTML - Bank Rec at times going behind other forms and not able to be used.
b57af12c7 : OrionDesktop - HTML - creating a report, at times, can generate "The specified file was not found".
9eed951ad : I47-2030 - HTML version - Deposit Processing Report from within Daily Deposit Processing. If Deposit Processing maximized and report is printed to screen, report comes up behind Deposit Processing window.
fa386d732 : I47-2026 - HTML - When exporting Cost Images, if there are none, we should display an error message.

March 04, 2022 - 5.2.2203.10421
99ce5eaf8 : Time Manager - Calendar days/cells would shift/move up if a day in the bottom row was clicked. This would "hide" the calendar days of week header.
3933b0d9c : I47-2027, Matter Status - Billing Information - replace "Quoted Amount" with "Discount Percent".
25a6c34a9 : I47-2038 - Worldox integration in 64-bit Desktop is failing when performing "Document Search".
bc29967ae : I47-2037 - Timekeeper Annual Summary Report - add Timekeeper Level Summary option.
8d2da9453 : I47-2029 - EDI Billing - add XMLEncoding option at Folder Level for "Normal" or "None".
38d8ab4ee : I47-2032 – Orion Live Interface under HTML needs to be able to download an export for systems. OLI now has this feature.
cf6b75981 : DBManager - added a utility on the Tools menu that will fix CMNotes for Events. This fix removes unicode characters and/or translates unicode symbols into plain ASCII. XML transfer(Exchange Sync) will choke on certain unicode characters.

February 25, 2022 - 5.2.2202.12522
afb81ef72 : I47-2028 - Allow users to remove matters from the "Recent" list.
f5467bafa : Orion Desktop - Pay vouchers. Issue found by user of HTML. If you select a bank then hit esc multiple times when the bank combo had focus, it would cause an error.
24a2fa46c : Orion Admin - Validate Links - improved the performance of the fix selected operation.

February 18, 2022 - 5.2.2202.11819
cd46047ce : Orion Admin - Orion's customized exception process wasn't working.
3da1343d9 : AR Collections - HTML - when sending emails, the application can appear to be frozen. Added the Web Based Activity Indicator to the process.
d3393c4b1 : Orion Desktop - HTML - If the user ID is not found. The Web activity Indicator hides the error and the user cannot see it. When this error happens now on HTML, The Web Activity Indicator will hide before showing the error.

February 11, 2022 - 5.2.2202.11121
d8f1e6894 : I47-2025 - Add GetExpenseList to the OrionServerModule.
9977e3218 : I47-2013 - It has been reported that Trace Logging does not work with HTML version. This should be resolved as long as Codesite is running as a service on the HTML servers.
306102669 : Orion Desktop - Change Worldox integration to not error/crash if we can't write to the users Worldox "ini" file.
de98416ae : I47-2020, GL Budget Import - when System Set to Both, allow specifying which set of books you are importing budget for.
5c319008f : I47-2022 - Timekeeper Annual Summary - print budget values when using "Timekeeper Level" sort order like is done when using "Working" sort order.
ce7a2afa6 : I47-2023 - Do not allow duplicate invoice OIDs in ARINVOICEEMAIL.Invoices and if there are duplicates use only unique ones when processing. This is to fix duplicated line items on covers.
3ffac1057 : Enhance the Usage Log in the error report system of our products.
2df770ef0 : Trying to fix the issue on HTML where Desktop would fault and TOrionJSRO.StopWorking was found, in the Error Report, to be the cause.
4603a61d9 : Orion Desktop - Tried to fix a bug of "index out of bounds" when user is doing an "Advanced Find" in matters view.

February 04, 2022 - 5.2.2202.10419
78a9d5364 : Orion Desktop - Matter edit control - Fee Entry, etc. Has been causing an error "List index out of bounds".
c5252c8a7 : ePreBill - Tried to fix the "Could not convert variant of type (Null) into type (Currency)" error.
6efa74957 : Orion Desktop - PreBill Manager - fixed an error that has occurred when a user was clicking on the "Bill" check box of an item.
9956fb3da : Fee Entry - HTML - fixing the issue of some users crashing Desktop when entering fees.
3eaf7745e : Fee Entry - HTML - When typing in Notes on a fee, Every key press was calculating the characters left to type. This was actually causing the Web based progress bar to get a message. This was flooding the HTML server and generated some errors because of the flood of calls.

January 28, 2022 - 5.2.2201.12820
a4b9ae203 : I47-2019, Remove Legacy Logic when Validating Override Rates on Matter Save.
9faf26e7c : I47-2010, Billing Manager - Create EDI Bill - drop down of template should be in Alpha order.
5c4c3a43c : Time Manager - Calendar days/cells would shift to the left if a "Total" cell was clicked.
1a14d55bd : I47-2015 - 1099 Processing - Reports - remove Print 1099s option (leave Print Selected 1099).
db4733c5f : I47-2018 - Fee Listing Report - add new sort order (Timekeeper, Client-Matter Code, Transaction Date).
22b0bf482 : I47-2016 - Orion HTML added additional web activity indicator

January 22, 2022 - 5.2.2201.12218
bf477d0cd : I47-2011 - ARInvoiceHdr records saved with a matter style OID instead of a CLB style OID will hang Email Bill Delivery and when reprinting multiple invoices. Change code to not use matter invoice styles when printing CLB invoices. Also change printing from Bill Prep for items set up for CLB to use CLB styles.
df31a653c : Add field HostedBy to table ACCESSLOG.
931c59df3 : I47-2009 - OPP - when you choose to View/Edit Fee, date field shows current day/month but goes back to 2019 as the year)

January 14, 2022 - 5.2.2201.11419
e580559a6 : I47-2006 - Implement 10-minute timeout on 5 failed api login attempts.
80495632d : I47-2002 - Add log of login attempts to app server.

December 30, 2021 - 5.2.2112.13015
1af2a2454 : HTML Installer - Added proper HSTS header to header settings.
c950e1208 : Visual Analytics - Embedded Edge Browser at times not sizing to fill form.
d3cd254f4 : Fix OrionExchangeSync installer checking for incorrect .NetFramework version.

December 23, 2021 - 5.2.2112.12318
e865dd813 : I47-1993, AR Collection Email Template Designed - changed wording of what is highlighted below.
d95df0619 : I47-1996, AP - Pay Vouchers grid - add Invoice Date as available grid field.

December 17, 2021 - 5.2.2112.11716
a4c7caa88 : I47-1991 - Report Designer - Add QRCode and DBQRCode components, same as their 2DBarCode counterparts but with properties defaulted to QRCodes.
e17f41bc4 : I47-1994 - Update AP 1099 Forms (Report Styles) for 2021 31f95751b : I47-1992, ePrebill - Summary Tab - add Selected Interest in Invoice Totals section.
e03bccb7e : HTML - Added "Browser User Agent" to error reports. Will identify what browser is the user actually using.

December 04, 2012 - 5.2.2112.10323
b4824bbfc : I47-1987 - Improve resolution of images in pdf files when embedded into a report.
2d55c4082 : I47-1990, File Maintenance - Matter Grid and Matter Manager - add option under Edit Selected to change EDI template.
9eab670eb : AR Transaction Entry (Orion HTML) - New browser tab is opened to except/enter LawPay Payments.
a57118a23 : Event Entry - Appointment Reminder would be removed at times if a reminder was entered that wasn't initially in the drop down list.
799beab6d : I47-1986, Conflicts Search grid - add DBA/AKA field as an available grid field.
7674e1efe : I47-1988, Expense Manager - add Bill Amount field as available grid field.
2c06d03b7 : I47-1989, Billing Manager - add Type of Law field (description) as available grid field.
ed9819ecd : HTML Desktop - Visual Analytics will open in a new browser tab.

November 24, 2021 - 5.2.2111.12421
9f765993b : Updated PDF component to handle higher resolution
a66b4fc83 : I47-1987 - Improve resolution of images in pdf files when embedded into a report.

November 19, 2021 - 5.2.2111.11920
0e8717c6e : I47-1984, Matter Intake Form - COPY FROM - not copying Email Bill Delivery Emails.
e16ede3f0 : I47-1982, EDI Warning when multiple templates involved - change warning and subsequent text to RED Font.
bb349e417 : I47-1980 - GL Account History by Date added to Standard Reports.
bea0e5df1 : I47-1985 - On merge of matters remove orphaned EDIDATA records.
18a641cde : Update pdf component to support JPEG2000. This should get rid of the JPXDecode image error.
a48f8b01e : Bank Entry - Authorization web view for LawPay Setup is now opened in a new browser tab in the HTML build.
026464971 : AR Transaction Entry - Enhanced "locking" logic to show what/who/when in the dialog shown when a Client is locked. Also made lock/unlock more fail safe.

November 15, 2021 - 5.2.2111.11521
33ff2e5ee : HTML - fixed issue where some reports had the extension of .tmp instead of .pdf

November 12, 2021 - 5.2.2111.11223
b422a5444 : OPP - fixed issue with setting server in settings dialog and then testing endpoint with button always failed.
6c4e2c60d : I47-1979 –OPP now honors multiple time zones.
692bd1c96 : OrionAppServer - Add CoreService.GetLogFile and CoreService.GetErrorLogFile for TCDiagnostics. This can be used to grab the log files if access to the machine is otherwise restricted.
55f2e2052 : OrionAdmin - System license counts are not allowed to be less than the active count when saving.

November 07, 2021 - 5.2.2111.10700
21a46c721 : I47-1971, AR Collections - Add option to send a single Email for a Client.
112292ef8 : I47-1977, Records Management - Edit Selected - Add count of records selected in title bar of window (like "Edit Selected" from FM Manager).
6ee15a7e2 : Orion Desktop Web Version - Removed Cut/Copy/Past options from popup menu in memo fields (short-cut keys still work).
42707c550 : I47-1976 - Check Printing and Deposit Report through Deposit Processing - unable to export to PDF.

October 10, 2021 - 5.2.2110.13015
67c783590 : OrionAppServer - Add the ability to choose a certificate and private key file to enable https. Also added the ability to test the TLS configuration before applying it.
15912f6bf : Remove OpenSSL dlls from build package as the necessary code is now compiled in.
7c4eecd33 : Reporting - Changes to system styles for Alternate Payer. Styles changed, Aged Ar and Accounts Receivable Collections (standard and taxable).
1cce79b28 : I47-1975 - Require Orion Exchange Sync Service and Orion App Server to be running in the same Time Zone.
853168595 : Orion Desktop - Imaging, fix for error "Unable to Delete Image File:" received at times due to orphaned records in DB.

October 22, 2021 - 5.2.2110.12222
e1cfb773d : OrionAppServer - Remove insecure ciphers when connecting from https.
83ba597c8 : I47-1973, Records Management - Edit Selected - allow "blanking" out non-required fields.
978e719b3 : I47-1972, Total Vendor Payments Report - add address objects for Vendor.
09830eb9a : I47-1974, AR Collection Manager - Add right click option to Expand All Groups and one to Collapse All Groups.
f87baee08 : I47-1965 – New Report - TB Staff Net Realization With Case History; 1) add option to "Include Disbursements".
5000ea1c1 : I47-1965 - New Report - TB Staff Net Realization With Case History

October 16, 2021 - 5.2.2110.11600
76de6e972 : I47-1965 – New Report - TB Staff Net Realization With Case History
ced3e9bfe : Orion App Server - Disabled loading of "Case Person Assignment Cache".
e38a595b6 : OrionDC - Added AltPayer logic to "Update Matter Fields".
78b4617d3 : Additional Changes for: I47-1969, Unable to open records managementt record if a field label as a ' or " in it.

October 08, 2021 - 5.2.2110.10820
20a50f360 : OrionAppServer - Require launching as an administrative user so configs are kept consistent.
9493d65c0 : OrionAppServer - Double clicking the app icon or using no parameter will launch the app in config mode.
3382eaa3e : Remove OrionDataCompiler.exe from the build package.
3aa9ed53c : I47-1965 - New Report - TB Staff Net Realization With Case History;
a46eb34a0 : I47-1965 - New Report - TB Staff Net Realization With Case History;
9f795de90 : I47-1967, Daily Time Summary - Invalid Timekeeper ID results in access violation.
1b80efc6a : I47-1964, Merge GL Accounts - option to change voucher distribution records.
0a524b48a : I47-1965 – New Report - TB Staff Net Realization With Case History;

October 01, 2021 - 5.2.2110.10120
089a1cd63 : I47-1963,Prebill Manager - Right Click, Apply Discounts - seems to hang when keeping time constant.

September 25, 2021 - 5.2.2109.12423
264373fa3 : OLI - it now has script objects to support bringing in Fees and Expenses that only have the unique matter number in them. It can now import unique matter lines without the ClientCode.
5533b2f4e : Update Redemption.dll to
45dc98f2e : Update the following components: DevExpress, DWScript, FastMM5, RemObjects (for the App Server), ReportBuilder, TeeChart, PDF components, and HTML.
abef539f9 : I47-1960, Events panel in Managers should focus top row on parent change.

September 18, 2021 - 5.2.2109.11723
beabf3ee1 : I47-1953, Payment Calendar - Adjust "calc" column caption in grid to show attorney "type" selected in calendar.
f3478bd66 : I47-1984, Optimize load times of the Client Additional and Matter Additional screens.
8eafd0a24 : Created a MSI installer for EmailJournaladdin Outlook 64-bit that works in a restricted environment
d19f1da24 : OrionDesktop - Fixed a crash when refreshing Smart Timers when a detail window is open.

September 10, 2021 - 5.2.2109.11019
bdc15b580 : I47-1952 - Reporting - reports that email to multiple emails during print run not working if firm set to use MS Graph for emailing.
2828b3346 : Email Assistant Add-in for Graph. Fixed bug that was allowing it to only show the first email it detected and not all the emails being sent.
99124159e : I47-1947 - AP Reimbursement Types - merging errors out.
72d0bd8c5 : I47-1950 - Events - When editing a Recurrence item, choosing "Edit the series.", then clicking "Invite Attendees", and "Yes" on edit parent, application hangs as if Modal dialog is up but it is not visible.

September 03, 2021 - 5.2.2109.10321
4c6a6ce56 : Remove obsolete DBDateUpdater.exe from build package.
c9459e657 : OrionAppServer - Add CoreService.GetCaseProxyList to get a lightweight version of matters which will be cached in iOrion.
4c9f21050 : I47-1949 - Payment Application Analysis Reports - Access violation when processing matter where both origination and project attorneys are split and not using person history.

August 27, 2021 - 5.2.2108.12722
5b1ba16b4 : I47-1913 - New Reports - Flash Production -.
b994c4449 : I47-1913 - Vandeventer - Custom Reports style fix.
7599fe864 : I47-1942 - NetDocuments Integration - Right-Click - Document Search no longer works in Contacts and Matters
a7e34d3d5 : I47-1941, Conflict Entry - when choosing a Matter where INTAKE is in Client or Matter Number - errors out.

August 20, 2021 - 5.2.2108.12020
f13ccb6c9 : I47-1944, Orion Admin - Security Group Setup - Add "Orion Central" and "Visual Analytics" to sidebard setup (it's available in the Desktop to add but not in Admin).
95230585e : Orion Desktop - HTML - Removed save dialog on generating a pdf report. Added more codesite trace. Created a way to easily change, in code, where the temp files are generated for certain HTML operations.
2de966440 : When trying to view an email journal. I made the error more clearly show what is actually happening.

August 13, 2021 - 5.2.2108.11321
c734306ac : I47-1940 – Resolved issue with Prebill Printing - Showing "Header is larger than the page height for - ..." error when fees span over 10 pages. Fixed in StandardPrebillwithAnnotations_2021_08_12.rtm
d0e9b2300 : I47-1871, Add Minimum Retainer and Minimum Trust fields to matter file.
07e9dc8c8 : OrionDesktop - Fix Smart Timer list re-sorting every second in 64-bit.
16d09bb2e : OrionDesktop, OrionAppServer, OrionServerModule - Improve performance in payment calendar.
97aba4be2 : I47-1938 - Custom Data fixes: 1)Persistent Error: Unable to do an Edit or Insert on Custom Table, String length exceeds column length. Will now warn user on entry.

August 04, 2021 - 5.2.2108.10416
5ce924eb4 : I47-1931, Time Manager - add Adjustment Code and Adjust Code Description to Grid.
b0fc1cfdd : I47-1932, Contacts - Query Builder & Reports - Add "Created On".
4f934aee1 : I47-1930 - Bulk Close Matters (OrionAdmin) - insert notes at beginning of existing notes records and force cache.

July 31, 2021 - 5.2.2107.13113
6d1099c59 : I47-1935, Client Additional, Matter Additional, Conflicts, Records Management & Custom Fields - Change "..." (ellipsis button) for Date Fields to Drop-Down.
369418039 : I47-1934, Matter Manager - Advanced Find - Add "Notes" to the list of fields which can be searched.
20597ce2d : Netdocuments grid - Added "Document ID", Latest Version Number" to grid.
4210cda02 : Desktop - Optimized the "Staff Productivity" report data collector to use less memory and increased speed slightly.
abbfe9c06 : I47-1926, Events Tab ("related" tab) & Advanced Events Main Grid - added "Billed" to know which Appointments or Tasks have a related Fee and added under "Tools" the ability to view the related Fee.

July 25, 2021 - 5.2.2107.12319
97b181b09 : I47-1929, Matter Manager - Add "Nickname" as an available column
2bbaff8c2 : Desktop - Related tab for Contacts and Matters not showing change made to related Contact address.
d129f2fb2 : Desktop - Prebill Manager requiring user to "Refresh" grid after turning "Prebill Notes" or "Matter Billing Notes" on.
7b648b0f7 : Desktop - Event Entry "Invite Attendees" is slow displaying.
1b7b08229 : Orion Admin - Dash Boards not available when configuring side bar for a security group.
166ac3e52 : I47-1922, Orion Admin - Security Group Setup - Add "Display iOrion Settings in My iOrion" to "Application" group.

July 10, 2021 - 5.2.2107.11002
0f3a9474 : I47-1920 - Reporting - Add Export option to print to screen view.
f7ba154e : I47-1918 - Last Billing Date in Matter Listing and Inactive Matters Report – fixed problem where not showing as a date.
f92c2500 : I47-1921 - Invoice Printing - Error creating temp file returned when no pages are printed - change to give message we give when no pages sent to PDF.
20e15678 : I47-1919 - AR Collections - AV when task added to a collection item from the Events tab if matter is set on task.

June 15, 2021 - 5.2.2106.11423
98e21045 : opp - Now allows for "Paste" settings from clipboard.
fc8a5ac5 : 1) I47-1911, Prebill Manager - if restricted user, Prebill filter not set properly first time in.
I47-1910, Prebill Manager - hitting F8 and then clicking anywhere causes you to bomb out.
803ab8bd : I47-1906 - Prebill Printing - Billing Notes - show Client Billing Notes if no Matter Billing Notes.
b32c5145 : I47-1907 - Reporting - Detail Grid Reports - "Save As" dialog - "Public Report" check box enabled state should be controlled by the Security Group setting "Application"/"Allow Edit/Delete from Public Grid Detail Reports" not "Administration"/"User Setup".
afba1484 : I47-1909 - Invoicing - Logo quality sometimes bad on actual invoice printed to PDF if firm is set to use imaging.
a082387d : OPP - Outlook - now allows you to paste QRCode data from Desktop into it to set the settings for you.
40c578e1 : I47-1895, Contacts/Matters - Quick Doc Clip - Allow even when "Modules Installed - Document Management" is disabled.
05d7d45b : Orion Desktop - Changed LawPay integration to show error message (instead of crashing) when unable to connect to LawPay servers.

June 04, 2021 - 5.2.2106.10421
5246a5cc : Orion Desktop - Voucher Distribution Import would error out if import file contained invalid Cli-Mat codes.
f1f13422 : I47-1904 - FMADDITIONALINFO (Additional Client and Additional Matter Info) - expand short text fields to 25. Description1,Description2,Description3,Description4: Increase all to 25 characters.
4d944654 : Email Journals - If using MSGraph and Email File Storage (instead of storing email in database) user is unable to view email from journal entry. This is due to email bin file being corrupted when save to file was performed.

May 28, 2021 - 5.2.2105.12823
d684fc25 : Orion Desktop - Time Manager Calendar shifting left when clicking in the "Total" column.
db3484bb : I47-1899 - Reporting - Payment Application Analysis loading Case Person Assignment Cache even if "Use Assignment History" not checked.
5be45928 : Orion Admin - Import failing in Tables, Lookup Views, and Data Views.
eec6e8c5 : I47-1896, Rate Share - Bill Prep.

May 22, 2021 - 5.2.2105.12221
7b07e943 : Orion Desktop - Records Management Entry Form Designer wasn't working in the 64bit version.
06d0b1a3 : Orion Desktop - Sub Events from Critical Dates not setting/updating Reminder if parent Event is moved after being created.
6f378fa0 : Orion Desktop - Visual Analytics not "sizing" correctly when displayed using the embedded Windows Edge Browser.

May 07, 2021 - 5.2.2105.10719
3d2860c6 : OrionAppServer - Do not return any ePrebill data if not granted rights.
0df83d44 : OrionAppServer - Invoiced Prebills should not be included in results.

April 07, 2021 - 5.2.2104.10718
1b3af5d6 : I47-1889, LawPay - After "Save" of Payment, TDP, RDP, the "Check#" is no longer locked/read-only as it is during entry.
2557c08d : I47-1880 - Reporting – work on "Unable to open file" or "Cannot open file" errors.
55e2f0d1 : I47-1893, Change "CC/eCheck" to "ePay" in Deposit Processing and AR Manager main grid.
d99aa3e5 : I47-1891, Events - When copying an Appointment/Task, use CURRENT Date/Time for "EnteredOn" versus the "EnteredOn" from the source Task/Appointment.
d09bdfe6 : Desktop - Time Manager, clicking "Refresh" will refresh grid and Calendar.
fa801d16 : Desktop/Admin - Reworked/Fixed how Protocols use "Parent Ends/Completed On" option.
af458a22 : OPP - Fee date should default to todays date.
0d6e0058 : I47-1881 - AR Manager - add CC/eCheck as available object in grid (yes/no - this was a credit card payment through Lawpay/Openedge).

