Change a Timekeeper to an Entry ID

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Orion will allow you to change a User, set up as an Entry ID to a Timekeeper, however the program does not allow you to change a User from a Timekeeper to an Entry ID, because of the historical data associated with the Timekeeper ID.  

Instead, to make this change, you may do the following:

  1.  Make sure the User, in question, is logged out of Orion.
  2.  From Orion Desktop or Orion Admin, call up the User's Profile Record and access the Administration Tab. From Orion Desktop, you would go into File Maintenance, Tools, Manage Users.  You will need to remove the information in the Network Login ID field and then Save the Record.


  1. Call the same User Profile Record back up. From the Tool Bar, choose Tools, Change ID.
  2. Enter a New ID for the Record. This ID must be Unused in the database. Click the Change ID Button to save the changes (it may take a little while, as there are many data files to go through in the program).


  1. Call the User Profile Record back up. From the Tool Bar, choose Tools, Inactivate User. You will be Prompted with a Message and click OK.  Refresh your User Page and the User will be placed under Inactive Users.
  2. Next, click on the New Button to create a New User Record. You will use the Users "Original" ID and leave it set as an Entry ID (Do not check the Timekeeper option). While completing the User Setup, remember to access the Administration Tab and enter the “Original” Network Login ID.
  3. Have the User to launch their Orion Desktop and confirm you have setup everything correctly.


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