Restricted Setting on a User Record

How the Restricted Setting on User Records Works


Restricted Time Entry

When a User is set up through the Manage Users program, the User is set up as a Restricted or an Unrestricted User. This setting is on the Administration Tab of the User record and has no impact on what programs/options the User can access in Orion. Access to programs and options is controlled by Security Group settings.

If a User is set as an Unrestricted User (Restricted is unchecked), the User has rights to all Timekeepers' time system wide for editing and viewing purposes.

If the User setup as Restricted, the User may view and edit the User's own time and any time of a Timekeeper for whom the User has been provided proxy rights. Users may enter time for any Timekeeper and view the time they have entered for that Timekeeper, even if they do not have proxy rights to that Timekeeper. There are also several other places in the program that use this status of Restricted/Unrestricted, including Bill Preparation, Matter Status and the Payment Calendar.


A Restricted user has to have proxy TO the Selected timekeeper shown here on their Proxies tab if you want to give them access to other Timekeeper's data.


Date Restrictions

If the minimum/maximum date restrictions option is used in the System File, all Users set up as Restricted will be subject to these settings. Unrestricted Users are not held to the minimum/maximum date range restrictions. The Minimum/Maximum Date Range settings are entered through File Maintenance Manager, TOOLS, Date Restrictions




Matter Status

If a User is set as Restricted and the security option “Matter Status -Proxy Not Required” is set to “None,” the User will only be able to see Client-Matters where the User is the Responsible Attorney, or the Responsible Attorney is a Timekeeper for whom the User has proxy rights.


Bill Preparation

If a User is set as Restricted and either of the security options “Billing - Prebills Narrative Only” or “Billing - Bill Prep-Excluding Bill Values” is set to “Full, "the User will only be able to call up Client-Matters where the User is the Responsible Attorney on the Matter OR Matters where the user has proxy TO the Responsible attorney on the Matter.



If a User is set as Restricted, the User will be limited to the User's Timekeeper ID or to any other Timekeeper ID for whom the User has proxy rights where Timekeeper ID is an option for filtering. Access to the actual report is controlled by the settings of the Security Group to which the User has been assigned.


Security Groups

Security settings in Orion Administration under each security group control which Manager views a user may see and the various functions a user may access. For instance, in AP Manager a user may be granted rights to "enter vouchers" but not necessarily pay vouchers/ print checks. See articles related to specific Security Group setup for more details.

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