March 03, 2021 - 5.2.2103.10613
6ff3f6bc : I47-1884, AP Manager - Bank Account Setup - When LawPay/PayPros is enabled, provide option to "Allow Manual Deposit Processing".
85931b71 : I47-1887 - AP Manager - Vendor Panel - Change 1099 Type (from right-click menu) - Change window "Title" to show "## selected" like FM Manager - Edit Selected. Also, add "Ok" (with Alt+O/underscore) and "Cancel" (with Alt+C/underscore) at bottom.
091bb96b : I47-1886 - AP Manager - Vendor Panel - Change "Nec" to "NEC" in the 1099 Type Column.
d93d01c8 : I47-1882 - Daily Deposit Report - add option to print Credit Card Payments only.
115318c3 : I47-1888 - Show message when application initialization fails due to bad PERSONPROFILE Settings field or bad OBJSTATE SystemSetting record.

February 24, 2021 - 5.2.2102.12323
d04979a3 : I47-1878 - Vendor Lookup - will show Active Vendors only. Choosing the drop down for Recent or All does not change what is displayed and the lookup options continues to revert back to Active Vendors.

February 21, 2021 - 5.2.2102.12100
b52e10ed : I47-1877, Smart Timers/Manager - Correct "Z Order" issue on launching Desktop with running Timer & "ESC" key clearing Description.
ec0fdf29 : OrionDesktop - Fix for "Locking" logic in AR Accounting Transaction. Under certain conditions applies could be entered by different user against the same invoice at the same time. If "Lock" fails the form is now cleared.
2e287438 : I47-1875 - Printing Checks - when vendor is missing check style show message with vendor needing check style and do not allow printing of checks.
0f58ac63 : OrionDesktop - Matter Intake wasn't "Closing" correctly after using the "Copy Matter" button.
535b9987 : OPP - now works on Office 64-bit and Worldox 32-bit.
97089d2d : OPP Word Add-in now works with 32-bit Worldox even when Word is 64-bit.
8d34fb58 : I47-1874 - Email Bill Delivery - Email Details - need to show scroll bars if body is larger then body window.

February 12, 2021 – 5.1.2102.11206
c7d6424c : I47-1873 - Invoice Styles PmtURL object - allow text alignment to be adjusted.
71e263fe : I47-1870, Orion Side Bar - set for max width of 4 times the deafult width.
edcd89fe : OrionDesktop - LawPay integration with Payment Entry could give error: Payment and Balance of Invoice must be greater than 0.

February 05, 2021 – 5.1.2102.10506
8a9b3aaa : I47-1656 - 64-bit Orion can now work with 32-bit Worldox.
06eed73a : I47-1867 - Vendor Listing Report - add filter by 1099-type.

January 22, 2021 – 5.1.2101.12206
b9c331d3 : Add OrionEmailAssistant installer to build package.
0d8c93d5 : Orion Desktop - Voucher Distribution Import, added support for multiple date formats.
43082d81 : Orion Email Assistant installer is now available in MSI as well as EXE.
028a7e41 : I47-1864 - Make Email Field Required upon user save.

January 20, 2021 – 5.1.2101.12006
814ec0d9 : I47-1865 - Prebill Manager - add Managing Attorney ID and Name as available in grid .
8779b318 : Orion Desktop - Changed Contacts and Matters managers to save "splitter" values as percent of monitor.

January 16, 2021 – 5.1.2101.11606
c0524ed8 : I47-1859 - Manage Users - add OID as an available field for grid.
ff26c57a : I47-1858 - Printing Prebills when notes fields are too long hangs up the process. Fixed in StandardPrebillwithAnnotations_2021_01_15.rtm not in OrionDesktop code.
2ebc7f7e : I47-1860 - UI Changes on Printing Financial Statements (ACTION, Statements), add Tab Stop on Fiscal Year and sort styles.
35731640 : I47-1862 - AR Entry - Entry Options - If Received from/Paid to set to Retain - both fields populated.

January 08, 2021 – 5.1.2101.10806
bfdb24ae : Expanded Fee.ServiceCode and ARTransaction.Code to 10 characters. Updated BOARTransaction to reflect these changes. This made the Expense Entry correctly handle 10 character codes.
6bb3ffed : OrionDesktop - Fix for error in Payment Calendar when clicking "View" button. Also fix for "Location" chart.

January 05, 2021 – 5.1.2105.10506
e9c57852 : I47-1856 - Create/Print Prebills - update of existing ARPREBILL record - when saving update InvoiceCreated to false.

December 31, 2020 – 5.1.2012.13106
bf3cc86f : I47-1851 - Changes to Prebill Manager - only allow deletions of selected and add filter for selected responsible, client-matter, and invoiced.
61470db0 : I47-1850 - AP Bank Account Entry - Add Bank Name/Description to Lookup, not just the "Code".
0df1bd10 : I47-1853 - AP Voucher Import - "Import" button not anchored correctly.

December 23, 2020 - 5.1.2012.12316
15c4e557 : I47-1849 - AP Distribution Import.

December 21, 2020 - 5.1.2012.12122
3a3aae8e : I47-1852 - Matter Status printing from entry crashes with access violation.

December 19, 2020 - 5.1.2012.11920
28e8de12 : OrionDesktop - Added LastModified to Contacts, Cases and Persons.

December 17, 2020 - 5.1.2012.11623
f692f3f5 : OrionDesktop - Fix crash occurring when closing a form that had an icon in the taskbar. This could occur in an remote desktop session.

December 12, 2020 - 5.1.2012.11200
a05d7abd : I47-1848, Manage Users - Allow Rates to be Deleted at the User-Level (i.e. no need to check to see if "Rate is in Use").
099f68ea : I47-1847, Manage Users - User/Timekeeper Merge - Remove Rate In Use Message.
31ca0b39 : I47-1846 - Bill Prep - Phase Task codes not showing in grid if prior matter was not setup for tasks.
2cf08a3f : I47-1845 - Print Selected Prebills skipping expenses and saving prebill then without those expenses in totals.
1f721697 : I47-1840, Add index to ARTRANSACTION for Deposit Processing.

December 04, 2020 - 5.1.2012.10419
c5bdfe16 : I47-1842 - User settings for Vendor Lookup and Voucher Lookup - move to FormState so users can clear.
14ae9656 : I47-1843, Matter Lookup - when set to Unique Matter (System), not finding record.
217d9e18 : OrionDesktop - AR Deposit Processing, optimized loading time.

November 25, 2020 - 5.1.2011.12517
352c4c6c : I47-1838 - Aged AR Report - add objects for Client Billing Address.

November 20, 2020 - 5.1.2011.12017
ec893887 : I47-1837 - Add System Setting to force address entry through Address form ONLY. International Firm found that the Address validation would move address fields around when doing it's work. Now Admin has a flag to make our address entry work with international addresses.

November 17, 2020 - 5.1.2011.11714
e5146039 : I47-1834 - 1099 Processing - new 1099 Type NEC not flowing through to 1099 Processing.
df457609 : Prebill Manager - Error "No Attorney Selected" (Save in Prebill Instructions) will no longer cause app to shutdown.

November 10, 2020 - 5.1.2011.11018
c6d0716b : I47-1833, AP Reimburse Images - add option in System File to save images as PDF files.

November 06, 2020 - 5.1.2011.10616
a09cc7c9 : Firm Performance DashBoard - Optimized performance by loading Drill-Down Detail on demand.
f3692c4d : I47-1832, Ethical Wall Creation/Edit on Matters and Contacts - Audit Trail Record.
3e42af71 : I47-1828 - Smart Timers - error Smart Timers were modified outside this application.
cba6d822 : I47-1823 - Reporting - Billing Realization by Working Attorney - Remove $ from Original Hours Timekeeper Total.
a577aea3 : I47-1825 - Prebill Manager - right click on selected records, Print Prebills - allow Prebills with different Invoice/Cutoff dates to be printed.
a80a279d : I47-1827 Smart Timer Manager - if closed while you have a Timer open, editing Timer causes Manager to pop back up.

October 30, 2020 - 5.1.2010.13022
64b95cc8 : I47-1831, Fee Entry - Service Code set to Write Down to 0 - zeroing out bill time - should not.
6f052f8a : I47-1521 - Matter Manager - Add "Managing ID" as available column.
5cd42601 : I47-1821 - GL Statements (Live) - This Year Period # - displaying numbers in 1 period after current period.

October 21, 2020 - 5.1.2010.12117
3024bc76 : I47-1818 - Matter Intake - Originating/Project Split Setup - Timekeeper name overlaps percentage field.
543bd57e : App Server - I47-1397, Payment Calendar - Add "Project Manager" with support for "splits" just like Originating.
451da3e6 : AR Transaction Entry - Fix for "Current client is already in a Payment Application process" error.

October 17, 2021 - 5.1.2010.11620
16c174ca : Check Request - Changes to wording of button and column for Vendor's W-9.
5fb2fee8 : I47-1291, Smart Timer Manager - add field for last timed on date and when fee transaction is saved, default fee date to created on date.
c220a1eb : I47-1397, Payment Calendar - Add "Project Manager" with support for "splits" just like Originating.
fe55d3ef : I47-1817 - Reporting - W-9 Management -
c3871bc7 : I47-1816 - Expense Code/Client Advance Code Listing Reports - Add the Default Phase and Default Task Code columns
75b3ba64 : I47-1815 - Service/Activity Code Listing Report - Add the Billing Option label and percentage value. Adjust code sort to be more case insensitive.
514a0125 : I47-1814, Matter Setup - Change "Cost Image Minimum" Amount from "##" to "##.##".

October 08, 2020 - 5.1.2010.10819
6c0d96ca : I47-1780, Records Management - Add "Export Configuration" and "Import Configuration".
b43a4e46 : I47-1788, AR Collections - Collections Setup Tab - add option to copy email addressed from Email Bill Delivery.
3be23871 : I47-1389, Activity Code - Add ability to define a "Percent of Rate".
c39eb9f3 : I47-681, AP - Check Request and Vendor Setup - W-9 Image.
1c37a9c3 : I47-1801, EPrebill - ignoring maximum character setting on fee descriptions.
88a5f305 : I47-1799, Voucher Adjustment of unpaid voucher - do not allow change of Bank Code if any distribution line contains a TDS or TAP.
4878e4d2 : I47-1803, Client & Matter Intake - Expand Rate Set + Description to display full 10 characters for Rate Set Code plus as much of the Description as possible.
fb8b1f8c : I47-1369, Matter Intake - Allow a Matter that's in the "Intake" process to be moved or copied to another Client.
867c6d08 : I47-1793, ARInvoiceHeader - Add "BillCreatedByOID", "BillPostedByOID" and "BillEmailedByOID".
1f92f642 : I47-1395, Client Advance & Expense Code Setup - Add option to link a "Default Task Code" to an Expense and Client Advanced Code.
7d59d065 : I47-1796, Reporting System - Add "Appeal Amount" to Aged Receivables Collections report data collector (so it can be added to the report).

October 05, 2020 - 5.1.2010.10519
82b4d307 : I47-1806, SMARTTIMERS – fixed a bug found for Date/Time and LONGVARCHAR fields.

October 02, 2020 - 5.1.2010.10218
ee923732 : I47-1812 - Bank Reconciliation Report - revised style (APBankRec.rtm).
c6729f56 : I47-1813 - App Server - Smart Timers - solved issue regarding longvarchar and date fields
0fadcc2e : I47-1810 - If no journal required when emailing using MSGraph from Desktop close progress when done creating draft.

September 29, 2020 - 5.1.2009.12914
4bd90312 : I47-1806, SMARTTIMERS - add workaround for Date/Time and LONGVARCHAR fields.
d8a9fa2f : Desktop - Saving a file to Dropbox. Fix it where it will not crash if the Temporary Location becomes unavailable.
4f701094 : Desktop - Grids. "Find and Select". Fixed error "Could not convert variant of type (Null) into type (OleStr)".
2744c0cd : Matter Originating Person History - Fixed a bug found in the error reporting system.

September 22, 2020 - 5.1.2009.12219
a90d1d51 : I47-1804 - Admin - added back in "Remove Bulk Matters, Conflicts, and Clients", only shown if "SupportFunctionsValid".
c5a452d6 : DBManager - Added a default sort when querying the table. This will fix the odd bug of duplicate rows showing in the Grid.

September 11, 2020 - 5.1.2009.11118
ec65d27c : I47-1798 - EDI styler – fix string expression errors out with index out of bounds.

September 4, 2020 - 5.1.2009.10412
955ceb87 : I47-1797 - Reporting - Grid Summary – fixed if Group is present and and has check box column when printing report - EVariantTypeCastError: Could not convert variant of type (UnicodeString) into type (Boolean).

August 28, 2020 - 5.1.2008.12816
1b9ef169 : I47-1785 - Standard Prebill Style - change script of Header to exclude Task Recap is matter not set for Task Billing.
7f87de4a : I47-1789 - Billing Realization, Net Realization, Retainer and Trust Balances Reports - scenario issues when Fee Arrangement Filter is present.
8de5ef8f : I47-1787, Fee Entry - service code used that is set to Write Down to 0 and Off Invoice - change Bill Time to 0.
c21e0da8 : I47-1791, Conflicts records - Change/Add on Saving changes to Client or Matter record.
eadb3237 : I47-1786, Matter Status - do not call up all matters of Client if Ethical Wall set for person at Client record.
43fe0c4f : I47-1767, Time Manager - add Client Name, Matter Name and Fee Status to default view.
d1bce41e : I47-1777, QuickDoc - Adjust window to view all button.
487b4b9e : I47-1784, Enable edit of Date field on certain AR transactions.
226db986 : I47-1773, Task Sets - Length of Phase/Task fields - allow entry of 6 characters in each (expand UI).
92aa1112 : I47-1783, Service Code - length - expand code field to 10 characters.
1e1ff4fa : I47-1774, Sales Tax Codes - code/description length.
e5d582d9 : I47-1772, Practice Groups - allow longer code/description and UI cleanup.
e34f7d1e : I47-1769, Expense Codes/Client Advance Codes - File Maintenance - expand code/description.
da447345 : I47-1776, Invoice Posting and Unposting - Date field - check for valid date.
ac24dfca : I47-1760 - Bank Balance Report - allow option to exclude inactive banks.

August 22, 2020 - 5.1.2008.12200
6b2774fd : I47-1778 - Admin - Close Bulk Matters - add ability to add Notes.
71e1c830 : I47-1779 - Conflicts and Records Management - SQL statements needed to populate missing matter closed date on records.
6f5dceb3 : I47-1782 - Audit trial for Events not showing modified fields on updates if Docket Matter was edited.
5d67c93c : Fix issue that left PERSONPROFILE.UOID blank after running orDataUpdate.
98323e17 : I47-1781 - Inactive Matters/Inactive Clients Reports - type of accounting/disbursement switched.
bf2bc41c : Email Journal Addin. Fixed issue where Desktop complains about wrong version installed.

August 14, 2020 - 5.1.2008.11421
26d14060 : I47-1770, Law Types - length of code and description. I47-1771, Location Codes - length of code and description - UI cleanup and entry.
e1255a1f : I47-1768, Department Codes (File Maintenance) - allow entry of 10 character code (to match new data file).
78432d08 : Desktop/Admin - Document Library fix for "Error in parsing template field:".
62d09854 : Email Journal Add-in was not cleaning up a certain add-in installed previously.
def48acb : I47-1775 - Invoice logo is poor when sent from email bill delivery even when fine on when reprinting invoice to pdf. This could also have affected the logo in the invoice image saved to db.
421253cc : DC - APChecks converter, changed mapping of APBankRec.Reconciled.
4df8bf22 : I47-1761, ARTRANSACTION Data Field - Last Modified not being updated.

August 7, 2020 - 5.1.2008.10714
bd4c3c70 : I47-1766 - Time Manager – fixed adding Fee Status column to grid causing an error.
b26ff5c3 : I47-1762 - Expense Description - in AP Voucher Distribution, Expense Entry, Bill Prep - remove character limit.
65df994a : I47-1763 - Attorney Production by Month - filtering for one Matter returns error and throws you out.
741ebb81 : I47-1764 - Attorney Production by Month - non-billable time should not be included in id... objects.
a2e67b40 : Update to DevExpress 20.1.4.

July 28, 2020 - 5.1.2007.12820
61a6dac4 : Fixed AppServer incorrectly setting SmartTimers.
6b355072 : I47-1759, Admin/Desktop - Sidebar Group Setup - After adding new "group" to the sidebar, when adding icons/options, the icons are always small, not large.
9014364e : OPP - When right clicking a word doc attachment on an email and selecting "Quick Print", Word Addin would crash. This has been fixed.
0e990884 : I47-1758, Reimbursement Manager - "Show Detail" option in Entry Window "grid" fails when viewing existing entry (until another detail item is added or one is edited).

July 24, 2020 - 5.1.2007.12419
5d0a6365 : I47-1296 Smart Timers – moved to it’s own table.
e056163f : Move initialization of the spell check engine to the startup of the application so the first form requiring spell check is not blocking and waiting for the engine to load.
6b6eab74 : I47-1756 - Grid columns in state with large width causing - EOutOfResources - Not enough storage is available to process this command.

July 17, 2020 - 5.1.2007.11715
768366fc : Fix unable to show sample report from 64-bit OrionDesktop or OrionReporting.
c893f3c3 : DC - refactored AR Ledger Reconciliation; added check boxed filters to EDIData.
4eac9456 : Display 64 bit on property sheet Product Version if exe or dll is 64 bits.
893f2888 : OPP - Fixed a bug where Fee Date in Fee Entry was wrong.

July 10, 2020 - 5.1.2007.11000
a55ffdb5 : I47-1755 - Invoicing - if "CaseBilledToDate" function used in styles would cause error - Invalid column name "TaxBild".

July 2, 2020 - 5.1.2007.10218
4780f482 : I47-1736 - Audit Trail - ARTransaction and ARAccounting - combine in code.
4b1c3443 : Orion Refresh - added missing modules installed.
ad55ca13 : I47-1753 - Reporting Export - when set to save without opening - filename having ')' added after ext.
0294680a : I47-1754 - AP Vendor Lookup crashes if "Find in Name" is used without "Name" being a column in grid.
059dbb86 : I47-1752, Allow Conflicts to be Imported in Conflict Manager.
4cb1e7bd : I47-1751 - Posting and Unposting Invoices causes crash in 64-bit exe

June 26, 2020 - 5.1.2006.12619
95e8be29 : MetrixDownloader - added fields clients.firmuniqueid, clients.updateon.
3e924973 : OrionRefresh - added FirmUniqueID to the push. Will populate if the firm has the field "SysInfo.FirmUniqueID" in their database.
adf65b64 : Added new "FirmUniqueID" as "Firm UID" to the error reporting system.
eea8cbf3 : Orion DC - added third AP converter for Open Vouchers; upgraded A/R Reconciliation Utility to three options.

June 19, 2020 - 5.1.2006.11918
b114edc7 : I47-1746, GL Entry - allow saving a transaction using source code 3 (used to be reserved by Payroll program).
310ad38d : I47-1750, Contacts - Related Panel - When changing the relationship from Associated to Primary, the "Name" in the "Related" panel changes from the company name to the person's name that was selected from the main Contact Grid.
da258ac2 : App Server - Fix database connectivity check returning ok if the transactional side was down.
277caa02 : ePrebill Manager - Fixed logic determining what prebills where visible based on "Restricted" setting and security option "ePrebill - Proxy Not Required". This also changed what persons are listed in the "ePrebills For" person combo. This change is on the App Server side only.

June 16, 2020 - 5.1.2006.11621
6f2f5e07 : I47-1749, Voucher Adjustment – fixed issue where CA is already billed
b06dc913 : OrionDesktop - Changed LawPay Integration to support payment types of 'PMT', 'TDP' and 'RDP'.
d8812fb4 : I47-1747, ORDATAUPDTE - moving data to arinvoicedetail.

June 13, 2020 - 5.1.2006.11300
be766994 : OrionDesktop - LawPay Integration, added logic to handle payments that don't match Invoice Due amount.
ab69e04e : OrionInfo - renamed to OrionRefresh. Now pushes info with only the server and dbname parameters.
b235a273 : OrionDesktop - Added eCheck support to LawPay integration.
5b876168 : Error Reporting - Now reports 32bit or 64bit exe type.
0e74e7a1 : Orion Desktop - Tried to make it more robust when ePreBill is loading billing address info. It should also report more in the error log.

June 6, 2020 - 5.1.2006.10613
44d7dacb : OrionDesktop - Added basic support for eChecks to LawPay integration.
afbc9d0d : dropbox - fixed an error that happens if a user cancels a report that is going to save to dropbox.
7c178a56 : OLI standard FEE Import Script. Fixed to support fields qualified with a quotation mark. This has been updated on the FTP as well.
056a863b : I47-1745 - Positive Pay Report - allow printing for voided checks only.
c3f3c06e : orDataUpdate - Changed SYSINFO.FirmUniqueID to be initialized/set whenever field is empty.
39e94175 : OrionDesktop - Added "LawPay Signup" option to AP System.
be4f6a82 : I47-1748 - Reporting - Add more info to exception to help find intermittent problem with AV when printing to screen.

May 28, 2020 - 5.1.2005.12816
b3e4fd19 : LawPay - added the rest call to fetch the on boarding Application URL from LawPay.
7a82e06d : Improve Payment Calendar loading performance when Working is selected.
b598c6e6 : Set the 64 bit build package to follow the same naming convention as the 32-bit build.

