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The My Performance Dashboard provides a visual reference of your performance as a Working Attorney in areas such as billable hours/dollars, billed dollars and fee payments. Aged AR and Aged WIP information is also available.

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The option to Show Summary Tables toggles the Summary Tables located under the Billable Work and Work Billed Charts on and off. The Show Labels option toggles on and off the values represented by each month and/or series. The As Of Date is the date and time the data was captured by the summary compiler that runs on your server. The time of day and frequency at which the compiler is run is determined by your accounting department.  NOTE: Compiler will normally be run at night so your Dashboard may not reflect data entered in the system during the current day.


Following is an explanation of each section of the My Performance Dashboard:

Billable Work Chart                                                             


The Billable Work Chart allows you to view Billable Hours or Dollars (subject to security rights) worked on a monthly basis and to compare it to Last Year’s numbers hours/dollars, budgeted hours/dollars and billed dollars. The Billable, Last Year and Budget numbers are based on Fee Transaction Date. The Billed Values are pulled based on Invoice Date - in other words, hours/dollars billed during the month regardless of when the time was actually worked. You can toggle off and on the different numbers by clicking on the option(s) in the legend at the top of the chart.

Work Billed Chart                                                             


The Work Billed Chart allows you to view Billed Dollars for this year and last year as well as comparing this years Billed Dollars to Hours Billed at Target or Cost Rate. The Values are pulled based on Invoice Date.  In order to use the At Target and At Cost options, accounting must have set up a Target or Cost Rate for your Timekeeper ID. Dollars at Target Rate are calculated by taking the Target Rate and multiplying it by the Original Hours Billed during the month. Dollars at Cost Rate are calculated by taking the Cost Rate and multiplying it by the Original Hours Billed during the month.

Payments Received Chart                                                             


The Payments Received Chart compares Fee Payments applied to your Timekeeper ID for the Current Year and Last Year. Unlike many of the Productivity Reports provided you at month end, this Chart does not include reversals of previous month’s payments (if any).

WIP and AR Chart                                                             


The WIP and AR Chart is a Pie Chart that allows you to toggle between Work in Process and Accounts Receivable for your Timekeeper ID and it provides a breakdown by aging category. The five aging categories are 0-30 days, 31-60 days, 61-90 days, 91-120 days and Over 120 days.


Each Chart may be individually printed by right clicking in the Chart and choosing the Print option.  You may zoom in on a section of the Chart by holding down your left mouse button and dragging to the right. To zoom out, drag to the left. You may move the chart data up and down by using the scroll button on your mouse. You may move the chart data to the left or right by holding down the right mouse button and dragging to the left or the right. Changes you make are NOT saved so exiting the My Performance Dashboard will revert it all back to the system defaults.

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