Changing A User Record from Non-Timekeeper to Timekeeper

Orion will allow you to change a User, set up as an Entry ID to a Timekeeper.  

NOTE:  You must have available Timekeeper Licenses, in order to make this change.

To make this change, you may do the following:

  1.  Make sure the User, in question, is logged out of Orion.

  2.  Using the Orion Administration Program or from Orion Desktop, access the Manage Users program from the Tools Button.  Call up the User’s Profile Record, for the person in question. Once the Record is displayed, choose TOOLS, Change to Timekeeper. Select a Level, Practice Group and Location (if applicable) and Save the Record.  You will also need to set up Rates for the Timekeeper.


  1.  Have the User to launch their Orion Desktop and confirm you have setup everything correctly.


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