Setting up Microsoft Graph API

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Microsoft Graph API provides many advantages.  It’s currently the preferred way to integrate with Microsoft Office.  By using the API service, you eliminate 32 to 64-bit issues, cloud and virtual desktop issues, and can work with Outlook Web Access and other thin clients (Ipads, Chrome Books).

Orion works with emails in several ways.  First is by sending out an automatic email such as in Email Bill Delivery.  When sending out an automatic email through MS Graph, there is no change to the user.  Emails will go out with no end user interaction.  Firms may choose a default email address to send bills out including shared mailboxes, such as or in addition to the user performing the action.

Secondly, Orion works with emails by performing a merge into a new Outlook email message.  This traditionally popped up on the users screen to finalize the email.  Under MS Graph, we perform the merge but send the item to the users Drafts folder inside Outlook.  With MS Graph configured, users must locate and finalize the email from the drafts folder prior to sending.  This has caused the most confusion with users, because they expect the email to “pop up” automatically in Outlook when performing this function.  There is no way to automate this function through MS Graph API, however, Orion has created an Outlook addin whose sole purpose is to pop up emails to end users when performing a mail merge.  Please review the article related to Microsoft Email Assistant for more information.

To Setup MS Graph Credentials, please follow these steps.  There will be four different keys that you need to be sent to Orion (securely) to configure your database.  

  1.  Login to with a global administrator.
  2.  In the search bar, search for App Registrations and launch the module.
  3.  Choose New Registration.
  4.  Enter Orion Law Management, and choose the box for Single Tenant and choose Register


5.  Copy the Application ID, Directory ID, Object ID into a temporary file.  This will need to be sent to us.


6.  Choose Certificates and Secrets on the left-hand side.


7.  Choose New Client Secret.  Add Orion Law Management to the description and tell it to never expire.  Copy this Client Secret VALUE code to your temporary file to send to us.


  1.  Return to the Orion Law Management API Screen.
  2.   Click on View API Permissions.
  3.  Click on Add Permission.
  4.  Choose Microsoft Graph.
  5.  Choose Application Permissions.


  1.  Expand and grant access to the following,

         A)  Mail – Read.Write

         B)  Mail – Mail.Send

         C)  User – Read.All

  1.  Choose Add Permission.
  2.  Choose Add a Permission Again from the main window.
  3.  Click on API My Organization Uses.  Search for Office 365 Exchange Online


  1.  Choose Application Permissions, and checkmark Full Access as Apps.
  2.  Choose Add Permission at the bottom to return to the previous screen.
  3.  Now you must choose Grant Admin Consent for Orion Law Management (this fully commits the permissions you choose).
  4.  Send the 4 codes to Orion (securely) for configuration.  You should have Application ID, Directory ID, Object ID and Client Secret.

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