May 22, 2020 - 5.1.2005.12220
c55f154d : I47-1734 - Prebill - Pass "Actions" from ePrebill/Prebill Manager to Prebill Style.
290aebc4 : I47-1737, Post/Void Invoices window - add Email Bill Delivery (true/false) field as available grid option.
00fbaba8 : I47-1738, Bill Prep - User Settings getting corrupted a lot. Turned out to be a sorting problem not User Settings.
c7bf2054 : I47-1740, ARINVOICEDETAIL - modify index.
73c2e28f : I47-1741, Reimbursement Entry - Multiple Matters.
cc1244ee : I47-1733, ePrebill & Bill Prep - After applying an annotation that includes moving a transaction to a different Matter, it will disappear in the Target Matter (temporarily) when "Apply Annotations" is selected (which causes problems applying other global edits).
acac35ea : OPP - If app server faults while trying to update journal, OPP will now notify the user of this error.
bf47d74d : I47-1731 - LawPay Integration - Change "PaymentURLFriendlyName" object in Invoice Styler to act as a Hyperlink (versus editing custom properties in "Calc").
f75e00b1 : ePrebill Manager - Fixed logic determining what prebills where visible based on "Restricted" setting and security option "ePrebill - Proxy Not Required". This also changed what persons are listed in the "ePrebills for" person combo.
837c07d8 : Desktop Installer - updated to work with Orwin64 and 64-bit Zen patch.
0552f51f : I47-1739 - Style Changes for Aged AR Report and AR Collections Report.
ffceac22 : App Server - Add ability to delete remote trace file from TCDiagnostics.

May 1, 2020 - 5.1.2005.10121
503b8211 : I47-1730 - 32-bit Desktop with 64-bit office causes hard crash when viewing email from journal.
a9b647cd : Orion Desktop - "Reminders" at times would show for a user that were invalid. Changed the "pervasive store" to use SQL instead of transactional ranges when retrieving data.
a2a64589 : I47-1730 - 32-bit Desktop with 64-bit office causes hard crash when viewing email from journal. - added CodeSite to try to find problem.
95d4f64c : I47-1730 - 32-bit Desktop with 64-bit office causes hard crash when viewing email from journal.

April 25, 2020 - 5.1.2004.12500
a487181a : I47-1729, Potential Duplicate Contact window - UI - OK button not showing all the way.
75645e0d : I47-1728, Reimbursement Manager - Add ability to "Resubmit" Requests marked as "Denied" or "Needs More Info".
f28b5a71 : I47-1702, Reimbursement Manager - Update UI for "Enter for Multiple Matters".
6f25fb47 : I47-1722, Task Inquiry - not picking up/displaying billed value on Expense/Costs.
90975886 : I47-1720, Billing Manager - add Email Bill Delivery (true/false) as available grid field.
5f8ba155 : I47-1724 - Email Bill Delivery - Selected Column check box has no header so do not show as an adjustable column since it should always be in grid.
0243d014 : I47-1727 - EDI Styler - window for Calc Strings and String Expressions missing bottom part.
33968b66 : I47-1726 - CLB - if unable to save records after invoicing do NOT print invoice but return page with error on it (like we do with matter level billing).

April 21, 2020 - 5.1.2004.12113
f89e1a51 : I47-1719, Time Manager - add Rate Code as available field in Grid (default to not shown).
19a6be36 : Orion Desktop - Optimized how attorney Rates are cached in system.

April 17, 2020 - 5.1.2004.11720
db84e6c8 : I47-1725, Matter Creation - Task Set not defaulting to clients task set if Task Set Not on Intake Form.
33ca695a : Orion Desktop - Event Reminders created from Intake would at times show error "Event Due on Date must be equal or greater than Start Date" when clicking Open/Ok in the Reminder/Notification window. Same logic fix applied to Events created from Check Requests and PreBills.
910ef726 : I47-1697 - Emailing from Desktop - remove reliance on mapi - fix issue on systems where no mapi available making Desktop not start.
d0574c8e : Orion Desktop - Only display bitness on splash screen if is 64 bit.
babaf6f2 : OrionDesktop - Fixed 64-bit bug in EPrebill Manager.
c807e2e1 : I47-1721 - Changes to Aged WIP - Allow user to select "As Of" option.
bdd5ae58 : I47-1697 - Emailing from Desktop - remove reliance on mapi - some ui changes and added more logging.
35c0ba2a : I47-1697 - Emailing from Desktop - remove reliance on mapi - ready for proof of concept testing. Requires OrionHelper.dll Outlook Com Addin to be installed.

April 10, 2020 - 5.1.2004.11020
1681e241 : Add label displaying the bitness (i.e. 32-bit or 64-bit) of the executable to the splash screen.
d4111892 : Orion Desktop - Performing a Document Merge would at times raise error "OpenDataSource method is not available".
7fef42e0 : I47-1718, SmartTimers - when hundredths in use not properly rounding time to hundredths.
46541ecb : I47-1717 - Email Bill Delivery & AR Collections - Email Invoices, PDF Password & Encryption - now uses 256 bit.
763b4c0e : App Server - Return response status code 503 if App Server is alive but no database is available when <host: port>/api/serverstatus is called.
1d6b48cf : I47-1692 - Ethical Walls Report - New.

April 3, 2020 - 5.1.2004.10320
72ab15d0 : I47-1712, Matter Record - Billing Rates Tab - Override Rates grid - remove 2 columns.
0e4da118 : I47-1713, Matters Grid - right click option to Update WIP on Selected Matters not resetting "Rate Code" based on Matter.
1cb623a5 : I47-1716 - Vendor Status Report - printing Header only and nothing else.
f721f670 : I47-1715 - AR Expense Lsitng - change Standard Style.
d773ebd1 : I47-1714 - New Setting for Exporting Reports and saving to associated file - file extension drop down blank.
979446c7 : OLI - Scheduled task were not running.
17207419 : Desktop and AppServer - Changed ARPrebillAnnotation retrieval to use works-around for Pervasive error when retrieving "blob" data.
e67fa962 : I47-1711 - Reporting - fix where optimization broke splits in like 'Client Matter Annual Summary', 'Timekeeper Annual Summary', 'Timekeeper Annual Summary Fiscal', and 'Staff Prod *' data collectors.

April 1, 2020 - 5.1.2004.10120
902bd594 : I47-1710 - Client-Matter Retainer Ledger, Client-Matter Trust Ledger =- Responsible name not printing in group header.
0960bd7e : OrionDesktop - Fixed error where Payment (ARTransaction) records could have an incorrect ClientOID at times.
59c99e36 : Dropbox - Client reporting issue with trying to attach image from a Dropbox sub folder. Patched a change that DelphiRio introduced.

March 30, 2020 - 5.1.2003.13010
709e988b : I47-1708 - Check Styles - Fix error - Property "LegacyDefaultBankCode" not found.
4025fd73 : orDataUpdate - Fixed error "'' is not a valid integer value" in operation "Populate new System Tables".

March 27, 2020 - 5.1.2003.12714
8acc25aa : Desktop Installer - Update Pervasive Client to Zen Install Version 14.10.035.
5fa61fa3 : I47-1707, Reimbursement Entry - Type Code description populating description field twice.

March 26, 2020 - 5.1.2003.12622
66587417 : I47-1704 - Prebill Manager - Select Columns, Main - remove Matter Billing Notes as an option. (do same for Prebill Notes).
92d5235b : I47-1704 - Prebill Manager - Select Columns, Main - remove Matter Billing Notes as an option.
d3a76305 : I47-1706 - Reporting - Data Output error "Property "Data_FixedRate" not found" in Override Rate Listing and Matter Listing.
ab44094d : I47-1705, Reimbursement Entry - MULTIPLE MATTERS - enable Billable flag.
babe646e : OPP - Word Add-in. Fixed alignment of UI elements.
bf129902 : OPP - updated code to trigger auto update to clients.

March 25, 2020 - 5.1.2003.12520
ed6e6813 : I47-1690, Reimbursement Manager - message re choosing type code.
49f294b1 : OPP/AppServer - Journals created in OPP at times not saving "email" to the "image" folder.
35b16955 : OLI - Standard Export script. No supports exporting by Location Code White list.
41d2196f : I47-1703 - Invoice Listing Report - fix YTD and STD values.
998b2b43 : Journal Add-in not installing correctly from the build. The batch file to build the Add-in was not building the 64-bit dll. This caused "installer" build process to fail. That caused the wrong installer to go out in the build.

March 23, 2020 - 5.1.2003.12320
6c10ad3d : OPP - fixed UI elements not layer out correctly.
a4bd68f4 : I47-1701, Payment Calendar - apply Ethical Wall to grid.
e01f32a0 : I47-1699, Prebill Manager - add option under Tools to "check for Missing Images on Selected".
c3764abc : I47-1698, Prebill Manager - add grid field for Email Bill Delivery (True/False).
523c503c : I47-1693, SYSTEMSETTINGS - fields to add.

March 21, 2020 - 5.1.2003.12023
a2c54638 : Orion Desktop - 32 and 64 bit. Fixed bugs found in Desktop relating to the new way the Email Journal add-in is talking to the Desktop.
1f9626b5 : OrionDesktop - Background loading of "Attorney Matter Assignments" is now an option in "User Settings".
6fc1ccd3 : I47-1696 - Email Bill Delivery MSGraph - Emails showing with unwanted added special characters.
a5196ed7 : I47-1687, Aged Work in Process and Aged WIP by Timekeeper - WIP as of.
b690ced4 : OLI - Standard Export Script. Added a way to Exclude Matters from an export. It no longer creates a blank line at the end of the exported file.
fda463d2 : I47-1695 - Reporting - AR Retainer Transfer - DataOutput listing wrong fields.
cc06f90d : More work for I47-1694 - Application Reversal Report (DC = AR Application Reversals) - fields missing.
cdea88ea : I47-1694 - Application Reversal Report (DC = AR Application Reversals) - fields missing.

March 13, 2020 - 5.1.2003.11320
d1044211 : I47-1691 - Export from reporting without launching the associated application, just prompt to save file. This would be a firm wide setting.
955d6fc7 : OrionDC - Changes to improve/fix "Case Person Assignments".
9349e314 : I47-1690, Reimbursement Manager - message re choosing type code.
67d91ff4 : Orion Desktop - Identified and fixed an issue that surfaced in Delphi Rio build concerning corruption when creating a journal for an email when using the Images folder.
6afb09b2 : I47-1684, ARPREBILL - add Image Missing - to be checked/populated on Prebill creation.
8c809698 : I47-1688, Bulk Close Matters Utility (OrionAdmin) - set Bill Status of Matters closed to Deferred.
4fc09872 : I47-1689, Ethical Walls - needs work in following places (it is properly stripping out of look-up).
b615adde : Email Journal Add-in now works in 64-bit office for Journaling emails sent from Orion Desktop 64-bit.
2e5d6ab7 : Dev - added two new folders, DTO and ReqResp, to OLMSDepot/DelphiXE/Shared. These have just a few files in them at this time.

March 6, 2020 - 5.1.2003.10621
c50af52b : OrionDesktop - WIP of I47-1689, Ethical Walls - needs work in following lpaces...

March 4, 2020 - 5.1.2003.10420
fdbefef0 : I47-1686, AP Reimbursement Entry - Multiple Matters (RIO).
2cb7eab8 : OrionDesktop - Fix for error when viewing/editing Invoice Styles.
ad0dc0ef : OrionDesktop - Optimized AP Manager "Refresh".
96712d8a : DBManager - Allows the use of /secretaccess switch to enable Export to text, etc.

March 3, 2020 - 5.1.2003.10321
be50b2fd : I47-1685, Ethical Wall Setup - List of People to include, exclude - remove FIRM and OLMS from list.
161f2490 : OrionDesktop - Fixed error in Matter Budget Report.
eb629848 : OrionDesktop - Fix for error in Collections Manager when show "Last Payment" columns.
5bf65f18 : Orion Desktop - Fix for Ethical Wall Person selection not working at times.

February 29, 2020 - 5.1.2002.12911
4c99ca11 : I47-1682, Matter Status - AR Ledger - Payment drill down.
a64078b3 : I47-1682, Vendor Entry, Accounting Information Tab - allow attaching an image (if Imaging module on).
6c819a3d : OrionDesktop - Optimized Payment Application report.
894a3599 : OrionDesktop - Optimized Daily Time Summary report.
0f8aac86 : OrionDesktop - Optimized Annual Summary reports.
0263d068 : OrionDesktop - Optimized Investment Report by adding FEE index for "Status","Released".

February 21, 2020 - 5.1.2002.12120
f46262d2 : Desktop - Optimized the "Staff Productivity" report data collector.
c58f5014 : Misc UI cleanup in GL Manager, GL Entry and GL System.
69e2f07a : Orion Desktop - Grids now auto refresh when the grid column customization windows is closed.

February 19, 2020 - 5.1.2002.11919
fb5190ba : I47-1679, Account History, GL Expense History and other GL reports with Account Combo - widen for longer account numbers.
33e3a53c : orDBUpdate, orDataUpdate - Misc fixes/changes to make more fail safe.
e7d7c226 : orDBUpdate - Added index kEnteredOnBy to new Fee table if missing.
7aeec4df : I47-1675, GL Budget Report - including inactive accounts even if you choose not to.
5cb108ac : I47-1674, AP Manager - Vendors Grid - add right click option to show Usage Notes in Grid.
9df198c2 : I47-1677, Add SAVE Button in Images to allow user to save as PDF file to disk.
28c9eef1 : I47-1676, Invoice Posting - Accrual Interface GL Transactions - treating Interest incorrectly.

February 14, 2020 - 5.1.2002.11419
fc0dcb7c : I47-1665, Voucher Adjustment on Paid Voucher involving billed CA not creating correct correct GL transaction.
310d9139 : I47-1667, Orion Admin - utility need to reconcile AR.
704f6ccd : I47-1668, Orion Admin - utility needed to reconcile bill amounts.
f27a33b0 : Fix issue when doing a Worldox search in Desktop would result in "Invalid characters in file name".

February 7, 2020 - 5.1.2002.10719
9e115d71 : I47-1666, Voucher Adjustment - when opening or deleting a distribution line with a CA and a Client-Matter Number return message.
bee27a48 : I47-1673 - OrionAdmin - Tables - AV when deleting table right after it has been created.
5103db13 : I47-1670, OrionDC - do not allow duplicate Client-Matter records on save.
204b45fe : I47-1672, Voucher Entry - Distribution Lines - Usage Tax and Include on 1099 Flags.
29e50c6a : I47-1664 - Matter Intake - Tax Code (Sales) dropdown does not show entire description - please widen.
9dc49a70 : I47-1671 - Printing Invoices - if matter set to NOT Print Invoice and invoice sent to PDF error occurs.

January 31, 2020 - 5.1.2001.13120
4917ab48 : Netdocs - Fix Error coming from NetDocs.dll. Fixed where Netdocs grids may show a blank line.
162bd75a : NetDocs - Fix Error coming from NetDocs.dll.
550d58a6 : Desktop - Fix for the "Currency" symbol set in Admin to "sticking"/setting at times in certain Windows Terminal environments.
3798848c : OrionDesktop - All grids now default to "lazy load" data for all columns (data not loaded unless column is visible). This can significantly improve speed of application and decrease memory used. Especially when views/grids load thousands of rows of data.

January 24, 2020 - 5.1.2001.12420
52ea0462 : Reporting - Statement of Accounts optimized.
7b17f231 : Reports - Work Location Analysis optimized.
a9953c9a : Orion Dashboards - Fixed problem where embedded control characters in Client names was causing values to shift over one column in the "drill down" grids.
ef317e13 : Reports - Inactive Client report optimized.

January 17, 2020 - 5.1.2001.11719
7cc000b5 : Reports - Client-Matter/Timekeeper Aged WIP reports optimized.
f109ba4d : Reports - Retainer/Trust Ledger reports optimized.
f746f7c3 : Various speed improvements for reports and Matter Status.
070100cd : ePreBill Manager - Reverted unnecessary change for "double Previous Balance". Logic was correct before change.

January 10, 2020 - 5.1.2001.11020
73d78693 : Desktop - Delinquent Time Report, optimized.
4c387942 : I47-1661, Fee Entry - edit of transaction entered on matter in intake (using Service code with hourly/default amount).
aadc3809 : AP Manager - Optimized loading of Vendors.
70804022 : Desktop Reporting - Aged WIP Reports Optimized.
2764f9b7 : I47-1662 - Reporting System - External Reports Added are not saved after Reporting System closed.
569ee73d : I47-1659 - Voucher Listing Report (AP Voucher Listing) - add filter options for Entered By.
5e30e6b3 : DBUpdate and DataUpdate - Now connects using a connection string and this should fix 64-bit issues.
adfea61d : Orion Desktop - Tapi - If a call is started from Desktop, and for some unknown reason it was unable to time the call, it will still pop up a journal for manual editing since the call was initiated from Desktop. Also added more codesite trace to the Tapi system.
4584f969 : ePreBill Manager – Fixed issue with Previous Balance
ff70cc09 : OLI - Fee Import Template - updated to work even if there are bad characters in the text file.

December 13, 2019 - 5.1.1912.11323
da47da72 : I47-1650, Retainer/Trust Transfer - Target Matter not updated.
c0888dcb : I47-1651, Merging/Moving Matter not updating Contact/Client OID in new Fee File.
02b6d9c5 : I47-1649 - Invoice logo is poor when invoice is sent to email even when fine on pdf. Seems to be fixed with newer version of ReportBuilder.
45010625 : I47-1645 - Invoice Listing Report - add YTD and STD lazy load objects; I47-1646 - Invoice Listing Report - add option to summarize by matter;
5efd3e02 : Reporting - Check boxes on reports not showing as checked when they should after update to Report Builder on 10/17/2019.

December 6, 2019 - 5.1.1912.10620
c5f7dd09 : SystemSettings license counts now updated.
7e37e502 : I47-1644 - Usage Tax Report (AP Usage Tax) - add detail option.
4b15b662 : I47-1648 - AP Client Payments on Open Vouchers - duplicating lines.
03202b84 : Fix error due to SystemSettings btr change - Persistent Error: Unable to Retrieve Object [TBOFieldIncrement], Field 'LastInvoice' not found.
dd7ff2c9 : I47-1647 - Investment Report - errors out when filtering by type of law.
0832b09f : I47-1643, Time Manager - Calendar - Print Calendar - YTD values are showing as zero.

November 26, 2019 - 5.1.1911.12611
cc418fb0 : Fix for last Legacy Table Conversion commit.

November 25, 2019 - 5.1.1911.12600
5b003601 : Legacy Table Conversion - Replaced RMSystem, PGSystem and LRMSys with CustomDataSetup and SystemSettings.
eeb113a6 : LegacyConverter - Validate entered OID range.
38a6a586 : Remove unused IIS App Server from build.

November 15, 2019 - 5.1.1911.11612
73473f7a : Legacy Table Conversion - TKMATCOD replaced with TaskBudget.

November 14, 2019 - 5.1.1911.11519
45d61a40 : Orion Exchange Sync - changes to see if performance can be improved.
e22e8a3a : I47-1641 - Security Groups - Contacts and Cases (Header and Sub-Headers - warning when set to None.
c0a8f876 : I47-1639 - Retainer and Trust Balances Report (data feed = Matter Retainer Trust Balance) - add Filter option for FeeArrangment.
10be2eac : I47-1635 - EDI templates/Billing - Add additional characters for XML translation.
64f00ae2 : I47-1637 - Work Location Analysis - Filter Tab - when first clicking on Work Location filer it brings up Matter Locations.
505c543c : Reporting - Work Location Analysis - fix sql error that came about by change from LRMAPPLY to PAYMENTAPPLICATION.
36ca7ddd : I47-1638 - Open Cost Report - run using Original Values - should look at Cli Edit field (not Cli Orig).
2ea53f43 : I47-1642 - Reporting - User Listing - Data Output error - Export to Access failed. Invalid field size.
a9b006f9 : DBManager - 64-bit Modifications.
c700e8e2 : orDataUpdate - Fix for Errors when converting invalid CASEDATA records.

November 8, 2019 - 5.1.1911.10819
5458a20f : I47-1636, ePrebill - Adjustment Code Reason combo box needs to be widened - full description is not showing.
d5381e72 : I47-1640, File Maintenance Manager - Client and Matter Expense Override Setup - When entering Phase-Task from the keyboard, validation (i.e. the description of the associated Phase-Task) doesn't appear, not without doing a lookup.
80d39c0e : Legacy Table Conversion - Replaced CaseData with EDIData.
8033171f : Reimbursement Entry - Allow distribution line to be split/entered for multiple Matters.

November 1, 2019 - 5.1.1911.10117
5a2517ce : Legacy Table Removed - Replaced LRMVAPPS with ARApplicationVoid.

October 30, 2019 - 5.1.1910.13017
113035ee : Desktop - Fix for User "Restricted" value not being the same as USERPROFILE.Restricted field in DB. This bug was introduced in 07/31/2019.
54ce365f : Legacy Table Conversion - Replaced LRMPVOID with ARTransactionVoid.
96fc214f : OLI - Rio Build - fixed error when using the Validate Script button.
d233c3f7 : Netdocs - Added Region of US and EU. Also fixed an attachment bug when attaching to a voucher and other items in Orion.
f2b7449d : Netdocs - Added Region of US and EU. Also fixed an attachment bug when attaching to a voucher and other items in Orion.
23d47b6b : Ethical Wall WIP.

October 26, 2019 - 5.1.1910.12602
d1b08f03 : Ethical Wall WIP.

October 24, 2019 - 5.1.1910.12420
7af5a0cf : Ethical Wall WIP.
c2b204ca : App Server - Add <serverURL>:<port>/api/getserverstatus.
adb3b5b2 : I47-1631, AP Manager - Vendors Grid - add right click option to Change 1099 Type on Selected.

