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The Payment Calendar is an on-screen inquiry program that allows you to access up-to-the-minute information on Payments (PMT’s, RAP’s, TAP’s and RDP’s) received by the Accounting Department. The Payment Calendar is an inquiry program only and no changes can be made to data from within this program.

Payment Calendar Button


To view a listing of Payments received by day, week or month, choose the PAYMENT CALENDAR Button from the ORION Desktop Program Group Task Bar. The following screen will appear:


The Payment Calendar is made up of three separate, but related panels. The left-hand side displays Payment (PMT’s, RAP’s, TAP’s and RDP’s) transactions in a listing type format. This panel is referred to as the Main Grid and is controlled by a Filter and the Payment Calendar. The Detail Panel provides additional information about the Payment transaction such as the Transaction Number, Date, Type of Payment, Check Number, Amount, Description, Status, who the Payment was Received From, and how much is applied and unapplied and the Invoice(s) to which it is applied. The Payment Calendar provides a summary by either Responsible, Originating or Working Timekeeper by Date.

By default, the program will display Payments (PMT’s, RAP’s, TAP’s and RDP’s) received for the current day based on the Responsible Timekeeper. The second method of displaying Payment transactions in the Main Grid, is to use the Payment Calendar. This is accomplished by using the mouse and double- clicking on either a day, week total, or by selecting multiple days (using the mouse and dragging across several days). Doing so, places the Main Grid into Calendar Mode, where the Payment Calendar now controls which Fee transactions are displayed in the Main Grid.

Show Chart Button


Options Description
Type of Law Graph by type of law.
Responsible Attorney Graph by responsible attorney.
Originating Attorney Graph by originating attorney.
Location Graph by location.
Received By Graph by received by.
Department Graph by department.
Payment Type

Graph by payment type.


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