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The Check Request program is an electronic form, separated into stages, by which you tell the system and your accounting department that you want to request a check for payment of things like court fees. Each stage is assigned to either a specific person or group. Unlike the Client or Matter Intake Process, the Check Request program only has two stages.

Check Request Button


To view a listing of Check Requests or to add a new Check Request, choose the CHECK REQUEST Button from the ORION Desktop Program Group Task Bar. The following screen will appear:


Adding Check Requests                                                             

 To add a Check Request, choose the NEW Button from the Toolbar. The following screen will appear:


Following are details on each of the fields to be completed on this screen.

Fields Description
Requested By

The Requested By is the person requesting the check. The Entered By is automatically tracked (as the person who initiated the Check Request).

Approved By

The Approved By is the person who has approved the


Payable To/Address/Tax ID Number The Payable To is the person, company or court who the  check is for. This information is used to identify the Vendor (either new or existing) and is what prints on the check.
Check Amount

The Check Amount is the amount that will print on the check.

Check Needed By The Check Needed By is the date (and time) by when the check is to be given to the person, company or court.
Invoice Number The Invoice Number is the invoice number provided by a Vendor.

The Additional Info section is used when this request is related to a Client-Matter.

Fields Description

The Client-Matter field is used to identify which Matter the request is being made on behalf of. Enter the Client and Matter number for the request you are entering. If you do not know the correct number, you may use the F8 Look-Up Function or click the LOOK-UP Button.

Timekeeper The Timekeeper defaults to FIRM. Typically, this is used to identify the Attorney who the check is for or the Attorney who is managing the Matter.

Use Retainer/Account/ Use Trust Account

If the Matter has either Retainer or Trust and you prefer the funds be issued from one of these designations, then select either Use Retainer Account or Use Trust Account.  Otherwise, these fields should be left blank.

Return Options

After printing the check, the Requester may ask that the check be returned to them, or sent via Mail. Otherwise, it can be stipulated in the Description field by selecting Other.


This is typically used to identify what the check is for. In addition, if the Requester has identified Other in the Return Options field, this may also include special instructions for the accounting department for proper routing of the check.

After completing the electronic form, it is routed to the accounting department and shows as a new Check Request ready for review, approval and check processing. Note that only the Entered By, Requested By or someone in accounting may edit the Check Request after it is saved.

Editing Check Requests                                                             

 To make changes to the Check Request, choose the EDIT Button from the Toolbar after selecting the item from the Check Request Listing. Edits are allowed for only the Entered By, Requested By or someone in accounting.

Deleting Check Requests

To delete a Check Request, choose the DELETE Button from the Toolbar after selecting the item from the Check Request Listing. Only the Entered By, Requested By or someone in accounting can delete a Check Request after it has been entered.

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