October 21, 1019 - 5.1.1910.12121
bfdae79e : Legacy Table Conversion - Replaced LRMRATM with CASEOVERRIDERATE.
41b05062 : I47-1629, Post/Void Invoices grid and Unpost Invoice Grid - add field for EDI Billing (True/False).
228e5f79 : I47-1630, Prebill Manager - add EDI Billing field (True/False field) to be available in Prebill Manager grid.
758bbe63 : I47-1628, GL Entry (when System Settings set to Both Cash and Accrual) - allow user to create on transaction that will update both sets of books.
b83de296 : I47-1627, Vendor Entry - add NEC as a 1099 Type.
9e3999d8 : Legacy Table Conversion - LRMPINV replaced with ARINVOICEDETAIL.
c1b0623d : I47-1626, Reimbursement Manager - When "Save and Submit" is selected, it doesn't clear/close the Reimbursement Entry tempting users to try it again, creating/submitting another Reimbursement Header record.
727181f5 : I47-1625, Matter Status - Details Tab - Department Field - "&" showing ast "_".
e9028111 : I47-1620, Global Edit Feature in Matter Manager (FM Manager - Matters and FM Matter Manager) - ability to add reason for closing when closing matters.
0f7bc027 : OrionDC - Fixed reference to LRMFEES.

October 10, 2019 - 5.1.1910.11014
359af697 : Emailing from Orion - Updated "Redemption.dll" to version
c973ce0e : I47-1604 - Orion Admin - Custom Table Setup - When opening an existing table, after closing the table setup UI, an additional phantom table appears in the list of tables to edit (it shouldn't).
01f21e6f : Time Manager - Changed new FEE table to have two columns for "Entered On", EnteredOn and TimeEntered. orDBUpdate and orDataUpdate will take longer to run at firms where the new FEE table is being used.
26786768 : I47-1618 - New Desktop EXE (new fee file) - EDI files created are not being output in date order within each section.
90b7569c : I47-1624 - Reporting - remove capability to export to file from Print Preview form. This would cause AV if some formats were chosen.
8ffd6ca1 : DC - WIP Fees import, changed reference to LRMFEES to FEE table in Conversion Options.
16475ed9 : DC - added DeferredFromBilling import field to ConvertMatters and UpdateMatters.
3aa99a8b : I47-1623 - ReportBuilder v20 has error on printing invoices - {file in temp directory} is not a valid RAF file.
7e15c57a : I47-1621 - Error "Possible related property mismatch. Related property = ..." when changing CaseType.

October 5, 2019 - 5.1.1910.10522
b2e15f70 : Update to latest Delphi (Rio 10.3.2) and components.
82d2feaa : Prebill Manager - Bug fix, double clicking to open manager could cause "Generate Prebills" to execute/run before manager was completely loaded.
3f8b2221 : Legacy Table Conversion - LRMAPPLY replaced with PAYMENTAPPLICATION.
1d426b81 : AppServer - Fix "Resource RODLFILE not found" message showing when documentation is enabled.
7b9e9761 : Legacy Table Conversion - LRMCODES replaced with BILLINGCODE.
761b0146 : Legacy Table Conversion - LRMSERV replaced with SERVICECODE.
05d1e993 : Desktop - Removed references to TKMSTTRN, not needed since new tables FEE and ARTRANSACTION have Phase/Task columns.
81c00e8f : I47-1617, Prebill Manager - make Client columns filterable.
1d6c160f : I47-1616, Voucher Posting and GL Transaction Posting - we need to validate gl account numbers and glaccount oid at posting.
5a699011 : Legacy Table Conversion - LRMEXPS replaced with ARTRANSACTION.

September 13, 2019 - 5.1.1909.11320
117de30a : I47-1605, Orion Admin - Data View Profile - Allow sorting list by "Record Type" column for Contacts and Matters (and add the Type of Law "Code" so it can be sorted by code if desired).
c141fcb1 : I47-1606, Client and Matter Intake - Conflicts Search/Add List - Allow the vertical and horizontal scroll to work even when the phase/stage where this might fall is marked "Complete".
e064d5d0 : I47-1599, Conflicts Search - Batch Search - When selecting "Modify Selected" don't clear the list of names to search (see below for steps to replicate).
39a76521 : I47-1610, Vouchers Created from Check Request - wrong date on distribution line.
5c01bafe : I47-1596, Change length of PHASECODE and TASKCODE fields to 6 in APREIMBURSETYPE and FMMASTERTASKDETAIL.
6d41805d : I47-1613, AP Bank Transaction Code Entry - do not allow deletion of code in use.
077e61dd : I47-1594, Interest Settings Not Flowing into Client or Matter records.
89425c7f : I47-1596, Change length of PHASECODE and TASKCODE fields to 6 in APREIMBURSETYPE and FMMASTERTASKDETAIL.
7d414493 : I47-1609, AP Reimbursement Manager - Entry Date is incorrect in a lot of cases.
7e9f4992 : Desktop - LawPay WIP.

September 7, 1019 - 5.1.1909.10700
5a45a748 : Desktop - LawPay WIP: 1) Tokens/keys encrypted in DB. 2) Windows Registry key/value added on launch so WebView displays correctly. 3) Bank setup, auto authorization and flow. 4) Payment Gateway Manager, added "View Log" and "Delete Selected".
a9606d90 : I47-1612, Time Calendar - on drill down ignore maximum records setting.
b89920e3 : I47-1611, ePrebill - when user enters blank in currency field, populate with 0 rather than erroring out.
34083afd : LawPay - add PaymentURL and PaymentURLFriendlyName object to Invoice Styles.
0214e5fb : Custom Report - WIP on Compensation Accrual report for Fisher Broyles.
cf39b5f2 : OrionDesktop - Change for ePrebill Manager Annotations error.

September 4, 2019 - 5.1.1909.10419
8350f117 : Orion Desktop - Fix for SQL Error at times when drilling down in the Time Manager.
05f08932 : OLI - Templates - changed to work with table changes.
0cbf140d : OLI - Create Changed Mater List Export - changed to work with table changes.
5f329c3c : OLI - Standard Export - changed to work with table changes.
058bf2b5 : LawPay - Wip on auto detecting the Auth Code.

August 30, 2019 - 5.1.1908.13019
39d5d1ff : I47-1461 - App Server - The rate set is not updated until after a restart when a new rate set is created and assigned.
b80d0522 : LawPay - Now auto detects the Authorization Code and populates the Code Edit box for you.
3554ab4d : AppServer - Add Check Requests functionality.
6a55c28a : Fix Attach/View image button in Check Requests not updating after adding or deleting an image.
19939c58 : LawPay - Trimmed all spaces outside of Auth Code when pasting in the code from Browser. A user could over select when trying to copy code to authorize Orion Desktop to use LawPay.

August 29, 2019 - 5.1.1908.12916
94f62f35 : Time Manager - Additional logic/logging for error received when drilling down on date in calendar.

August 28, 2019 - 5.1.1908.12823
4f2b7890 : Desktop - LawPay WIP.
ccdc3115 : I47-1602 - Duplicate transactions on Prebills/Invoices; Added exception if duplicate case oids in current list of cases.
e96eeb2b : I47-1603 - Fix for Fee retrieval causing 'No records found. Cannot name the component'. This happens when Table has a DateTime field, a LongVarChar field and the LongVarChar field has like 1400 characters.

August 23, 2019 - 5.1.1908.12318
37527771 : OrionDesktop - LawPay WIP.
93df8320 : OPPv19 - fixed issue with creating fee from the time manager inside of Outlook. Fee entry did not know who the user was.

August 16, 2019 - 5.1.1908.11617
c6e8f7db : I47-1601 - AP Voucher Distribution Grid - User settings (columns to display) are not recognized opening second occurrence of Voucher Entry.
1725bb15 : I47-1597, Fee Entry - Entry Options - Auto Reserved Word Check.... - default to ON.
797c39a5 : I47-1600 - Reporting - 'Select Multi-File Output Directory' showing in pre billing and billing when it should not.

August 10, 2019 - 5.1.1908.11013
1989f710 : Images/Emails Converter - Changed to log errors instead of stopping process.
fb2649d4 : Legacy Table Conversion - Replaced LRMTRST with TrustBankAccount.

August 2, 2019 - 5.1.1908.10218
5fbe44b4 : OPPv19 – resolved issues with EmailJournal Addin to create Journals.
90591529 : I47-1593 - Change 1099 or Usage Tax Flag in Vendor Status (right click on Voucher) - error below when too many lines of distribution : The number? Of items cannot be greater than 64, if the EditValueFormat is cvfInteger.
543edc29 : I47-1592 - Reimbursement Entry - Print - at times causing an access violation on TSYSPListNavigator.First.
871df5f6 : I47-1586, OVA - Need to Surface the Security Group in PersonProfile. Also changed/moved value for "Restricted" back into encrypted "Settings" field.
811a372c : I47-1587 - Create Cost Image PDF Files is pulling images marked Off Invoice.
659babed : I47-1493, Move Emails to File versus BTR File (same thing we have done with images).
a74c07c1 : I47-1590 - GL Statements - if looking for one or multiple locations (versus all) we are looking at code field in Location data file instead of GL Location.
1a95cf8b : I47-1582 - Invoice Styler - add object for Check # on Expense/Client Advance Transactions.
c1578698 : I47-1589 - Reporting - Exporting crashes when report name has a "/" in it.
c887649e : I47-1588 - Reporting - Delinquent Time Report - July spelled as Jully.
769c4430 : I47-1581, Client and Matter Entry - entry of Override Codes - Status 5 returned if same code entered in second line as original code.
7c4705c9 : I47-1585, Email Bill Delivery Column as Available Grid Field Request.

July 22, 2019 - 5.1.1907.12215
227e41fa : Dashboards - Fix for Currency Symbol.
ac7e75ed : Reporting - Revised Style for Timekeeper Rates Report (expanded Code field).
117626b4 : Old OPP and New OPP - Fixed issue that was reported of the Activity Combo creating multiple descriptions in the fee entry.
97772a35 : I47-1553 - Added ability to communicate with Sharepoint API
dcdf75eb : DC - added FileReader pre-trim for data import.
9104873c : I47-1546 - Interest not appearing on ePrebill.
d25919c8 : I47-1575 - Add PersonOID to LockedEntity and stamp with OID of person that created the record .
9d414d9f : I47-1580 - Matter Entry - General View - Billing Information Tab - "&" Displays as "_" in the Client Name field.
b0e63ef7 : I47-1578 - Total Vendor Payments Report - add 1099 Type object and Tax ID object.
570fa5a2 : Fix for orDataUpdate Status 5 when populating Personproxy.
281ea92f : Desktop - Allow 10 characters in Change Rate Code entry/window.
e0683923 : Allow the currency symbol used in Orion to be configurable.
26c84275 : I47-1579 - When printing invoices if you change like the Tray from the Printer Dialog it will still print to Tray from windows setting.

July 5, 2019 - 5.1.1907.10515
f10a59f4 : WIP for: Legacy Table Conversion - LRMFEES and ARFEES replaced with new table FEE.
04b7d57c : Desktop - Fee Alias is now stored in a separate column (AliasOID) instead of replacing "Entered By".

July 3, 2019 - 5.1.1607.10315
828f9c52 : Command line switches can now start with either / or - for all switches.
24851eda : More wip on Legacy Table Conversion - LRMFEES and ARFEES replaced with new table FEE.
bd86d997 : Add LegacyConverter (for Fees) to build.
a97e3342 : Legacy Table Conversion - LRMFEES and ARFEES replaced with new table FEE.

June 27, 2019 - 5.1.1906.12715
82104072 : ePrebillManager - Attempted fix for error received at times when "Refreshing" prebills in manager.
29eba818 : I47-1546, Interest not appearing on ePrebill.
97d5953e : add /F:FixMissingOrigProj to help list in ordataupdate.

June 26, 2019 - 5.1.1906.12615
74f5fd71 : I47-1576 - CasePersonAssignment - Changed to use ctDynamic cursor type, only on query used for cache, so application will not hang if user closes down application before cache is done loading.
aaac3e55 : I47-1577 Netdocs - expand search in some areas to return 100 hits.
6228dece : I47-1577 Netdocs - expand search in some areas to return 100 hits.
49ad848e : I47-1577 Netdocs - expand search in some areas to return 100 hits.

June 25, 2019 - 5.1.1906.12515
2236520b : I47-1576 - CasePersonAssignment - Do not raise an exception if application is closed before cache is done loading.
8f4a0462 : I47-1574 - Fixed issue where DLL not loading - add to Error Log on exception what windows reports as last error.
2f891b25 : Added more code site info to background cache loading used for CasePersonAssignment.

June 21, 2019 - 5.1.1905.12115
86082dc8 : I47-1572 - Matter Manager - Edit Selected (also File Maintenance Manager) - allow re-opening of multiple matters.
778333a0 : I47-1565 - Case Person Assignment Cache - Optimize by starting the loading of cache in the background when application starts.
e5fff822 : I47-1573 - Standard Prebill Style with Annotations - Annotations overlapping fee objects.
04474a02 : DBManager - Record View now has word wrap turned on for all Memo Fields.
aa620276 : I47-1571 - Error loading OrionRptStyles.DLL - When if fails it tries to copy it local but was using AppData that could be roaming.
1d988a0f : I47-1565 - Case Person Assignment Cache - Optimize by starting the loading of cache in the background when application starts.

June 14, 2019 - 5.1.1906.11415
8034cadd : I47-1567 - Payment Application Analysis - Project Sort and Summary is reporting based on Originating Attorney.
fc4c86da : I47-1566 - On launch of Desktop, on very rare occasions, a user is shown notification events as reminders for items that are not assigned to them.
81ecf8ca : Remove some places where we were adding message to trace log in error report that are no longer of use to us.
7274ce97 : Add better description to errors when a case's person assignment are invalid.

June 7, 2019 - 5.1.1906.10715
11602db0 : Invoice Printing -add debug code site to track down why Override of Style copy count not working for a user.
269242ae : I47-1563 - Email Bill Delivery - unable to click into Bcc field, can only get there by tab or enter key.
41396aa8 : I47-1559 - Email Bill Delivery using MSGraph - Add all receipents to email, "To", "CC", BCC". Currently just doing the first "To" item.
3f315be4 : Orion Desktop Installer - Set version to
110e6486 : Orion Desktop Installer - Fixed a bug that was not allowing it to be uninstalled.
7481acdf : I47-1557 - AP Check Register - add Vendor Code as object for report and to Data Output.
398dfe8a : I47-1560 - Matter Status - see if we can load without loading case person assignment cache on cases with split assignments.
17737c6b : I47-1558 - Cash Receipts Analysis - when run by Originating, All and Use Assignment History - first Orig Atty gets all fees.
7d51a09a : Desktop Installer - Now allows you to tell it not to check for the Visual C++ Runtime. In Ini file, add VCCRedistCheck=No to tell the installer to ignore the detection of Visual C++ Runtime.

May 24, 2019 - 5.1.1905.12415
0eace824 : I47-1552 - Fix error - Unable to Retrieve Object [TBOAddress], ADDRFILE: No index for fields 'ParentType;ParentID;Type'.
71fa7c45 : I47-1548, ORDATAUPDATE - fixed issue if tables are empty
5ac98cd1 : Desktop - Timekeeper Level Entry defaults to next available "Print Order" for new records.
e516449c : I47-1551 - Matter Listing Report (and Data Output) - Last Payment Date object no longer available.
d1896f19 : netdocs - admin - On the tab for Netdocuments, there is a section now that shows information about the Netdocs Dll.
9f9ebc9d : I47-1550 - Reporting - Annual Client Account Summary - resolved several formatting issues.

May 22, 2019 - 5.1.1905.12215
d0df1f1d : I47-1545, Quoted Price not printing on ePrebill.
42baefeb : I47-1549 - Split Orig and Proj lists are list of items minus one in some instances
9a563676 : OPPvNext - Fee entry is now populated with a Client Code only, when an email is sent from a Contact, that is a Client, in the Desktop.
52b03b39 : I47-1534, Expand number of Timekeeper Levels available.
5e971379 : I47-1543 - Case Intake form access violation when cancelling new intake.
5a54e0d9 : AppServer - Fix GetCodeList(ContactAll) returning clients only.
1a2a96fd : I47-1538 - User Listing Report - add objects for Start Date, Termination Date and Fee Work Location.
97acf4ec : I47-1536 - Split Billing - unable to remove saved Matters/Percentages.
1bd5f68c : I47-1547 - Matter Status Header is not coming through - since v5.1 - only happens when "Matter Status" report is in "Standard Reports" but not in "Site-Defined/Custom Reports".
8b05abc6 : I47-1535 - Optimize Investment Report (particularly where it pulls WIP).
7e3e04d5 : I47-1544, Deletion of Client Intakes, Matter Intakes, Client and Matter records not properly deleting address records.
8d726702 : I47-1541, Client and Matter Intake Forms - when pulling list of invoice, cover, reminders - pull only template name - do not pull blob fields.
b0920848 : I47-1542, Lazy Load not holding settings (Lazy Load option in User Settings)
e687f1b5 : AppServer - Now allows for a Fee to be created only with a ContactOID.
518566a0 : OPPvNext - Now allows you to edit an incomplete fee.

May 10, 2019 - 5.1.1905.11015
ce3b611c : Desktop - User Entry - Fixed an issue when adding a new user and then, before saving that new user, going to "Remibursement" and then "Add".
c4824e3a : I47-1539, User Setup - Proxy - When adding one or more Timekeepers to a user's Proxy List, the ParentOID is set to 0 (versus the OID of the user from PersonProfile).
955f16fc : I47-1532, ePrebill Manager - Desktop & iOS - Invoice Totals is not calculated correctly
9b08cc7b : I47-1531, ePrebill - Desktop & iOS - Change Phase-Task - When a transaction is assigned a Phase-Task, this field should first display the Phase-Task assigned to the transaction (and when the lookup is selected, allow the user to change the Phase-Task in Fees & Exp).
4bc17e49 : I47-1533, Add Active/Inactive field (ActiveAlis) to personprofile and populate based on encrypted field. For third party use only.
e2930359 : TBPrebillStandardWithAnnotations.rtm updated so "Include Invoice in Hard Copy", and "Image Required for Costs Over xxx" will show check marks correctly.
a7f7a6d5 : I47-1537 - Case Type Security - Some components not being set as ReadOnly in custom tabs when custom info set to read only in security.
cba86fa5 : I47-1528 - GL Reports - GL Account Filter lookup should only show an item per Account not per Account,Dept,Location.
2fb6ce49 : Netdocs integration. Netdocs changed the length of their code grant strings. We increased the length.

May 6, 2016 - 5.1.1906.10619
55d4bc48 : OrionDC - added fields PrimaryID,AssignedID,SecondaryID,AssistantID to Update Matter Fields Utility.
1c51318c : I47-1530 - Matter Status - Billing Info - Bill Style - "&" shows as "_", Check Client Cover & Reminder fields as well.
abddc8f0 : I47-1529 - Printing Matter Status report from within Matter Status is ignoring default scenario.
1d1e7ae1 : Desktop - Document Assembly now shows an error message if a related record cannot be found.
3262f60f : Desktop - Fix for incorrect field size in new table FMADDITIONALINFO. Error introduced in 4/12/19 build.

April 22, 2019 - 5.1.1904.12215
4b7a6cd3 : Invoice Printing jobs always go to the default tray on like a Ricoh 9000 multi-function
9a60025a : I47-1525 - Expense Manager - Client Name and Client FileAs not displaying when you first enter Expense Manager.
f3f58627 : I47-1526 - Matter Listing Report - Data, Timekeeper Rates - add Effective Date.
a76e5e74 : orDataUpdate - added a progress bar repaint to "Populate Case Person Assignment". This fixes a frozen progress bar.
a02461d8 : Legacy table conversion - Remove some references to unused LRMPROJ, LRMORIG table.
86005558 : Legacy table conversion - Remove references to unused SCRTYMAP table.

April 12, 2019 - 5.1.1904.11215
e709431b : AppServer - Fix EConvertError when saving Reimbursement header.
a7d54236 : I47-1349 - Manage Users - Add "Reporting" menu with "User Listing Report", "Grid Summary", and" Grid Detail".
5e1261c9 : I47-1510 - User should not be able to change Bank Code on saved/posted AR Accounting Transaction. This was being allowed after going to Trust Bank Manager.
00e2902a : Desktop - Replaced legacy table LRMMARKT with new table FMAdditionalInfo.
8f73e66f : I47-1523 - Correct Alignment on "Default Taxable Status" on Matter Entry.
392ab67f : I47-1520 - Edit of an existing User record (Sort Name field in particular) is not being saved to personprofile.
ecff174f : I47-1519 - Conflicts - Detail Report data feed - add object for Type of Law Description.
165b5a21 : Desktop - Replaced legacy table GLSRCODE with new table GLSOURCECODE.
47de75ce : I47-1517 - Aged AR Report - Add additional collection filter parameter to only include Clients/Matters where last payment was received more than XX days ago.
8f9532ff : I47-1494, Records Management - Allow Entry Form to open in Read Only mode when security is set to "Entry - None" (currently, users cannot view the record in the entry screen unless this is set to "Full" which provides rights to edit the record).

April 8, 2019 - 5.1.1904.10815
7d28c324 : I47-1518, Fixed issue where Conflicts retaining "search words" even if blanked out after doing an initial search returned unexpected results
da347091 : I47-1514, Split Billing - make sure process is wrapped in a transaction.
555f419c : I47-1511 - GL Total Band Editor - Fixed UI issues
5183d9b5 : I47-1522 - Reporting - Work Location Analysis Report - Fix "Item not found" error.
412ad621 : OrionDC - Rebuild Case from Cache - correction to last code change for removal of LRMPROJ and LRMORIG.
0acd0f79 : orDataUpdate - made last line of memo show error or no error status of run.
eb99225d : Invoice Printing Window Retain User Settings on Check Boxes.

April 5, 2019 5.1.1904.10515
d77550f2 : Desktop - Replaced legacy table "LRMTKRES" with new table "PersonProxy".
cbc24525 : I47-1509--Invoice Printing Window Retain User Settings on Check Boxes.
9df9fe81 : Desktop - Replaced legacy table LRMPOPUP with POPUPOPTION.
1a30a938 : I47-1502 - Verify that data from LRMPROJ and LRMORIG is no longer being used.
3d6b5879 : Desktop - 1) Replaced legacy table NICKNAME with new table CASENICKNAME. 2) Removed references to CLBGROUP, LRMBILLA, LRMBUDGT, LRMCCINV and LRMMATD.

