Setting Filters in GL Manager

I am trying to find a specific transaction number in GL Manager. Is there a way to filter for that?

A GL Filter can be set in GL Manager by clicking on "Transaction Filter". You can choose a certain Period, Source and Date Range. You can also choose what transaction status to search...Non-Posted; Posted; Both.

GL Trans Filter.jpg

The GL is the only module where transaction numbers are reused each year...they are linked to the period/fiscal year in which they are posted. To look for transaction(s) from previous years, enter the transaction number (if you know it) and chose "Last Year" or enter a specific date range if prior to previous year.

GL Trans Filter Last Year.jpg

SN: When looking for transactions from previous year(s), if you do not use the filter and just enter the transaction number in a new transaction box, you will get an error message that the transaction number does not exist or it will bring up the current year's information if the number has been used again in the current year.

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