Setting up Cost Recovery Overrides

Overrides can be set up for any type of transaction that is brought in automatically.  These can be entered at the Client level or the Matter level.  If it is set up at the Client level, the change to the Expense Code can be applied to any Matter underneath it. There will be an option to adjust all Matters after changing it at the Client level.

To set these up you would either go to File Maintenance Manager (Client level) or File Maintenance Matter Manager (Matter level).  Once there search and double click on the Client or Matter on which you want to change the Expense Code.  Now click on the Overrides Tab and then the Add Button.  The original code is going to be what is assigned by default (in our automatic import) and the Override Code is going to be the new price or Expense Code.  In this case we changed from the .25 cent code to the .10 one.  You can also change the Phase-Task Code on this screen as well.  Any codes such as faxes, prints, color copies, scans can be changed here.  



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