March 29, 2019 - 5.1.1903.12915
e03e42c7 : Resolved issues of Email's that should be RTF are showing as plain text with RTF mark up codes.
ab4eed6a : OPP 2018 - Fee entry was not populating a new fee with today's date.
690db65d : orDataUpdate - PopulateCasePersonAssignment failing on Lerch Early due to cli mat padding.
6d188bb : I47-1513 - Timekeeper Producitivity - add objects for Bill Hours/Value of Time Worked (Billable Only) during report date range.
60c8e427 : I47-1512 - Bill Delivery/AR Collections - Email Templates - Import/Export failing.
1f8e1889 : Updated "Redemption.dll" to version

March 23, 2019 - 5.1.1903.12315
9482815a : Orion Live Interface - Resolved backward compatible issues with OLI scripts.
59517cdb : I47-1507 - Email Bill Delivery - add option to send email using MS Graph API
5170d404 : Orion Live Interface now creates the proper "AppID"(8) in the AuditTrl table.
d51e586c : I47-1476--Reimbursement Manager - Entry Date sometimes is not populated.
37d78360 : Orion DC - Updated matters and timekeeper splits imports for table CasePersonAssignment.
1c5235d1 : I47-1508 - Custom Field Entry - PersonCombo - add property Include Non Timekeepers and fix list not loading at times.
fb98a08f : I47-1506 - Check Printing - MICR component - list index of of bounds error.
bdd016d6 : I47-1505 - Reporting - Add functions to allow printing person code and person name from a person OID.
d6c08301 : I47-1492--Records Management - Edit Selected - UI fixes.
a8801bf9 : I47-1484, Bill Prep - Annotations "Tab" - Expand the width of the User field (where we list the user that made the annotation) and format the name with the ID followed by the Sort Name, just like in our lookups.

March 15, 2019 - 5.1.1903.11515
36334fbb : I47-1486- Fixed Issue where Taxable Status on Fees for Matter records were duplicated upon Intake.
6c9cf4ac : I47-1444 - "My iOrion" system for securing and allowing users to reset passwords.
163edff3 : I47-1479 - Resolved issues causing Btrieve Error 5 in ADJUSTMENTDETAIL table.
4607404d : I47-1485 - Reporting System - File Maintenance Reports - Locations - Change "UseFor" in the Sort Order to "Used For".
11615a58 : I47-1496 - Merging GL accounts is NOT updating APBANKTRAN and APREIMBURSETYPE.
5a2a9e00 : I47-1498 - Cases View - Grid Detail Reporting - Optimize by not loading unneeded data.
8f71c645 : Issue View - I47-1499 - Orion Desktop Installer. Update PSQ client to R2. v.13.30.035.
e139d8e7 : I47-1491 orDataUpdate - add fix switch /F:FixMissingOrigProj which will fix missing LRMORIG/LRMPROJ records.
408947a7 : I47-1480 - Work Location Analysis Report.

March 1, 2019 - 5.1.1903.10115
389d0c69 : I47-1444 - "My iOrion" screen now has pwd reveal buttons, misc. IV item not quite complete yet.
1a628305 : I47-1473-- RDS - not displaying info in grid from Received From/Paid To field.
0983081c : New utility DBDateUpdater.
4612ca82 : Installer - Orion Desktop with PSQLv13.

February 23, 2019 - 5.0.1902.12315
f0e23a4f : I47-1448, Subject field in Casemaster - increase to 100.
11ff2997 : iOrion - Add auto-populating reimbursement detail of phase task codes.

February 20, 2019 – 5.0.1902.12015
3201998a : Report - Move some fields from blob to standard fields - Remove tables LRMPER, LRMENTID, USERMAP.
c4d06642 : I47-1345, PERSONPROFILE - Move some fields from Blob to standard fields - Remove LRMPER, LRMENTID, USERMAP.

February 15, 2019 - 5.0.1902.11515
9060f29e : I47-1475, Fixed an issue where 0.00 reversal records were created in Bank Rec.
d1774377 : I47-1468, Administration - Security Group Setup - Sidebar Setup - Add "Records Management" to list of available options.
8b59acbd : App Server - Fixed and issue that caused shutdown’s because of long query times.
e3a5bd07 : I47-1474 - Reporting - External Reports – Resolved an issue where External Reports would not run.
918c4705 : I47-1470, Expense Entry – fixed an issue that allowed saving of a negative expense
0dee6bfb : Conflict Records – Fix an issue that caused some conflict records to not print properly.
f19ae93c : Orion Desktop - TAPI - Fixed where journal form would show when dialing from a physical handset and then terminating the call.
8d4ac688 : I47-1471 - Payment Application Analysis and Payment Application with Working Detail optimize building of case person assignment cache.

February 12, 2019 – 5.0.1902.11215
ae28322e : Added the "My iOrion" form to the Orion Desktop File-"My iOrion" menu. This provides a way for iOrion users to change their passwords. Also provides a way to easily setup iOrion profile on a device by scanning a QRCode.
275ab958 : M60 - AppServer - Add properties needed for Fee Character Limitation.
2ba46ec3 : AppServer - Fix reimbursement images that would prevent deletion.

February 08, 2019 – 5.0.1902.10815
75ff2698 : Admin - Moved App server settings onto the "Other" tab. OPP still uses this but it was moved from OPP location to "Other" Tab.
128a32b1 : I47-1467 - Positive Pay Report - Include Voided Checks based on void date does not work if check written in previous fiscal year.

February 05, 2019 – 5.0.1902.10515
c9773ab5 : I47-1465 - Reporting - Change "View Sample Report..." in popup to the same "Show Sample" that is under "Tools".

February 01, 2019 – 5.0.1902.10115
06b88a4a : I47-554 - New Work Location Feature (to be saved with Fee transactions) - Changes to Fee Listing Report;.
21717b65 : I47-1440, Reserved Words - When checking against reserved word set for a Matter, load the current properties.
894218fe : I47-1461 - App Server – Fixed an issue where the rate set is not updated properly after a new rate set is created and assigned.
cd1edf94 : I47-1460 - Client Listing Report (FM Client Listing) - add Billing Notes to report.
ae69ffef : I47-1413 - GL Expense History Report - add AP Voucher Distribution Timekeeper ID as available field.
1cb340d6 : I47-1456 - Grid Reports - Print Preview – fixed an issue where changing printer when printing from Print Preview is ignored.

January 25, 2019 – 5.0.1901.12515
dccd1453 : Updated "Redemption.dll" to version for Outlook compatibility.
97c2e483 : I47-1455 – Fixed an issue where AR Collections would report "Cannot send this item. You don't have appropriate permission to perform this operation." error.
41a3e748 : Orion Exchange Sync - Fixed error - file Microsoft.Exchange.WebServices not found in certain scenarios

January 23, 2 19 – 5.0.1901.12315
b17cab9f : Desktop Images - Fixed issue where "Nested Transactions" could occur

January 21, 2019 – 5.0.1901.12115
354fca66 : Improved encryption to Exchange Sync service
eb01aa57 : I47-1449 - AppServer - Give users a chance to correct an incomplete fee before automatically saving.
4678f97b : I47-1218, Remove Images from Data Files and provide option to store on disk.
7ba22602 : OrionAdmin - Added "Use Fee Work Location" to System Settings.
a6105aa7 : AppServer - Saving an incomplete fee now sends a message back to the client.
cb86fe2b : AppServer - Add Reserved Words and Fee Work Location.
68064667 : I47-1411, AR Collections - Filter - Move "Show EDI Bills Only" to the "View Invoices" section.
12c38d2a : I47-1445 - Case Attorney Assignment - Global Edit - Do not allow creation of history record where Effective Date is before Matter Opened Date - return list of Matters not updated.
ecd46019 : I47-1439, Manage Codes - Reserved Words & Task Sets - Change Order of Buttons

January 04, 2019 - 5.0.1901.10415
7cf94777 : I47-1432, Practice Management - Matters - Events tab – fixed an issue where columns were not holding from session to session.
f6966c8d : I47-1412, GL Account Status Drill Down (Transations List) - add Voucher Dis Person ID to grid.
b8941144 : I47-1410, Payment Calendar - Add "Client FileAs" and "Matter Nickname" as available columns for the Main Grid (not displayed in the Main Grid by default).

January 03, 2019 – 5.0.1901.10315
8b8848a6 : Fee Work Location - Logic to safe-guard deleting locations.
9e73cd87 : I47-1374 - Cash Receipts Analysis - add ability to look at Attorney Assignment History
25e882e8 : Orion Info now supports parameters to build a Select SQL.

December 28, 2018 – 5.0.1812.12815
351e8897 : I47-1385, Check Request - Timekeeper - Show only Active Timekeepers in this list.
556a0553 : I47-1392 – Fixed an issue where the Primary and Assigned fields on new matter were not defaulted correctly

December 21, 2018 - 5.0.1812.12115
cec324b3 : Time Manager - Fixed issue where when "minimized" was not opening as a docked manager in the Orion Desktop.
3117efc4 : Conflicts - Fixed an issue where records were being created for address attention lines when Enhanced Conflicts isn't enabled.
6ff93026 : AppServer - adjusted service codes to refresh at regular intervals.
f3fc449b : Desktop - Fixed misc. issues with reserved words and ePrebill manager.
2eb9d904 : I47-1383, Accounts Payable - added ability to enter country in address for vendors.

December 14th, 2018 5.0.1812.121415
dd22dd5f : Orion Dashboards - Changed the summary compiler to not factor in reversal amounts.
9720e982 : I47-1388, iOrion - Added user global edit option for iOrion

December 7, 2018 - 5.0.1812.10715
65b95fe4 : Desktop - Fix for Reimbursement Distribution Entry error "Cannot focus disabled or invisible window".
e9e65809 : I47-1382 - iOrion - Fixed an issue where an activity code set to flat Fee was not pulling the default time. Modify reimbursement image save procedure to use the same logic as the desktop to prevent saving encrypted pdf from iOrion.

December 5, 2018 - 5.0.1812.10515
2bb720a3 : I47-1381, Conflicts - Fixed an issue with enhanced conflicts where a client or matter address records were not created unless client/matter was edited after intake.
8d8019cb : I47-1379 - Reimbursement Manager - When entering a new reimbursement type, check to make sure the "Code" isn't already in-use, to eliminate "Status 5" on save.
7f98f2f1 : I47-1380 - Check Request - Expand "Timekeeper" field to match "Requested By" and "Approved By".
1ab62026 : I47-1375 - GL System Settings - Fixed UI issue on GL account labels on year-end-close
0fd2be90 : I47-1357 - Fee Entry - Duplicate Field - Fixed an issue where Ctrl+D option would not work.
92568322 : I47-1377 - Billing - Unpost/Void Invoices Grid - add access to auto apply on invoice post.

November 29, 2018 5.0.1811.12915
297d2c3c : I47-1371 - 1099 Processing grid - expand width of query name field.
5c05c3d1 : I47-1372 - AP 1099 Record Edit - clean up UI
I47-1370 - 1099 Processing - create work file - expand width of date fields.
79cdbc97 : I47-1373 - Revised 1099 and 1096 Report Styles.
6f39a5cb : AppServer - Add trace to API surface.
9594606e : OLI - New script for exporting the matters changed in recent days. Uses Audit Trail as basis for Matter list.
12fc2f89 : AP Imaging - An error message will be shown instead of crashing the application when attempting to attach/save a secured PDF.
c3bb49b9 : I47-1359, Records Management - Fixed UI where "Expand" button overlaps associated description fields

November 20, 2018 - 5.0.1811.12015
aeb62373 : Desktop - Added reserved word logic to fee entry.
acc6b456 : I47-1363 - Expense Reimbursement Manager - Set Default Filter as "Entered", "Needs Info" and "Denied" as selected - this will reset all users to Default View on initial entry.
195a97f2 : I47-1362 - Orion Admin - User Setup - UI Cleanup - duplicating items when changing user drop down.
378e9209 : I47-1361 - Orion Admin - User Setup - Other - Time Manager isn't exporting/importing settings so that they can be applied to selected users on "Import".
a99f1989 : I47-1364 - Processes - Allow settings to be saved for column size/position, sorting and grouping so that it can be exported and imported via FormState Manager (in User Setup - Other).
bea1eff0 : I47-1360 - Time Manager - Timekeeper Pull-Down on Time Calendar for a Timekeeper is defaulting to "blank" when it should default to current user.
4dfd3cd5 : I47-1357 - Fee Entry - Duplicate Field - Ctrl+D option not working on some fields.

November 17, 2018 - 5.0.1811.11715
7566d52e : AppServer - Changed AppServer (iOrion) login method username to be case sensitive.

November 9, 2018 - 5.0.1811.10915
f4d2bbbf : I47-1355 - Fixed an issue where the Audit Trail Viewer was crashing "Range check error - Class.Property = TBOAuditTrail.AppIDAsString."
45d3d465 : I47-1338 - AR Manager - payment detail grid - not refreshing properly when moving to a new record in grid.
08bc4c05 : I47-1336 - Matter Entry - when matter set up to be taxable, default taxable status on fees should be set to Taxable.
d5ded4fe : I47-1337 - Time Manager - Calendar - Print - not accurately reflecting YTD numbers if you change Year Begins Date.
002fcd87 : I47-1352 - Orion EDI Billing - add property to EDI billing to translate “&” to something else.
5019cb13 : I47-1339 - Invoicing - RAPs and TAPs flagged as invoiced with invoice number when not shown on invoice.
29a978d2 : I47-1353, Time Manager - When "Form State" is cleared for User, no longer use v4.6 State as a default.
0c2d6c81 : I47-1346, Orion Dashboards - Compute values for LRMMAT.LastPmtRecvd and Amt from actual transactions.

November 2, 2018 - 5.0.1811.10215
05befae4 : I47-1315, ePrebill - When reprinting a prebill, do NOT reset the "Pass To" back to the Matter Resp Atty.
db1617fd : I47-1326, Conflict Search - When in Batch Mode, allow "Search Options" to be changed for "Selected" records using the "Modify Selected" option.
2fcb6c97 : I47-1332 - GL Account Status - Drill down to Transaction Listing - Details panel - Check # missing (always shows as 0).

October 26, 2018 – 5.0.1810.12615
7e7d705e : Desktop - Added ShortName to PERSONPROFILE will be auto populated but can be changed in UserEntry
c7281d68 : I47-1328 - QuickDoc Clip - Allow window to expand so that the list and names of the "QuickClips" that have been defined can be seen.
db3c2dc0 : I47-1327 - Voucher Entry - Distribution Detail - Client "FileAs" displays the "&" as "_".
b3ee6e6a : I47-1325 - Conflicts - Position "Copy Last" on menu just like fee entry.
78af6665 : I47-1323 - AR Accounting Transactions - State of "Apply Order" not saving unless you move off changed checkbox row.
0acb58b0 : I47-1320 - Billing Manager - Tools - Change Label "Clear generating invoices flag" to "Clear Generating Invoices Flag".
bfda06cb : I47-1319 - Billing Manager - Column Labels - Make Columns "Filter" for those that are not dollar amounts.
c413b21f : I47-1318 - Billing Manager - Column Labels - Change "Client Last" to "Client File As".
e6f9333f : I47-1329 - Adjust Columns - Column name in list is not same as column header if header value was changed in code.
c8fe297f : I47-1317 - Billing Manager - Column Labels - Change "Client Matter" to "Client-Matter"
873f01b7 : I47-1314 - Changes for EDI/AR Collections - track when EDI Bills are created and submitted.

October 18, 2018 – 5.0.1810.11815
592b5870 : Netdocs integration. Increased the length of the token string.

October 03, 2018 – 5.0.1810.10315
66d43746 : Increase performance of nickname list retrieval.
b12cbc8a : Prebill Manager - Added "Edits Completed".
ec086b08 : I47-1311 - Admin - System Settings - Invoice Style Conversion - Crashes due to referencing LRMCLI - Change to "Edit Styles".

September 28, 2018 – 5.0.1809.12815
8e12f96e : I47-1310 - Print Prebills - add option for ShowAnnotations - style
e6dbd570 : I47-1302 – Fixed an issue where Time Manager was adding 2 days to filter.
2d86f9d0 : I47-1305 - Reporting - Print to File Setup - extension used on file name being ignored when printing report
ed90f97f : I47-1303 - AR Collections - right click option for Matter Status is missing.
a5b8057d : I47-1304 - Orion Admin - location of emailaddin setup - enable even if PM module not on.
6790ae50 : I47-1309 - GL Expense History - transactions created by Bank Rec not showing a description.

September 27, 2018 – 5.0.1809.12715
a79ab43e : I47-1308 - Email Bill Delivery records not being created if there is a problem while printing invoices. This would happen if the invoice printing processed had already created the invoices but something like a bad style would cause the invoicing printing loop to fail.

September 13, 2018 – 5.0.1809.11315
e399c0d1 : I47-1295 - AR Entry - Save and Post – Fixed a UI label bleeding into Period "selector".
bcb4d957 : I47-1293 – fixed intermittent refresh issue on image icons AR manager screen.
c6a882bb : I47-1238 - Orion Clipboard - Unable to drag email in Orion Clipboard to Email "tab" for another Contact/Matter.
7fe8658a : I47-1288 - Email Bill Delivery - Email Template "$Sender ..." variables sometimes being overwritten at the client level to someone other than who created the invoice.
51bca9f7 : I47-1290 - AR Entry - system allowing change of code on saved CR or WO - should not be able to change code.

September 10, 2018 – 5.0.1809.11015
7270b11e : I47-1292 - Fee Credit Report - Add Sort Order object to Report Settings feed and Add Primary Sort object to Data feed.
ffdf4cd5 : Desktop - Removed CreatedOn, EditedOn fields in APREIMBURSEIMAGE.BTR.

September 07, 2018 – 5.0.1809.10715
cff1f9ab : I47-1289 - Under rare conditions duplicate items are being returned from DB since we moved to cursor type ctDynamic. Changed back to ctCache. Changed Voucher Expense Listing Report to filter GLAccount on client.

September 06, 2018 – 5.0.1809.10615
6e462611 : Worldox – Fixed an error when opening file at times.
e3ecfcaa : I47-1285, AR Entry - Apply to Tagged - not working correctly when Priority is set to Apply Order, Invoice.
9e72587d : Time Manager, save position of "splitters" as percent of monitor Width/Height. This should help when restoring form state saved on a computor/monitor with different DPI.
83d856d9 : I47-1287 - Net Cash Realization - when sorting by Client-Matter of Client Name, Client-Matter filter does not work.
fb8ab623 : I47-1286 - Error when printing a Reimbursement item from entry form.

August 30, 2018 – 5.0.1808.13015
82a4d4dc : I47-1272, ePrebill - Bill Prep - Annotations Tab - Display any item shown on the "Annotations" row (i.e. Date, Time, Amount, Bill, Tax, Task Code and Client-Matter) as red ff84b32f : I47-1280, Remove the requirement that security settings on matters can only be changed by a PM user.
6ce07ed4 : I47-1279 - Fee Entry - Update Menu Keyboard Shortcuts - Match "Copy", "Paste", "Cut", "Select All" and "Duplicate Field" keyboard shortcut in the right-click menu to match that found when right-clicking in the Fee Description.
d83cde31 : I47-1282 - Reset Orion Views - allow each user to clear their own views/settings. Tools available currently under Manager Users, user record,Tools, Clear Settings. Also available to specific user in Orion under Help menu option.

August 24, 2018 – 5.1808.12415
4873617f : ePrebill Manager - Not showing all Prebills if unrestricted. Widened Annotation person combo.
73f1fa27 : Orion Desktop - Changed the Main Menu - Help - Knowledge Base item to point to https://kb.orionlaw.com:8443/Login.jsp.
c6d475df : I47-1277 - Admin - Security Group Setup - do not show checkbox on items where editing is not allowed when user clicks in cell.
abfac9b3 : Contact and Case Entry - Bill Delivery Tab - Added right click menu to address grid.
740bc288 : I47-1252 - Copy Addresses button not working at times
1b1cd361 : I47-1257 - AR Entry - Tools, Reset Invoice Status to Selected - remove restrictions.
ac93e26d : I47-1258 - Add Last Interest Date to Matters grid and allow global edit.
09478a47 : I47-1262 - UI Cleanup on Editing Recurring Event Warning.
f79fb1a5 : I47-1265 - Event Entry - retain settings not working for some fields.
098b1113 : I47-1267 - AR Entry – fixed an issue where the second time you type in a record number in AR Entry, bank code is blank.
b847f8f2 : I47-1269 - Voucher Entry - When User Settings are cleared, Entry Options for Voucher Entry cleared as well.

August 20, 2018 - 5.0.1808.12015
a899efff : I47-1264 - Orion Admin - resolved an issue where opening Security Group after changing a setting on previous security group were not saved
a974b7f5 : OLI - Standard Export. Allows to set "If Delimiter is in field, wrap with this Character" to "-none-".

August 17, 2018 - 5.0.1808.11715
09406317 : I47-1263, fixed an issue where the iOrion Activity Codes would not pull the rate and amount as set on Activity Code.
9bffc904 : I47-1268 - Resolved an issue where printers settings in some scenarios, like orientation, were overwritten by default printer settings.
31a57400 : Time Manager - Advance Find - fixed issue with cancel button having a bad character before the caption.
0c743463 : Images - Added CreatedOn/EditedOn fields to APReimburseImage.
820075a7 : I47-1266 - Calendar Manager - resolved issue with hint being the wrong font
a2402919 : OLI Standard Export Script - Added the field of Client-Matter to available output fields.
a53fcd03 : Update Added support for DevExpress component 18.1.4 (Berlin) which allows newer OS possibilities.

August 13, 2018 - 5.0.1808.11315
e74c1569 : I47-1216, Fixed an issue where in some scenarios AR Imaging was retaining previous pdf image.
a498214d : ePreBill Manager - Added security option for viewing changes/annotations from others.
27884b47 : I47-1261 - Email Journal Add-in - Fixed issue where the the "Message" ribbon tab was not displaying on new email forms.

