Installing Outlook Productivity Pack

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Orion's Outlook Productivity Pack allows for time entry inside Outlook and matter linking of Outlooks calendar to Orion's Events (if Exchange Sync is installed).  

 This is a licensable feature that must be granted to you by the firm’s administrator.  They can easily enable you by pulling up your user record in Orion (File Maintenance, Tools, Manage Users) and check marking the field for iOrion.  They must also fill out the remote username and password.

 Once enabled, you will have access to My iOrion under the File Menu in Orion Desktop.

 To Install the Outlook Productivity Pack,

  1. Close Outlook.
  2. Download and install Orion's Productivity Pack from here.  
  3. Launch Outlook.
  4. Choose the Orion Tab and choose Settings.          
  5. Choose Load Endpoint Settings from Clipboard.


6.  Switch to Orion Desktop.

7.  Go to File menu, and choose My iOrion.

8.  Choose Copy QR code to Clipboard. 

9.  Paste the clipboard into the endpoint settings inside Outlook that you left open in step 5

10.  Close and reopen Outlook

11.  Outlook should now be configured, and when you create a new email, you should see the Orion Fee entry bar.  



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