Adding an Image to a Check Request

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To attach a copy of an invoice or receipt to an AP Check Request:

  1. Scan and save the invoice or receipt to your computer (local drive, desktop, or network drive). If the invoice or receipt is already in a PDF format, simply save the PDF to your computer.
  2. In AP Check Request Form click Attach Image:


3. After clicking Attach Image the following Image – Check Request screen will appear:


4. Click on Add PDF File and the following screen will appear. Click on the search icon to find and select the file to be uploaded.  Click the Upload button and the file will be loaded onto the Image – Check Request Screen. 


Note, if enabled, Orion can integrate with your Dropbox, Worldox, or NetDocuments account and you may add files from there as well.  On the Image – Check Request screen, click to add a file from the integrated document management system:


5.  Once the image is loaded onto the Image – Check Request screen (see following image), notice how all the pages of the file appear in the left side bar and notice how the selected page (the one with the red border) displays in the main area of the screen.  In the side bar, you may reposition pages as necessary by clicking and dragging on a page.  You may also remove unnecessary pages:  click on the page you want to remove and then click Remove Selected Page(s) at the top of the screen.  You can insert additional PDF pages by clicking Add PDF File and you can insert images as well by clicking Insert Image (supported image files include JPG, PNG, and BMP).  You may also Redact areas of a page by clicking the Redact button:  a blank rectangular box will appear and you can move and resize the box as necessary to redact unwanted contents from the page.  Once the file is loaded and any changes have been made, click Save Changes.  


6.  After clicking Save Changes, you will be returned to the AP Check Request Form. Notice how the prior Attach Image button now says View Image.



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