August 10, 2018 - 5.0.1808.11015
6ed26b11 : ePreBill Manager - Added Client-Matter/Task lookup buttons to grid/row.
ac63b86e : I47-1215 - GL Transaction Detail Window several UI fixes.
62648878 : I47-1256 - GL Financial Statements - When in design mode, and in Properties tab, the line to left of "Column Properties" is in wrong location.
d5245844 : Fixed Code from "I47-1170 - Fixed issue where server is blank when writing to the registry
e2d40c8e : ePreBill Manager - Added logic to view Annotations made by others.
22fee465 : opp - fixed OPP crashing word on Save of a document when used with Worldox.
13e82529 : I47-1251, AR Manager grid - if saving new transaction and it is only transaction on grid, have to hit refresh to edit.
1ad97695 : I47-1250, fixed an issue where saving of MC transactions would double the amount field if bank code was invalid.
22c5710e : AppServer - Adjusting refreshed rate information to every 5 minutes.

August 3, 2018 5.0.1808.10315
80e8ddce : Matter Lookup - Optimized UI to help address form's from being hidden behind another form/window or off-screen.
ecdf25e2 : I47-1173 - Report Builder - Fixed issue where the tool bar settings are not saved from one session to another.
7daa60df : I47-1249 - Fixed issue where moving a matter record to a different client is did not update data in casedata table.
ae93ea82 : Support enabled for AddinExpress 9.0.1650 for MS Office which allows future versions.
8f1c9b33 : I47-1248 - Bank Rec Report - Cleared/Uncleared items - changed logic so we always get GL Cash Account balance from data files.
3b30135e : I47-1247 - Timekeeper Rate Sets Report - add ability to filter by Rate Set (Filter Tab only).
c76f859a : I47-1230 - Reports - Matter Budget Report - Add "Page Break on Group Change"
f771e681 : I47-1245 - Fixed an issue where PDF output was adding a space after characters like "Right Single Quotation Mark" that have been copied into Orion from another application.

July 31, 2018 - 5.0.1807.13115
6f963721 : ePrebill Manager - Save selected sort order.
8cb4e13a : AppServer/Desktop - Fixed a performance issue where cached result's of task set resulted in unacceptable query times.
1082d81c : I47-1243 - Fixed an issue where printing from Orion is causing the HP Universal PCL5 print driver to fail.
8271f931 : I47-1237 - Reporting - fixed an issue where we could not export to excel because xlsx was not registered.

July 27, 2018 - 5.0.1807.12715
eee39076 : I47-1240 - Fixed an issue where we were loading stale cached files for lawtypes
3fcc0853 : I47-1239 - Fixed an issue that allowed users access to some of the codes in File Maintenance when they lacked rights
c6bd4678 : ePrebill Manager - Performed some database optimization for annotations when transactions are greater than 500 entries for a matter.
8f6ea163 : Records Management - Fixed an issue where the form designer would not update OrionDesktop when restarted.
788f721e : I47-1231, Bill Prep - Invoice Recap - Fixed issue where the data was not refreshed upon deletion of a transaction.
a42bb3c1 : I47-1232, Allow AR Posting through AR Entry screen.
45397855 : ePreBill Manager - Fixed issues where task recap was not reflecting changes to task codes.

July 20, 2018 - 5.0.1807.12015
da8bd2c1 : Desktop Sidebar Menu - Fixed an issue where if no Groups were defined or saved, it would prevent loading of the default for users security group.
7e4dc231 : I47-1227, Fixed an issue were you were unable to rename/remove sidebar groups in certain scenarios.
0bc32932 : I47-1229, Expense Entry - Fixed an issue where under some circumstances, a matter would not be checked if it was closed when entering through Client-Matter field.
3368fae0 : orCreateCache - Fixed an issue where it would not create the windows scheduled task
2d6b1cb4 : I47-1223 - AP Vendor Listing Report - Report adjustment. On page break, keep together (orphan information flows to next page), we also added "Filter" and "Options" to the header of report
ef131c07 : I47-1225, Fixed an issue where a dash(-) would not retain a space in fee entry.
c0ea34f6 : I47-1221, Fixed an issue where an AP Overflow Check was not allowing a change to the check number.
d55fe878 : I47-1214, User Setup - Added the ability to link vendors to users
90b758ea : I47-1224, File Maintenance Manager - Tools - Codes - Timekeeper Levels - Adjusted some logic for updating transactions where a timekeeper level was changed.

July 13, 2018 - 5.0.1807.11315
3a1dc10a : I47-1219, State Tax - Added 4 decimal places
2a8f2b94 : I47-1210, Calendar Manager - Users will now be listed alphabetical order by ID. Currently, when adding new users to an existing list, they're added at the bottom of the list.
fc1a6b4f : WIP for I47-1207, Contacts/Matters Manager/Grid - Optimized relationship grid on refresh.
84eb482a : Desktop - Optimized how related Journal grids retrieve data.

July 10, 2018 - 5.0.1807.11015
8c79db36 : I47-1179, Remove references to LRMCLI and LRMMAT.
88e200b4 : I47-1211 - User Setup - Cannot Focus on Invisible Window Error when selecting "New" button (versus "Save" button) when the focus is on the Reimbursement setup tab.
0cb7930a : I47-1189 - Matter Intake Setup - Set "Task Billing" to "None" as the default if the Client is setup for "None" (or the proper Task Set if the Client is setup with a Task Set).
f8eda3c0 : I47-1181, Bill Prep - fixed an issue if more than 4500 records which would cause a syntax error when loading annotations.
ea18801c : Desktop - "New" button icon not displaying correct on some systems.

June 29, 2018 - 5.0.1806.12915
b6ae6762 : I47-1208 - Security Setting added for manage timekeeper budgets in security setting.
3247d353 : I47-1205, Add Matter Alias to Client-Matter Lookup.
23d6cd74 : Smart Timers, fixed issue where mouse clicks lost focus in grid.
7124167d : I47-1206, fixed issue where Green Icon badge was not showing on task bar icon when smart timer were running.
3b5d9910 : I47-1192 - Check Request - "New" hover-help shows "Ins" and "F10" for "New" button
6d740074 : Fixed bug in Calendar Manager which would error out if the Manager was down sized too small.
0031b203 : Reimbursement Filter, fixed issue with it not showing available Vendors for Employee at times.
e3d89498 : I47-1200 - Add scheduling button to orcreatecache.
7bd01d1d : I47-1196 - Payment Calendar - Expand "Timekeeper" width pull-down (to match Fee Entry).
7b42e0c3 : I47-1204 - Email Recipients subreport added invoice styler.
4a52d533 : I47-1195 - Smart Timers - When opening opening the Desktop, if a Smart Timer is running, open the Smart Timer Manager and bring to the foreground

June 22, 2018 - 5.0.1806.12215
3f259a6d : I47-1185 - Added Bill and Off Invoice check boxes in Bill Prep
4e12049d : I47-1201 - Fixed error in the loading of OrionEmbeddedRpts.DLL.
106e44ad : Reporting - Fixed issue in Scenario manager where the buttons were enabled on second launch
ca22104a : I47-1168 - Added ability to remove printer setup info from a scenario once it has been saved to it. Will now revert back to using the default printer for the user.
08721597 : OLI - Standard export now has a setting "Do not allow duplicate lines in export".
d0a050bf : I47-1203, Conflicts - Fixed an issue if Security was set to None and users were still able to open in record view.
c72e0de0 : I47-1197, AR Entry and Matter Status - find Client-Matter by Invoice Number.
27f78047 : I47-1202 - Reporting - Grid Detail Reports Style Editing - a) Showing two save dialogs on close if style edited; b) Showing a "Restoring" dialog on launch at times; c) Now it will only query user to save if style has been modified; d) Fix where if user selects "No" when ask to save changes when closing designer report would still show changes if user ran report before closing design list;.
92bb9499 : I47-1198 - Styles mixed up between FM Reimbursement Types List and Reimbursement Edit Register Detail.
6e646218 : 47-1193--Matter Status - Fixed GUI display on WIP entries.
732e4f68 : I47-1170 - Stopped saving the Server name in the Registry if server is blank.

June 8, 2018 - 5.0.1806.10815
fd82d26f : I47-1142 - Check Request - Print - Add "Export" options to the Print Dialog as used with Client and Matter Intake.
e6beaa47 : I47-1180, Fixed shortcuts in Fee Entry - cursor goes to unexpected place.
9638b9f8 : I47-1176, Prebill Manager - Add "Count" to "Edit Selected" window (like Matter Manager).
efc193bc : I47-1183, User Setup - Reimbursement Vendor Link - When adding new Vendor, at times, the highlighted record (matching based on name match) is one row below view.
de30dff0 : Intake Form now scrolls on mouse wheel.
f1e3a92f : Check Request Form now scrolls on mouse wheel.
efcd5ce8 : I47-1184 - Fixed issue with legacy GL Financial Statements - Variable components not calculating.
affc085f : I47-1143 - Reporting System - OH Reports - Reimbursement Types - "Receipts Required Only if Above" Checkbox is not "checked" when required.
df6cade9 : DashBoard - Summary Compiler not creating records if WO value greater then Billed.
1fecefd5 : I47-1178, AR Manager - Tools, System Settings - set window back to left justified.
349b2bf5 : I47-1169, Added VoidedDate field to ARINVOICEHDR file.
6b0c152b : Fixed SQL retrieval problem of not returning all records valid for complex statement with PSQL 12.11
26fd4d96 : Updated AddinExpress to 8.3.1442; Updated EasyMAPI to; Hot fix for RBuilder for excel export;.
1b41cd8a : Emailing from Orion - Updated "Redemption.dll" to version
061a4fe4 : I47-1172 - Report Editor - freezes if you try to edit a style after making one edit and NOT closing Report Editor.

June 1, 2018 - 5.0.1806.10115
9f5cf31f : I47-1104, Admin - Intake Setup - When cursor is on a "Stage", the "Move" (Up/Down) should move the "Stage" and associated objects.
e414b044 : I47-750, Fixed issue where file type "Jpeg" option isn't working.
2b4c204e : I47-1163, Records Management Entry - prompting save even if no changes were made.
f67c2d8c : I47-1171 - Fix calculation issue in Open Cost Report - Percent of Total.
9463c09f : I47-1166--UI Cleanup - Payments by Working Attorney and Payments on Invoices Reports.
60bf2f1a : I47-1162, Records Management UI - text getting cut off.
64071abf : ePrebill Manager, UI change in the "Summary" section.
91a19bf8 : I47-1165, User Setup - Expand the "Status" field to fully display "Inactive Timekeeper".

May 29, 2018 - 5.0.1805.12915
397f4ec0 : I47-1167 - Prebill printing - Sort Annotation items by ModifiedOn;

May 25, 2018 - 5.0.1805.12515
99b9bf34 : We now remove Line Feeds in grid cell so user can see notes in grid.
bc4958fb : I47-1164 - Check Register Data Output - Voucher Header Notes and Voucher Distribution Notes Fields not flowing.
1db5cb0f : I47-1161 - Fixed export issue - Sub reports not included in output, like Payment Application Analysis applies.
79c030a6 : I47-1072, Client & Matter Intake - Conflict Names Search/Add - Add "Import Name" (from clipboard).
5eb5c2e4 : I47-1071, Conflicts Search - Import Names - Add "Search Options" to be applied when "Import Names" button is selected.
81090300 : I47-707, AP Manager Grid - add Amount Due field.
47b15124 : I47-793, File Maintenance Manager - Related Matter "Tab" - Add Originating ID, Project Manager ID and Managing ID as available columns.
e2e54551 : I47-1159 - User Entry - Clear User Setting - "Printer Setup" and "Desktop Sidebar Menu" showing in list when no setting currently exist.
1847dccb : I47-1157 - EDI Templates - add ability to calculate using results of a string expression.
8c2e8223 : I47-1153 - Billing Reallocation Report - Fix error on zero value fee.
b3593c21 : I47-1156 - Email Bill Delivery Template - add field to show "Total Due" at the client level.
5852206c : OLI - standard export script now has a setting that allows you to export matters that are in INTAKE.

May 21, 2018 - 5.0.1805.12115
30b8cd57 : I47-1149 - Single Invoice Reprinting - settings are now saved as User's default state.
23461261 : I47-1155 - Reporting - Menu for "Manage Scenario" is showing when report does not allow scenarios like in Invoicing.
3ba73efc : Prebill/ePrebill Manager, changed "Prebill Defects" to "Alerts" and other misc. UI changes.
2a4f20df : OLI - features were added to support ePrebill Alert scripts.
5f5110e2 : I47-1153 - Billing Reallocation Report
2fcc4af7 : I47-806, Expense Manager - Change "Client" to "Client Name" and "Matter" to Matter Name as column headers.
a00bce11 : I47-1152, Billing Manager Default Grid not displaying Printed invoices that match filter.
9f6fed4f : I47-1154, Matter Record - Primary and Assigned not populated by Resp Atty if PM module not on.
5dc94925 : I47-781, Conflicts/Records Management - Several UI fixes
819ba427 : I47-918, Time Manager - Add "Original Rate" and "Bill Rate" as possible columns for the main grid and options for the detail panel (default is disabled).
2bf5a4a6 : I47-1134, Time Manager - When time is captured by OPP, the Time Manager doesn't update until "refreshed". While this behavior is expected, the Calendar, when "Refresh" is selected, doesn't update.
a528aaa3 : I47-778, Users - Reimbursement Tab - When adding a Vendor, always pull refreshed list
455271b6 : OLI - Created a script to work with ePrebill to send out emails.
5545295f : I47-1145 - Matter Status - Print option hangs when showing all matters for a Client and there are a lot of matters.
75764910 : I47-1151--AR Manager - Banks Grid - option to Hide Inactive Banks not being saved on close.
101dae35 : OLI - made enhancements to the standard matter export.

May 12, 2018 - 5.0.1805.11215
edd65294 : I47-1140, File Maintenance Manager - Edit Selected (Clients) - Add "count" of Clients Selected to the Title Bar
efa0b4e9 : WIP for (I47-1074, AR Collections - Grid "Group By" totals
9269d372 : I47-1075, Payment Calendar - fixed grouping UI
c603d094 : Desktop, UI tweaks to help with z order problems and errors.
fb52c7a7 : I47-1074, AR Collections - Grid "Group By" totals

May 10, 2018 - 5.0.1805.11015
e88fc392 : I47-1150, Changes made to ARINVOICHDR for split billing - unable to unpost/void invoices created prior to this change.
ebd56ac0 : I47-742, Focus Matter view - fixed issue with creating task, appointment
39c534c1 : Added more codesite logging in the Worldox process for Emails.
f5f65a63 : I47-1141, Charge Interest Check Box not flowing from client record to new matter intakes.
a7970398 : I47-1139, Cannot delete INT transactions even when not restricted user (due to date restrictions).
2dded419 : I47-1148, Entry Options in AP - Invoice Date not retaining when Save and Post used on Voucher Entry.
d7a514bf : I47-1133, Fee Entry - Change "Status" (upper right-hand corner of entry window) to use "Fee Status" versus "Bill Status".
0471c9c6 : I47-1147, Bill Prep - Client Name and Matter Name labels - expand (name being truncated).
09ab1cdd : I47-933, Status 5 in LRMTKRES when merging users
1d1402b1 : I47-1117, ARSPLITBILLHDR - add INvoiceNumber so we can store number assigned to source invoice.
6820f463 : I47-1068, Changes for Split Billing/Reallocate Time.
13f03217 : OLI - Standard Matter Export script - Added CaseOID, Project Atty, Orig Atty. Now you can export Matter Name and Matter Alias as two fields in the output file.

May 4, 2018 - 5.0.1805.10415
28ec4d90 : ePrebill - BillPrep, now supports applying annotations from multiple people (on same transaction).
891b3b38 : I47-1144 - Admin - Data View Designer - Crashes when using Ctrl-Z on PersonCombo.
c7659bb5 : ePrebill - 1) Added "Clarification Needed" status. 2) Added logic to save/view Annotations for "active" person. 3) Added "Notification" options to Person Settings.
c12a51fe : I47-1137 - ePrebill - Printed Prebill - Provide pipeline for transaction annotations/reason code & description
8dab9d73 : OLI - Standard Expense Import Script. Added Rounding to Type 'T'.
c4f6f86c : Bill Delivery - It will not send emails without attachments.
April 30, 2018 - 5.0.1804.13015
2be255be : I47-1132, Contacts - When editing an existing Contact's address, removed the confirmation about editing the "Billing Address" when the Contact is NOT a Client.
b9ba254d : OPP - Word Add-in. Enhanced Error Handling
9027eb34 : I47-1136 - Reporting - Event Listing - Crashes if too many matters selected in matter filter.

April 27, 2018 - 5.0.1804.12715
10dbc6f3 : OPP - After a merge a user may click the Matter lookup button and it will now call Worldox API and try to get the Matter info from Worldox.
1b2af319 : I47-1129 - Contacts - When "Type of Contact" is "AP Vendor" it can no longer be changed.
55a305b8 : I47-1131 Reporting - Voucher Expense Listing fixed logic problem
709bb2b6 : OPP - Now Case lookup has the Form Caption showing Matter Lookup,Project Lookup, etc as set in Admin.
aba9041c : OPP - fixed where OPP Word was not saving documents correctly
c3a46b4a : I47-1077 - Matter Status - when sorting by Reference, AR transactions do not detail correctly.
2f63c3e2 : I47-1084 - Reporting - Export File (no merge) option - column headings offset
db6e65b5 : I47-850--Admin - User Setup - Security Group Setup - When "Copying" settings from another group, the "Force Sidebar and Quick Launch" Date/Time isn't copying.
30c0826a : OPP Word - Added more logging into the Codesite trace system. Changed TimeKeeper to Timekeeper on Fee Entry Screen.
c44eaa44 : I47-1061 - AP - Voucher Entry - Distributions - Add "Select Fields" to right-click menu. Add Fields, Date, Units, Usage Tax, Include on 1099, Phase-Task and Image (attached). The default will be to exclude these objects/columns.
029061e1 : I47-1127 - Voucher Expense Listing Tab Order.
a49b91ee : I47-1125 - GL Transaction tab order on subsequent transactions.
fe85acee : I47-775--Orion Admin - Security Group Setup - Copy From - Sort list of "Source" in alphabetical order, not order of entry.
cc9bafaa : I47-1080 - Icon for OrionAdmin (seen in task bar) is for v4, not v5
7d940798 : I47-895 - Matters - Detail Panel - Add "Location Info" Object that will show Location "Code - Description".
7711b3b0 : I47-929 - AR Collections - Add template tags - "Invoice Number", "Invoice Date", and "Matter Subject".
3da872c0 : I47-1126 - Contact Entry - On non client Contacts - (A) Do not show collections view; (B) Do not try to save Bill Delivery info;.
894bac6a : I47-1081 - Orion Admin - Security Group Setup - Billing - Change "Prebills Narrative Only" to "Bill Prep - Narrative Only".
8c2242df : I47-1093 - Reporting System - File Maintenance Reports - Matter Listing - "Matter Listing" is truncated in the report header when printing to screen or exporting to PDF.
74e1b3aa : I47-1124 - Summary Pages on Invoice Listing do not have time stamp.
60b9d84c : I47-1116 - Email Bill Delivery Logo Issue with Client Cover Remittance Copy.
b352619f : I47-705--Payment Calendar - After setting an option in the "Filter", auto-select the "Additional Filter" option.

April 20, 2018 - 5.0.1804.12015
ba9bed2c : Desktop - Worldox Tab, Add "Matter Name" as available column. Worldox fields for "Client" and "Matter" were removed as these are replaced with "Client File As" and "Matter Name".
d5a9ea27 : I47-1103 - Client-Matter AR Ledger - widen Client-Matter number field so full number will display.
e943e035 : I47-1120 - Calendar Manager - "&" displayed as "_" in confirmation window when deleting a Task or Appointment.
0d931daf : I47-1123 - AR Collections Manager - Filter -Timekeeper Combo - "selected" Timekeepers duplicate.
cbeb07d3 : I47-1115 - Email Bill Delivery Template - need a field to show Invoice Total at client level.
0c1c1433 : Event Entry. If event had not been saved, certain tabs were still available.
824f5914 : I47-1092 - Reports - File Maintenance Reports - Expense Reimbursement Types - "Invoice Required" checkbox is not being populated.
09062c81 : Worldox integration - Fixed issue that if Word was launched from Desktop, it would not save in Worldox.
56972407 : I47-1110--Fee Entry - Right-Click - Change "Ctrl-D" to "Ctrl+D" for Duplicate Field.
e1b90b47 : I47-1118 - Statement of Account - if concatenate option is chosen, summaries (fees) dropping transactions.
f10eb693 : I47-1100 - Paid voucher not pulling up correct GL account on distribution drill down.
5e59d0d0 : I47-1082 - If Invoice Date being saved to ARBilling Selector state is before 01/01/1950 when state is read set date to blank.
58042c1c : I47-1097 - Aged Accounts Receivable - Data Output - Data_Trust Balance outputting 0.
d9018ff9 : I47-1076--Reimbursement Entry - Request OID - Expand to the same width as the Date field and shift "find by OID" icon to the right.
18c5a885 : I47-1083--AP Void Check - Tab Order.
5b5f8f99 : I47-1105--Time Manager - Right-Click - Show Description - The "check" does not appear on subsequent launch of Time Manager after enabling "Show Description".
7db02462 : I47-1107--Time Manager - Add "Alt+D" to "Delete" button (underline "D") & "Alt+N" for "New" (underline "N").
86d36e09 : I47-1108--Check Request - Change fly-out help on "New" button from "Save and New (F10)" to "New (Ins)".
eb17f0a3 : I47-1109--Reimbursement Manager - Add underscore to "N" on "New" button with support for "Alt+N" (keep the flyout help "Ins" for "Insert").
fcfe676f : I47-1054--Advanced Event Manager - Define Views - Expand width of options to better display the full name PLUS the "*" indicating what the "default" is

April 13, 2018 - 5.0.1804.11315
b7240b71 : I47-1096, Edits not showing in Records Management.
I47-1112, Recent Searches not showing in Records Management.
d1224312 : AppServer - Change Fee Status to match the desktop.
891e3b47 : I47-1086, File Maintenance Manager - Tools - System Settings - Client & Matter Additional Info Tabs - "Available Fields" selection list needs to be expanded to show all 10 options, not just the first two date fields.
ed991f85 : I47-1098, Firm Performance Dashboard - Aged WIP Pie Chart not showing all categories with values.
1da1e839 : AppServer - Add options for removing unencrypted message types in config.
865064a8 : I47-1102 - Generate Prebill - Responsible Timekeeper selection not showing the available list or the buttons to move to selected.
2c75341c : I47-1101 - Billing Manager - Reprint Invoices - Add "Client Code, Matter Name" to sort order.
a4f9b2d4 : I47-1069--PM Calendar Manager - Cursor Hover Fly-Out UI Changes. I47-1091--When an Appointment is scheduled for "All Day", regardless as to the number of days, don't display the Start Time or End Time (Dates, yes, not 12:00 am).
0be7be85 : ePrebill - added security options to Admin and logic changes to Desktop. All security options default to none. 1) Added "ePrebill" to Modules Installed. 2) Added security options "ePrebill Manager", "ePrebill - Proxy not Required" and "Bill Prep - Apply ePrebill Changes" to Billing security group.
7b3f69a2 : OLI - Create a standard Expense Import Script.
2e728581 : OLI - Standard Export V5 can export (Client Name or Client FileAs) and (Matter Name or Matter Alias). Added "Name Output Settings" to the script setup.
5c836565 : I47-1088--When marking an Appointment or Task as complete (right-clicking on it from the Calendar Manager, Advanced Event Manager, Event Viewer, etc., "&" are displayed as "_" in the confirmation window.
b4b092eb : I47-1065, Allow Editing of Time in Smart Timers (hours, minutes,etc.).
99dd4f97 : I47-1088--When marking an Appointment or Task as complete (right-clicking on it from the Calendar Manager, Advanced Event Manager, Event Viewer, etc., "&" are displayed as "_" in the confirmation window.

