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Vendor Status is an on-screen inquiry that allows you to access historical and current information about a Vendor. Vendor information includes Voucher and check history, current amount due, notes, and a contact listing. Using this view, you can make changes only to the notes and contact listing. The remaining information is for inquiry purposes only.

Viewing Vendor Status

The Vendor Status screen provides some general information about the Vendor such as system to date purchases, the date and amount of the last check written, and the amount currently due the Vendor.

To view the status of a Vendor:

  1. From the Button Bar, click Action and select Vendor Status (this can also be accessed by right-clicking on the vendor itself and choosing Vendor Status).
  2. Enter the Vendor Code for the Vendor you want to view or use the F8 key or the Look-up button to locate a valid Code.
  3. To view a different range, such as year to date, enter a new date or use the pop-up calendar. The system includes Vouchers in the Purchases from field, based on their invoice date.

Viewing Vendor Vouchers

When first opened, Orion defaults to displaying open (unpaid) Vouchers, but you can change the display as required.

To view a list of Vouchers entered in the system for the displayed Vendor:

  1. Access the Vendor Status screen. See "Viewing Vendor Status" on for further details.
  2. Click the Vouchers tab.
  3. To display all Vouchers, click the All Vouchers from option.
  4. To change the range of Vouchers displayed, select a date in the All Vouchers from field.
  5. To view the distribution of a Voucher, double-click the appropriate line.
  6. To view the exact transaction that was sent to the Billing and Accounts Receivable module, double-click the appropriate line.
  7. Select the information to view.

Viewing Vendor Checks

Use this procedure to view a list of checks written to a selected Vendor. Access the Vendor Status screen.

  1. Click the Checks tab. 
  2. To view the specific Vouchers that were paid by a check, double-click the appropriate line.

Viewing Vendor Information

The Information tab displays the current address for the Vendor and any notes you may have entered. You cannot change any information on this screen. The information is pulled from the Vendor Entry screen.

To view Vendor information:

  1. Access the Vendor Status screen. See "Viewing Vendor Status" for further details.
  2. Click the Information tab. 
  3. View the information.

Printing Vendor History

You can print the Vendor history report that includes a list of Vouchers for the Vendor, and a list of checks written to the Vendor.

To print the vendor history:

  1. Access the Vendor Status screen.
  2. Click Print.
  3. Select the information you want to see included in the Vendor history.
  4. Click Print to print the report.

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