Deposit Processing


Processing Deposits

Use this procedure to process deposits.


Note prior to actually doing a deposit, you may, at any point, run a Daily Deposit Report off the reports tree shown here. This step, however, is not required to create the actual deposit).



Click on AR Manager on your task bar to get to the AR Manager Screen


To process a deposit:

From the Button Bar, click Action and select Deposit Processing.

depositprocessing - 3.PNG


Make sure the bank code and the deposit date are correct. Select the box(es) in the Deposit column for the amounts you want to deposit. Double check that your Total to Deposit field is correct. Then click Create Deposit. The system confirms the amount and account number.

depositprocessing - 4.PNG

If you want a report for this deposit, click Create Deposit and Deposit Report. If not, click Create Deposit Only.

Depositprocessing - 5.PNG

If you choose to create a report, the Deposit Processing screen appears. Click Print to print the report.

Depositprocessing - 5.PNG


Field Description
Bank Code The code for the bank into which the deposit will be made.
Deposit Date The date of the deposit. The default is today’s date.


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