April 6, 2018 - 5.0.1804.10615
a60cae6e : OLI - standard export script can now export all meaningful fields from a matters LRMMARKT record.
225177fd : I47-1089, Time Manager - need ability to filter grid by Phase
091086b9 : I47-1090, Desktop - ZOrder of Managers/Entry forms and Windows Aero Peek issues.
e0478efe : AppServer - Log invalid login attempts.
3915f3b1 : OLI - standard export script can not export LRMMARKT.Description1.
cb73c1ad : TCDiagnostics - Username and password are now required for AppServer tracing.
773ef1a3 : AppServer - Fix Reimbursement header and detail EnteredOn date not filled in from AppServer.
ca17ad47 : ePrebill - Misc bug fixes.
9dde4157 : I47-1079, iOrion smart timer Client Name not flowing to Orion Desktop.
916611c3 : I47-788--Hide Inactive Bank Accounts, Vendors & GL Accounts - Instead of using the grid controls as a temporary setting, this needs to be a user-based setting that "sticks".

March 30, 2018 - 5.0.1803.13015
34318da5 : ePrebill - Changes to notes now visual shown in ePrebill Manager and Bill Prep.
6b7e934c : I47-935, Client File As added to AR Collections Manager.
1a3f9dc1 : I47-1064 - AP - Bank Transaction Code Entry - sort list of codes (drop down) in ASCII order.
b87e842b : I47-1063 - Bank Rec Screen Debit Side not sizing correctly when maximized.
e6167db9 : I47-1067 - Expense Entry - take out warning re too many characters - all AR transactions will not check for note length but just truncate if too long.
5a057e25 : I47-1070 - System Tray icon resembles version 4 and not version 5.
f6ff1838 : I47-1062 - Create/Edit Matter Nicknames - Change "Contact Name" to "Client Name".
84327841 : I47-1055 - Calendar Manager - Tools - Workday Settings - Several Issues.
9bf66f52 : I47-1042 - Task Code Setup - widen form so full description shows.
56246380 : I47-1066 - Emailing - Error - Failed to create email. Could not copy Redemption.dll to user directory since it already exists.

March 26, 2018 - 5.0.1803.12615
c35e3224 : I47-876, File Maintenance Manager - Tools - Manage Codes - Timekeeper Levels - Add "Print Order" as a column.
dc3bcbce : I47-988, Time Manager Client Name column - cannot filter by in V5.
9006b146 : IV47-1059, Add ability to import Conflicts Batch Searches.
a4fef1f9 : Summary Compiler for Dash Boards - AR Transaction reversals were not be handled correctly. Amount of reversal was being doubled resulting in negative payment amounts at times.
c2b529d7 : I47-1048 - Calendar Manager - When deleting an Appointment from the Calendar, don't display a "New'" Appointment window after completing the delete operation.
10d170ca : I47-808 - AR Manager - Add "Client Name", "Client File As", "Matter Name" and "Client-Matter" objects as column headers in the Main Grid.
50ce58ea : I47-847 - Users - When adding a new user, place cursor directly in the "ID" field for entry.
8a8fd143 : I47-1034 - Payment Calendar - Align the "date(s) selected" with the title "Payment Calendar".
07054f3c : I47-1051 - Advanced Event Manager - Ctrl+A NOT working.
c19f092c : I47-1056 - Orion Admin (and File Maintenance Manager - Manage Users) - When setting a filter, don't clear the filter after saving a change to a User.
680764d5 : I47-994 - EDI Template Styler - Allow "Calc Editor" Window to stretch vertically (so as to see more of the "Calc" field). Also, save Template Design Window Size/Positioning.

March 23, 2018 - 5.1803.12315
dc183b7f : I47-1021, Orion Admin - User Setup - Reimbursement "Tab" - Adjust explanation text so that it appears in a "box" that's below the list of related Vendors
b990885e : AppServer - Increase reimbursement image resolution. This requires an updated client.
73e56d23 : I47-1052 - Calendar Manager - Right-Click on "User Tab" Menu needs to have the "skin" applied.
35568f93 : I47-990--UI Changes to Calendar Manager.
653bacac : I47-1050 - Calendar Manager - The "Date" field on the toolbar (used for navigation) displays a Date & Time when you select more than one date from the Multi-Month Calendar (remove the "Time").
a81a3657 : I47-1057 - Email Bill Delivery - "Client Full Name" tag is resolved wrong at times.
78aa7f9c : I47-1049 - Journal Entry Screen - Allow window to stretch down to view more of the "Allow Journal to be created in".
d3291b31 : I47-1036 - AP - Voucher Entry - Vendor Name with "&" displays as "_".
f21e131c : I47-1010, AP Bank Account Setup - GL Account Description - "&" is displayed as "_" (see screenshot).
966bb7c3 : I47-1001, Aged WIP and Aged AR report screens need scroll bar or to be lengthened - all options not showing.
5b7e251a : I47-1014, Records Management - RM Entry Screen Setup - Allow "Entry View Designer" to expand vertically (down) and widden the window so that any object doesn't flow into the margin on the right.
e493b8d0 : I47-1012 - Voucher Expense Listing - Request to Add Filter fields for GL Account and Bank.
53bdb5fd : GL Change Account Number form was not sized correctly for 6-4-2 account number format.
a0d4013e : I47-1005 - GL Account Entry - Merge Accounts/ Change Account number - widen window.
d73f3898 : I47-985 - expense listing report - add accounting code to style when sorted by accounting code.
3d694ad4 : I47-1035 - Reports - FM Reports - Expense & Client Advance Listing - Change "Unit Price" to show three digits to the right of the decimal (versus just two).
87e1d897 : I47-1038 - Reporting - FM Reports - Expense Reimbursement Types - Replace the second instance of the "GL Account Code" with the "GL Account Description".
fc007c90 : I47-1043 - Bill Prep - Missing Image check box should be read only.
7a4a3caf : I47-1032 - Email Bill Delivery - logo on second pages/subsequent pages not printing properly.
9e7ba7fd : I47-1045 - Charge Interest box not flowing from existing client record to matters.
8c68e75c : I47-1046 - Events - Appointment/Task Entry - Venue - The selected Venue in the pull-down doesn't always pick the right one if item changed by key up/down.
3ddae98e : I47-1022 - Invoice Styler - Adjust "Line Container Settings" for increased font size (i.e. things are running off the screen).
c991348e : I47-1040 - Email Bill Delivery [$AR Amount] Data Field only pulling AR for one matter.
7190f595 : I47-1013 - AR - System Settings - Interface Accounts Setup - "&" displayed as "_" (needs to be "&"). Also increase width due to new font.
8f269cfb : I47-1042 - Task Code Setup - widen form so full description shows. This edit box right side is now Anchored to the right side of form. You can size form as wide as you like. This form saves it's width to the database.
20aa4915 : I47-1004, Timekeeper Combo where you can select multiple timekeepers (used in Bill Prep, Fee Filter, etc.).
3edc9f76 : I47-1025, Bank Reconciliation - Add Debit/Credit to Bank - Reference Field - Displaying with commas.
553a1b24 : I47-1039, Matter Record - Opposing Counsel field - limiting to typing only 40 characters.
051d9237 : I47-1028, AR Transaction Reversal - sometimes bank code being removed from transaction.
6c65fa34 : I47-1030, Trust Transfer - Too Many Characters in Notes message.
2a4c7f9c : I47-1037 - AP - Vendor Status - Vendor Name (in several places) shows "&" as "_".
10278c18 : I47-1017 - Export to RTF (particularly invoices) - formatting, etc. not coming over same as in V4.
2502a04b : I47-1024 - GL Expense History - Month name wrong in subtotals when on Fiscal versus Calendar Year.
7a92952b : I47-1031 - GL Live - drill down on This Year YTD only show transactions for first period.
652ddc9c : I47-893 - Reports - Timekeeper Rates Report - Secondary sort appears to be by OID not by Rate Code.
d62c6a3b : I47-1041 OPP - Missing a Journal Location when sending Email from Desktop.
560fb733 : I47-1023, Prebill Manager - Move "Apply Retainer" to the right of "Apply Trust" (not below). Also, "Close Case" should be using the "Alias" for "Case" as defined in Admin.
c7352b6e : I47-1016, Expense Manager - load - change SQL to just get count of records in EXPRECOVERY.
e87ad6ba : I47-1011, Prebill Manager - Apply Trust, Apply Retainer, and Close Case Not Causing Edits Needed box to be Checked.

March 16, 2018 - 5.0.1803.11610
038d3032 : I47-1003, File Maintenance System Settings Starting Matter Number set at Zero not working
77a30dfe : Matter Lookup Combo - Under certain circumstances, key presses in the "matter" code segment were delayed.
8b98d804 : OLI - added a script keyword of Ok Cancel Dialog.
01767001 : I47-1033 - Adding/Saving a brand new Contact returning prompt to change Billing address.
dab5da46 : I47-1029 - Email Bill Delivery - Update CreatedOn when Invoice created if was voided, rename "Date" column to "Created On" so it is not thought of as invoice date, show count of waiting item not shown in list due to filter.
b44fa063 : I47-1015 - Matter Status - Details Tab - add Button for Billing Notes.
fbeb819d : OPP - Outlook Only installer was not being signed correctly.
4cd8ef6a : I47-1026 - Security Group Settings - Time Manager - Allow Release When Saved - change default to Full.
87c26335 : I47-1008 - Aged WIP By Timekeeper - Include Inactive and Page Break on Group Change not showing.
c02182c6 : I47-1018 - Grid Reports, Summary - Boolean fields not printing check mark.
3aca8296 : I47-991 - Orion Admin - Tables & Views - Data Views - Need to add option for "Lookup Combos" to perform alpha sort
1e88f7df : I47-893 - Reports - Timekeeper Rates Report - Secondary sort appears to be by OID not by Rate Code.
777cccc6 : I47-798 - Reporting - Inactive Matters Report - Replace "Case" with what's defined in Admin.
10bf9950 : I47-996 - Time Manager - Default Query editor - blank dates not acting like wild cards but filtering out all fees if blank.

March 9, 2018 - 5.0.1803.10916
d3e6e410 : I47-1020 - Reporting - Batch reporting never outputting to printer.
8371d92c : I47-1019 - AR Collection - Email body showing rtf formatting codes instead of rtf text at some sites.
89574d27 : I47-989 - AP Voucher Entry/Post - unable to save transaction if distribution description too long. This change was needed due to changes made in I47-952 and I47-887.
32ff354d : I47-995 - Top Billing Client Report new standard system report.
bb0dcc44 : I47-932--AP Bank Account Setup - Adjust position of objects and expand field size.
59f04f11 : I47-1007, AP - Bank Transaction Codes - unable to enter a new code in certain circumstances.
6e6b35ef : I47-1009 - Email Bill Delivery - Grid not loading until user goes to filter and back.
e3e44dbf : I47-1000, AR Entry - widen field that hold "Amount Remaining to Be Applied (at top to right of record number).
04c20137 : I47-997 - GL Live Statements - when Columns to Offset set to anything greater than 0, amounts do not print.

March 6, 2018 – 5.0.1803.10616
7351843f : I47-998, Security Group - do not allow save if no Default Profile View assigned
51a66b08 : Desktop - AR Collections, fixed Access Violation Error received when closing filter.
7c1e934b : I47-993, Contacts - General "Tab" - "Workgroup" label no longer aligns with data field.
30f454fb : I47-976 - Reporting - Export to Excel without merging of cells.
fed487e5 : I47-987 - Reporting - when rounding due to display format, use regular rounding not bankers rounding.
f956f19f : I47-999 - Reporting - export "Excel Data File" include DBMemo objects in default items to export, also try to order items same as in style.
7c5dd1a2 : Orion Admin - Scroll bars in grids not displaying correctly since new version of DevExpress.
99b5ba1c : Desktop - Matter Lookup, initial display slow at times. Optimized loading data into grid.
8c850bf8 : I47-992 - Pay Vouchers window too small when AP "Allow Voucher Discounts" set to true.
c41580b6 : Some changes to help protect Taskbar code from crashing exe.

March 2, 2018 – 5.0.1803.10216
0a3af08b : I47-598, User Setup - Add "Note" when linking Users to Vendors to explain use of "Set As Default".

March 1, 2018 – 5.0.1803.10120
9a0224f9 : I47-984 - Bill Prep - prompting to save all records when write up/down performed on expenses/client advances.
23427b00 : I47-982 - AP Check Register Report - Voided Checkbox not working in "Include Voided Checks" style.
7308cc0b : I47-986 - GL Manager - Account Status crashes Desktop when launched.

February 28, 2018 – 5.0.1802.12817
99ffa05c : I47-979, File Maintenance Manager - Matters Grid - clicking ENTER does not open record.
332e6802 : I47-981, Completing and Saving a New Client Intake closes the Client record form
632110c4 : I47-980, Intake Forms - full form will not print.
e6c586ce : I47-973, GL Account Status 0 when choosing Multiple, filter sometimes does not work.
0ad92c3f : I47-978, GL Transactions - Create Recurring - save transactions in same order as GL trans creating from.
321d9cd3 : I47-977, AP Voucher - create recurring - distributions lines for recurring transaction s/b saved in same order of entry as voucher.
0bd4e890 : I47-983,Voucher Entry - distribution line - TAB/Enter order not working in some circumstances.
a9ad5946 : I47-943 Orion Desktop Installer. Start In directory should default to the orwin directory.
44900445 : I47-974--Application Reversals Report (under AR Transaction Listings) - Tab stops not correct.
05b757dd : I47-957--Events - Change "_" to "&" on Confirmation Window when removing user form Attendee List.

February 24, 2018 – 5.0.1802.12418
40951761 : DBManager - Fixed issue where Apply Security was not working when program was ran on a machine that was using the Pervasive Client instead of Pervasive Engine.
b98075ff : ePrebill, added Paper Stack image that shows totals selected ePrebill "stack".
3d246e83 : I47-949, F11 shortcut to pull up Matter Lookup not working in Version 5.
61ae837a : AppServer - Add port switch.
b7836997 : TCDiagnostics - Add ISAPI trace option.

February 22, 2018 – 5.0.1802.12216
4a1f8b09 : I47-942, OPP Deployment - Desktop. created a setting for for Server, Port, Https. Also added a button on user settings to manually install OPP.
0511573d : I47-972, Billing Manager - Add Matter "Cross-Reference" as available column and an object in the Data Collector for the "Grid Detail".
2217f5fe : I47-971, Prebill Manager - Add Matter "Cross-Reference" as available column in grid & data feed for the "Grid Detail" report.
a4046051 : OLI - Standard Export - able to export matter description.
3153a3a8 : ePrebill - Added Email Bill Delivery Info.
fd53f4cd : I47-969 - Positive Pay Report - add option to include checks voided during report date range.
a6cca991 : opp - set the trigger code to force OPP install to match this next build of App Server.
d32e9d92 : I47-948 - Prebill Manager when sorting by Client-Matter number (ascending) it puts matter 000000 at end.

February 20, 2018 5.0.1802.12017
62143cea : ePrebill - BillPrep now supports Client-Matter and Phase-Task changes.
4b270741 : I47-968, Conflicts - Informal Search - not creating record in Search History file when you do an informal search.
a53a6c55 : I47-937 - New Client Intake Printed Invoice box not flowing to new matter.
b30cec55 : I47-965 - Time Manager - Calendar - Print Calendar - not passing through correct numbers when displaying data from grid.
362252fb : I47-967 - Check Request - unable to access all of form on monitors where height is set to 720.
017bbeb9 : OLI Standard Export script now can export based on a Whitelist of Type-of-law.

February 18, 2018 - 5.0.1802.1182017
cc934c9d : I47-966 - Setting display scale to 113% cause some forms to be sized too small for all controls to be visible.
017bbeb9 : OLI Standard Export script now can export based on a Whitelist of Type-of-law.
40b10d2e : I47-962 - GL Account Entry and GL Transaction Entry - prompt for save on close (user clicks X).
795e1647 : I47-961 - AR Collections - Some bottom tab information and Collections Instructions not refreshing when filtered for one client matter and change to new client matter.
a9066cdf : I47-951 - Check Request Manager - closing a form (edit or no edit) causes filter to clear.
5c93922a : I47-950 - manual check date field validation.
b5110383 : I47-955 - Reports - Invoice Listing - Add "Additional Matter Description Lines 1-8" to the Data Collector.
985ee660 : I47-958 - Audit Trail record on deleted fee transaction does not contain client-matter number.
41697fc2 : Orion Admin - Audit Trail Viewer needs to show friendly value conversions.
6f6ff3be : Billing Address changes to Matters should be logged in Audit Trail, they were in 4.6.
d21c5a89 : ePrebill Manager - Added Spell/Replace.
1dfc465a : OrionDC - Added "NewMatterCode" to Update Matter Fields process.
353280b5 : ePrebill - 1) Added ability to change Matter/Task. 2) Added Edit Selected option.
630b77b8 : I47-956 - Scenarios Created in V4 at times causing endless pages to be printed in V5.
589fa738 : [iv] I47-688 OPP - Add time, Seed Party with To and CC fields, not client.(Now it allows a user to change the Journal Time.) The rest of this IV item is still open.

February 12, 2018 – 5.0.1802.11215
de560f55 : I47-954 - Records Managment - Audit Trail - Store/Display assigned field labels vs. the table field name. Also, display all "Dates" as MM/DD/YYYY.
dd13562c : I47-940 - Matter Status - AR Ledger - Payment applied to multiple invoices not showing up against individual invoices when sorted by Reference #, and pmts should always be below invoice.
7e156f3b : I47-952 - When Application adds "Adjustment to Voucher" to notes it is at times causing "Too many characters in notes." error.
8e927272 : I47-944 - Bill Prep - validation routine (and Prebill) - requiring Task Code on INT charges and should not.

February 7, 2018 – 5.0.1802.10715
007e90e : Conflict Search - Added "Clear All" to batch search.
cf9e5a1 : I47-910 - Firm Performance Dashboard - Firm Summary - Open Vouchers - including all banks
6f22ca16 : ePrebill/Bill_Prep, added "Taxable" logic.
b0ff0871 : I47-946, Records Management Entry - fields aren't populating data.
01017c4e : I47-947, Billing Manager - Posting Invoices - unable to post invoice on closed matter.
4f49fb13 : 1) Prebill/ePrebill, Added options for "Close Matter", "Apply Retainer" and "Apply Trust". 2) ePrebill, misc. UI changes.
1acc23b2 : I47-863 - AP Manager - Bank Setup - Order Bank Code "Pull-Down" by Bank Code, not OID.
eaec7371 : I47-945 - Add pipeline for Cases to Contact Manager Detail grid report.

February 6, 2018 – 5.0.1802.10615
b94189ac : I47-938 - Email Bill Delivery - Initial list should be filtered to current week.

February 2, 2018 – 5.0.1802.10218
I47-666, Change to Auto Increment Matter Number/Client Number.
f3bc8ef3 : I47-931 - Case Entry - Saving record deleted by someone else crashes Orion
33b4d30b : I47-930 - Time Manager - Application crashes if Time Manager is closed while query is processing.
28e4e66b : I47-926 - Query Builder at times crashes program when New Group button clicked.
33ccf210 : I47-823 - Aged WIP Report - add Bill Status option.
8bc7d50b : I47-924 - Reporting - Data Output crashes at times if report was ran before doing data output.
d9afdd44 : Admin - Intake Setup. Fixed some Errors that can happen when editing an Intake Setup.
aadf9371 : I47-922 - Grid Reports - Summary (WYSIWYG) - amount fields when exported to Excel - wrong format.
a2f2d1db : I47-853--File Maintenance Manager - Clients (and Matter Entry) - EDI Billing Template List needs to be listed in alpha order, not the OID.

January 30, 2018 - 5.0.1801.13015
cf3fd965 : Conflict Search - a) Fix for records that would disappear or not display. b) Added "Clear All" button in batch search. c) Save state of "Additional Tables to Search" check boxes.
98b23d4c : I47-910 - Firm Performance Dashboard - Firm Summary - Open Vouchers - including all banks.
d52f9c0f : I47-884 - File Maintenance Manager - Client "Billing" Tab - Time Increments - When changing, prompt user to change related Matters.
526a05e7 : I47-863--AP Manager - Bank Setup - Order Bank Code "Pull-Down" by Bank Code, not OID and Display the Bank Name.
7c1cc2f1 : I47-634 - Email Bill Delivery - AUTO REFRESH List after sending all selected emails have been sent to BDSENDER.
ea6e8dda : I47-921 - GL Chart of Account Entry - Budget fields - TAB stop order not correct.
1fc48a3b : I47-394 - New Security Setting for Editing Contact/Matter Records that are in Intake.
39e5df72 : I47-913 - allow date filter on invoice date column in time manager.
eb3728f4 : I47-865--Prebill Printing - Change Sort "Client Last Name" to "Client File As" and "Responsible, Client Last Name" to "Responsible, Client File As" in the drop-down.
9fc8b91f : I47-919 - Time Manager - Fee Status Column - Colors for Incomplete and Unreleased.
22437e10 : I47-915 - Time Manager - Column settings and Detail fields need to be converted from v4 non calendar state.
1cc52dcc : I47-883--Admin - System Setup - Intake (Client and Matter) - Sort the "Responsible" pull-down by Timekeeper ID.
a633664a : I47-912--AP Voucher Distribution - GL Account Description - "&" displayed as "_" (see screenshot).

January 26, 2018 - 5.0.1801.12615
e0e68cae : I47-917 - Managers that change layout with queries - Allow current layout to be applied to queries.
1ed87800 : I47-917 - Managers that change layout with queries - Allow current layout to be applied to queries.
5dbe3b5f : Time Manager - Query Entry, Date Range "Applies To" at times wasn't saving.
2d1b8dc1 : I47-666, Change to Auto Increment Matter Number/Client Number.
42e3d822 : I47-759, Check Request - Hide the "New Vendor" Button when (a) the current user doesn't have rights to create/edit Vendors and (b) if the Vendor already exists
dcad8e98 : I47-782, Prebill Manager - Several UI Clean-Up Items
78eb34ef : Time Manager - Query Editor, miscellaneous UI and security changes.
6aa84ee4 : I47-911--Records Management Entry - "Expand" Button Overlaps Description Boxes.
3044e8cf : I47-879 - Orion Admin - Queries, Reports, Scenes and View Manager
68eec3ce : Made Query Manager sizable.
c2b81197 : I47-902--Admin - System Setup - Event Assignment Settings - Allow window and contents (list) to be resized vertically.

January 24, 2018 - 5.0.1801.12415
7019e811 : I47-899, Quick Doc - Allow Objects to be re-ordered by drag and drop
be5dd3a5 : I47-896, Query Builder - Matter View - Increase size of Query Statement Box.
0f7d4d3c : Advance Events - Launching of Advanced Find causes Advance Events that is not docked to go behind desktop.
30c13b09 : I47-898 - Advanced Events and Matters - Add "Advanced Find" (launches "Find..." from right-click menu) to Main Toolbar like "Contacts".
ef892a7e : I47-904, File Maintenance Matter Manager Global Edit Screen Cutting Off
980c017c : I47-897, Matters - Expand Query Name so as to display at least 60 characters (remove "Relate Contacts" button if necessary).
938aa505 : I47-882 - Admin - System Setup - View Column Settings - Add "Client Name" and "Client FileAs" in the "Case View"; add "Client FileAs" to the "Event View".
f4a02400 : I47-901 - Admin - Contact/Case Setup - Contact Types - Allow "Adjust Display Order" window to expand vertically to display more items in the list to adjust order (window resizes but not the list).
eb8e82cd : I47-797 - Orion Admin not showing proper "DB mismatch" error dialog.
5d7585d9 : I47-903 - Admin - Tables/Views - Error when adding items to list in Lookup Views - Error occurs when there's two or more words (i.e. there's a "space" in the name being added).
504ee678 : I47-905 - GL Financials - Traditional Styles - drill down not filtering for FY shown in report setting.
1a4905d2 : I47-906 - Advance Events Query Editor - have blank dates act as wildcards.

January 26, 2018 - 5.0.1801.12215
999f4efd : I47-900 - Admin - Import Tables, Lookup Views & Data Views is NOT importing v4 XML files
0a965224 : When restoring FormState of form that was in Maximized state do not try to adjust for duplicate forms overlapping.
c97b0f2b : I47-769 - Allow "Alt-Tab" to toggle between invoice styles during editing (so you can have two or more open and can copy/paste information between styles while in full screen mode).
2e8528b5 : I47-892 - Check Register - when Include Voucher Detail style used and no data found, error returned.
3b6001b3 : I47-693 - Change of Primary Address on Client Contact record (Standard View) - prompt about billing address.
6304ef10 : I47-875--File Maintenance Manager - Tools - System Settings - On the "General" tab widen "Time Increments" pull-down to fully display "Tenths/Quarters".

January 16, 2018 - 5.0.1801.12615
425d06c5 : I47-891 - Security Setting - Matter Status - Reprint Invoice Image Only - set default to NONE.
b9f7f467 : I47-890 - GL Styler - Traditional - Band Editors sometimes just flash by and you have to kill Orion.
269268a8 : I47-877--Timekeeper Rates - Change Report UI to "Include Unassigned Rates" (i.e. uppercase the "U" and "R").
25778c8e : I47-867 - Version 5 - Prebill Manager - Apply Discount NOT available under Action like in 4.6.
1d59f691 : I47-841--Duplicate contact screen not scaling.
a507adee : I47-881 - Admin - User Setup - Security Group Setup - Add AR Collections to Sidebar Customization options.
601bbcbd : I47-870 - Expense Codes in File Maintenance Codes - only holding 2 decimal places in V5.
f88a4ad4 : I47-859 - Records Management - New entry by user is setting Client Name to Client's FileAs should be Client's Name.
6fe399ba : I47-874 - RDP not taking correct period/year when it's created from unapplied portion of PMT.
9659226a : I47-889 - Reporting - Export to excel using merge fields, add export that does not. Export menu will be "Excel Data File".
a9b4563b : OLI - Fix the system to export as UTF-8 instead of UCS-2 LE w/o BOM.
5a40251f : I47-789 - Orion Quick Launch Toolbar - If the module is already open, when a user selects an option from the QLTB, simply bring that module into focus.
b0e3f3fb : I47-888 - Default "Outlook requires save when User Properties adjusted" user setting to true. This will only affect those where the setting for this user has not already been saved in the registry.
c3d4638d : I47-872 - Unable to have more than 1 active timer - closing Smart Timers Manager resets "Allow Multiple Active Smart Timers" back to false.
65ff5e24 : Updated the Copyright date on some assemblies.
5d931a5e : I47-887 - Phase Task are not being validated when edited from Bill Prep.
e04fa59f : I47-857 - Bill Prep - Phase-Task Codes Look-up Not Working - problem was that any editor in the grid would not update in ui if modified by a lookup while it was in edit mode. After moving off column it would show correct value.
e6d02c7b : I47-860--Records Management UI.
cc4dd73b : I47-886 - Desktop - User Settings - Change "User Properties require item save" to something about outlook.
e1b10958 : I47-871 - Timekeeper Annual Summary Report and Timekeeper Summary Annual Fiscal - show active Timekeepers with no activity.
b4ac356d : I47-720--Advanced Events Manager - "Matter Code" (column) should be "Client Matter". Add "Matter Code" as a separate object that simply represents the Matter Number. Update Admin - System Settings - View Column Settings with same options.
4dfc14b9 : I47-828 - Logo quality low in PDF print.
d299eb1f : I47-878 - Reporting - Printing endless pages at times on very complicated reports like Freeman's prebills.

January 5, 2018 - 5.0.1801.10515
2956d05b : GL Manager Bug Fix - Combo that allowed selecting Cash or Accrual Books wasn't working.
feedeb53 : Desktop/Admin - Added Visual Analytics. Security defaults to Non in Admin. Will attempt an auto login by passing the users OID to OVA.
8ef8ad85 : I47-861--Global Edit in Bill Prep - Client Advances/Expenses Codes Truncated.
a778c54e : I47-851--Admin - User Setup - "Productivity Pack" shouldn't display as a column by default.
87a91145 : I47-770 - Report Writer (Check, Invoice, Client Cover, etc.) - Paint Issue in Designer for Boxed Label with Shading Objects Converted from v4.
c3031843 : I47-849--User Setup - Right-Click - Change Security Group - Give "title" to window and expand the width of the drop-down to view full Security Group Name.

January 2, 2018 - 5.0.1801.10215
d54b6a21 : OrionDC - Timekeeper Splits, added logic to allow splits at the Matter level to override splits created at the Client level.
9fa3fa74 : I47-858 - Time Manager - Save the view settings (columns, rows, "Show Description", etc.) for the Time Manager, not working between a view of one or more queries or using the Calendar to display related records).
dc096056 : I47-637 - Time Manager - "Status" (column, detail and Fee Entry screen) should NOT show "Selected" but rather "WIP" (or Billed);
ce0f4fb2 : I47-643--File - User Settings - Spelling Options (update labels).

Orion Version 5 offers a newer look and feel as well as some new features. In upgrading you from Version 4.x to Version 5, we do our best to port over all of your user settings (grid settings, scenarios, etc.) but in some cases you may have to set these up again. Your Orion Side Bar will default back to the default settings for the Security Group you are assigned to. You may make any changes you like after initial entry and those changes will be saved to a data file with your ID and will travel with you from workstation to workstation.
Report Scenarios may have to be set up again. Your printer settings are actually saved with Report Scenarios and the new Report Builder component will sometimes not work with the way the settings were previously saved. If you need assistance with re-creating your Scenarios you may contact Orion Support.
Grid settings, including sort order and columns displayed will in most cases port over without a problem. However, there may be some instances where you have to reset your screen to your liking.
Following is a list of some of the new features in Orion Version 5.
1. An updated Metro interface in line with Microsoft. Larger native font and support for DPI and Aero Themes.
2. New Grid Features and Functionality:
CTRL+F Find feature in all grids - will search across all columns displayed in grid (excludes fee/expense description fields).
All numeric fields in grids have been totaled.
New VIEW Button has been added with an Auto Size Columns option and a Select Columns option. The Select Columns option is in addition to the “old” right click, Select Grid fields option.

If a field in the grid is two small (in terms of width) to show the entire contents of that field, the info will “fly out” as you scroll/hover over that field.
3. Matter Look-Up
A Find Feature has been placed at the top of Matter Look-Up - this feature allows you to search across all columns displayed.
Filter Feature - F8 while in the Look-Up allows you to filter on a specific column.
Added the ability to copy Nicknames from another User.
4. The Orion Side Bar is a little different. All Group Names are at the bottom. The Group you have open is referenced in a label at the top of the Side Bar.
5. Side Bar settings are no longer held in the registry but instead are held in a data file. This means Side Bar settings travel with the person from machine to machine.
6. New Spell Check Component with a much better dictionary.
Spell Check has been added to all memo fields.
Spell check auto spell checks as you type. You can set up some autocorrect options but this is on a user by user basis. Autocorrect is turned off by default.
7. The ability to create Grid Reports has been made available in all Managers.
8. The Timekeeper Combo used in Time Manager, Set Fee Filter, Manage Rates, Manage Timekeeper Budgets and other places has been modified to allow an incremental search on the ID field.
9. Contacts, Matters, Time Manager, Calendar Manager and Advanced Events all automatically Dock when opened. Unlike Version 4, you can undock them and move the “Manager” somewhere else on the screen. These settings are not saved – these Managers always come up as Docked. All other Managers come up using your last screen settings but they can be Docked.
10. Support for Click to Run and Office 365 (32-bit).
11. Added samples of reports under each report. When you open the Report UI, choose Tools, Show Sample.
12. Updated component being used for Export to RTF and Export to Excel report options. There are now two options for Export to Excel. Export, Excel File outputs the data just as the report is designed – headers, footers, etc. This option will most likely be used if no manipulation of the data is required. Export, Excel Data File outputs data only – no footers, headers, etc. and will be used when you want to manipulate the date in Excel.
13. Data Output – support for XLS and XLSX Excel formats.
14. Customizable Quick Launch Bar (Orion icon in Windows Task Bar – Quick Launch items) -to replace one of the system defaults, right click on an income in the Orion Side Bar and choose which existing Quick Launch item to replace.
15. Under User Settings (File, User Settings) an option to disable Intake Notifications and an option to disable Check Request Notifications added. The option to set your grids to use alternating colors was also added.
16. Security Groups – security items are now sorted alphabetically.
17. Added the ability to clear a specific User’s settings (i.e., screen placement, printer settings) through Manage Users, Tools, Clear User Settings.
Time Manager
1. Time Manager always goes into what was previously known as Full Calendar mode (no longer two different modes).
2. The Year Begins value in Timekeeper Statistics always defaults to the first month of the current year (First Month is the same as that set for the Dashboards).
3. Added VIEW (Select Columns, Auto Size Columns and Define View) and SPELL/REPLACE Buttons to the Button Bar.
4. Spell Checker
Spell Checking performed as you are typing.
Spell Check will be performed on Save of a fee transaction
5. If you have multiple records selected and you click the EDIT Button, the Edit Selected window comes up (you previously had to right click and choose Edit Selected).
6. Fee Entry - Added Spell/Replace option under Tools Button. Removed the CANCEL Button but users can still hit the X to close without saving.
7. Smart Timers – no longer stay on top when you move to another window. Instead, you may view/access them by hovering over the Orion icon in your Task Bar. You can Stop/Start, Bill Time or Reset the Timer from there.
8. Added security option to restrict access to “Release When Saved” – defaults to “None” – no access to option.
9. Added Entered on and Entered By as available fields in the grid.

1. Contacts is now its own Manager and automatically docks. However, you can undock it for the current session.
2. The old “Find” feature is now accessible through the ADVANCED FIND Button; CTRL+F brings up the new Grid Find feature.
3. Disabled the ability to Intake as a Client a Contact record set to Type AP Vendor.
4. Hyperlinks added to icons in the Detail Panel as follows:
Address icon – will open Google Maps
Phone Number icon – if you are using the Orion TAPI interface, you can dial the number by clicking on the phone icon
Email icon – will bring up Create Email window.
Web URL icon – will bring up web URL as shown
5. Change of the Primary address on a Client record through the Contact record will now prompt the user regarding the need to potentially change the Billing Address. If the User has rights to change Billing Addresses, they will be asked if that is what they want to do. If the answer is Yes, the Billing Address will be shown and they can change it right there. If the User does not have rights to change Billing Addresses, they will be asked to notify the Accounting Department to make the change.
Payment Calendar
1. Added the ability to Dock the Payment Calendar.
2. Added many of the existing right click options as BUTTONS in the Button Bar.
3. In the Transaction Detail window we added the Invoice # and Invoice Date the transaction appeared on (was invoiced on).
Matter Status
1. The “Received From” field has been added to the AR Ledger Tab.
2. The Ctrl+F Find function works in the AR Ledger and the Trust/Retainer Ledger Tabs.
Check Request Manager
Added Matter Name and Client FileAs Name as available fields in the grid.
Added Auto Size Columns and Select Columns options under VIEW Button.
Added ability to create Grid Reports.

Intake Forms
1. Added the ability to add “Task Set” to Matter Intake form. If this field is in the Matter Intake form, the default task set on the Client will flow through to the Matter record and Task Codes will be created for the Matter on final intake.
2. Added the ability to import a limited number of conflicts records.
3. Added Conflicts Notes object to be available on Client and/or Matter Intake form. Notes entered in these fields will be saved with the CLIENT or MATTER conflict record created by the system on final intake of the Client/Matter.
4. Added the ability to perform a Conflict Search from within the Intake Form.
5. Added Entered By field to Processes window.
6. Added Client Billing Notes as object for Client Intake Form.
7. Security Setting added for Intake Forms – “View All Intakes” under the Intake Forms section in the Security Group. This setting defaults to Full so the program will operate as it always will. If you set it to None, Users in the security group will only be able to see those Intake Items Assigned to them (the goal is to prevent users from going back and changing their section of an Intake Form AFTER they have passed it on to the second level).
8. Security Setting added to prevent users from modifying a Contact or Matter record that is in Intake. Allow Edit of Contacts/Matters in Intake is set to Full (under Intake section) so the program will operate as it always has. If you set it to None, Users who need to make a change to a Contact or a Matter that is in Intake will have to make the change in the Intake Form and not in the Contact or Matter record itself.
Conflict Search
1. Added several additional fields to be searched (Pending Intake Items and Previous Searches).
2. If security is set to allow it, Users may conduct Formal searches. A Formal search will create a Conflicts record for the actual “search words”.
File Maintenance
1. Added the ability to globally edit Client records for the following:
Default Invoice Style
Reminder Style
Cover Sheet Style
Charge Interest
If multiple records are highlighted and you click the EDIT Button, the Edit Selected window is displayed.
2. If multiple Matters are highlighted and you click the EDIT Button, the Edit Selected window appears.
3. Manage Users - added more options to clear User Settings
4. Matters Grid - added a right click option to Update WIP on Selected Matters (to be used after changing the Default Rate Code/Overrides on a Matter).
5. Expanded Client Name field to 100 characters.
6. Upon final Intake of a Client or Matter (Client number or Matter number assigned and saved) notification that the intake has been completed will be sent to the User that initiated the Intake.
7. Billing Notes may now be entered on the Client record.
Expense Manager
1. Added SPELL/REPLACE to Button Bar.
2. Added the ability to delete multiple expense transactions.
3. Added Global Edit capability (same fields as in Time Manager) - if multiple transactions are highlighted and you click the EDIT Button, the Edit Selected window will display.
4. Added Timekeeper as an available field in the grid.
Prebill Manager
1. Added Location Code and Location Description as available grid fields.
2. Bill Prep - added Total Original Hours and Total Bill Hours to the INVOICE RECAP.
3. Bill Prep - added an option to set the default font size for Description field (same concept as in Fee Entry).
4. Added option under Tools to Refresh Retainer and Trust Balances on selected Prebill records.
5. Bill Prep – added option to Calculate Admin Fee.
Billing Manager
Enhanced the error on “Another User Generating Invoices” to give instructions on how to correct.
If you are using AP Imaging, images of your invoices will now be saved. NOTE that you should keep an eye on disk space with this new feature.
3. Print Invoices – will now save last used option for “Print Note if Printed Invoice Disabled”.
Email Bill Delivery
1. Added a right click option to reset selected records back to “Ready to Be Sent”.
2. List will auto refresh after selected emails have been sent.
GL Manager
1. Added Debit and Credit amount fields to the grid.
2. If a transaction has a Transaction memo, the info will now display in the Transaction Details pane when that transaction is highlighted.
3. Added the ability to import GL Budget.
4. Added the ability to import a GL transaction through Entry/Edit.
5. Added Find functionality (CTRL + F) in Account Status drill down.
6. Enhanced the error on “End of Period Already in Process” by adding instructions on how to correct.
7. GL Live - added ability to do a 12 month report (same Fiscal Year).
8. If you are using the AP Imaging module, you can now attach an image to a GL Transaction.
9. GL Statements (GL Live module) – added the ability to select multiple locations to report on.
AR Manager
1. Added a prompt for change of Period when AR Entry is first opened and the month has changed (current date different from current AP Period).
2. Added Payment Detail of the highlighted transaction in AR Monitor.
3. Added Deposit ID to grid.
4. Miscellaneous Cash transactions - changed logic so when an existing transaction is called up the original date of the transaction is displayed.
5. Added logic to automatically create a Bank Reconciliation transaction when a PMT or RDP that has already updated Bank Rec is deleted.
Requires a Bank Transaction Code be set up in AP and then entered in AR System Settings as the code to be uses for reversals.
The Bank Rec transaction is created using the original Deposit ID as the Reference Number.

If the Bank Rec transaction is created as the result of a Reversal where “Delete Original Transaction” is chosen, the Bank Rec transaction will carry the Reversal Date entered by the User.
If the Bank Rec transaction is created as a result of deleting a transaction through AR Entry, the Bank Rec transaction will be created using the current system date.
6. AR Entry - enhanced the error for “Client Locked” by adding instructions on how to correct.
7. Deposit Processing - added Client Name and Matter Name fields to the grid.
8. Enhanced the error for “Transaction cannot be deleted because invoiced” by adding the Invoice Number the transaction appeared on.
9. AR Entry - added an Entry Option to prompt on Save if the transaction is not fully applied.
10. If you use the AP Imaging module you can now attach an image to an AR transaction.
AP Manager
1. Added more fields as available in the Vendors grid.
2. Added the ability to inactivate a Bank Account.
3. Added a Subject to Usage Tax Flag to the Vendor record.
Voucher Distribution - works the same way as the Include on 1099 flag.
Vendor Status - Vouchers Tab - you can right click on a Voucher and choose to “Change Usage Tax Flag”.
4. Check Printing - enhanced the error “Another User Printing Checks” by adding instructions on how to correct.
5. Voucher Entry - Added an Entry option on Distribution lines to check the GL location Code on the distribution line against the GL location code attached to the Bank on which the voucher is being entered.
6. When a voucher/check is adjusted/voided any adjustment notes you enter will be saved to the Transaction Memo field of the resulting GL transaction.
7. Voucher Entry on a trust bank – if a Client-Matter number Is entered on a distribution line in a voucher entered on a trust account and the user chooses any code other than TDS or TAP a warning will be displayed.
8. Vouchers distributed to a Client-Matter using a RDS code can now be entered on any non-trust bank account.
AR Collections
1. Changed the Timekeeper Combo in the filter so you can choose more than one attorney at a time.
Records Management
Added Global Edit Capability
Added Matter Closed Date to Date Filter

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